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Brought to you by 1AAuto.com, your source
for quality replacement parts and the best service on the Internet. Hi, I’m Mike from 1A Auto. I hope this how-to video helps you out, and
next time you need parts for your vehicle, think of 1AAuto.com. Thanks! In this video, we’re going to show you alternator
replacement. This is a 2003 Honda Civic with a 1.7-liter. This alternator is basically the same for
2001 to 2005 Civic. What you’ll need for this repair: new alternator
from 1AAuto.com, eight 14mm wrenches with sockets and extensions as well, pliers, flat
blade screwdriver, possibly a pry bar and penetrating oil, and a 10mm wrench. With a 10mm wrench, loosen your negative battery
cable first. Pull it up and off to remove it. I’m going to loosen this 12mm nut here which
will allow us to loosen up this wing nut and then there’s also a bolt right down here that
we need to loosen. This 12mm bolt on the front, pull your reservoir
up and out of the way. The bolt is right here. Just get your wrench down in, just loosen
that one up a little bit. This is your adjusting screw. Hit it with a little penetrating oil down
on the threads. Pliers just to get it to go. You can turn it counter-clockwise. The pump should pivot down to loosen up the
belt. Okay, with the belt off, move this 10mm bolt. Remove the 12mm nut the rest of the way and
the 12mm bolt and we’ll pull the reservoir and pump up out of the way. The ratchet and wrench on this bolt will help. I have the nut off. I’m just trying to pull the bolt off underneath,
the whole thing will come up and out of the way. Right down here, remove this from the bracket. There’s just a little tab that you push down
right down here. This tab right here. Push it down, that comes off, and then you
pull off this rubber boot here to expose the knot that holds the battery wire on. Get them out of there. Then you also want to remove this boot here
to expose the harness connection. Press the tab on the side to release it and
pull the connection out. Use a flat blade screwdriver, going to use
that to help me press the tab on that connector and unplug the alternator. Use a 10mm socket and ratchet to remove the
battery cable, the nut that holds the battery cable on. This is where you want to make sure that you
have your battery disconnected or there could be a lot of sparks. Then down below the alternator there’s an
adjustment locking bolt right here. Remove that. 14mm bolt here at the top of the alternator,
loosen that. Now you have the adjustment bolt here. See this wing nut? You can use a pair of pliers, grab onto it
and get it started and free. Then you loosen it up, so you can move the
alternator around. We’ve loosened up the top one, as well as
the locking bolt down at the bottom. The alternator is not showing any signs of
moving. This appears to be the original alternator
that’s been in here for over 10 years, so it could be just the aluminum is kind of seized
up this bracket. I’m just going to use a pry bar and try and
break the seal a little bit, so that didn’t work, so I’m actually just going to take this
bolt all the way out. We’re just going to shoot the whole top with
that bolt goes through with penetrating oil. Let it settle down in. In order to get this top alternator bolt out,
you have to remove this 12mm bolt and this bracket for the power steering reservoir. Pull this bolt out as far as it goes. Get the alternator to move out of here. Okay, so it’s pretty obvious that this alternator
has probably never been out of this car, so it’s just not moving. It’s kind of frozen in place. We’ve already removed the top bolt all the
way. We’re now going to remove the bottom bolt
all the way. Hopefully, you don’t have to do this with
your vehicle. You should just be able to loosen this one,
loosen the bottom one and then turn the wing nut, which allows the alternator to go in
and you can take the belt off, but we have to go a little further, because this vehicle
is in a little bit rougher shape. Slide the alternator down the belt can come
off and out. The lower bolt out, this bolt pulls as far
as you can. Use a good sized pry bar and pry the alternator
out. You should be able to bring it up and out. My adjuster bolt assembly is still frozen
up, so I’m going to put a set of locking pliers on here and try and get it to come out and
off. I’ve got my adjuster cleaned up, it spins
nice and freely in there. Just use a wire brush clean off the surfaces
that are going to rub together there and down here on the bracket, and we’ll just apply
a little bit of oil so they can slide back and forth nice and easy. Put the bracket down in like that, adjuster
bolt through and in. Put it through, have about a centimeter show
on the back side there. Old alternator that we took out of the vehicle,
we do just have to change this bracket over to the new one, but you can see the important
stuff is it’s exactly the same, the connections are the same. New part from one or the other is going to
bolt right in and fix up the charging problem if you have one. 8mm socket ratchet extension, remove the bolt
that holds this bracket. Install the bracket onto the new alternator. We’re going to lower it down in. Obviously this goes between the bracket up
at the top. You want to make sure the bottom goes in behind
the bracket at the bottom. Let’s get the top in, we’re just going to
work it around until we can get it to go in. Get that bolt in and started and put it down
into place. Going to get this bolt in most of the way
but you don’t want to tighten it up yet, you still want your alternator to be able to move. I’m going to use a mirror to help myself see. You’re looking from the bottom, I’m looking
from the top. Going to try and position my adjusting bracket
in there correctly. We’ll tighten that up but not tight yet until
we get the belt on and adjust it. Feed the belt down in. You can either reach from the bottom, though
it’s easy enough to get it from the top. Take it off the alternator, on the crank first. Alternator AC looks good. Then you can start tightening up your adjusting
bolt. Okay, just pull your alternator up. Since you’ve got everything greased well it
will move easily and tighten up the wing nut for the adjuster. Tighten up that wing nut until your belt has
about 1/4″ of play in it. We’re going to tighten up the top bolt. We’ve got our belt adjusted where we want
it. Tighten up here. Tighten up, just get it good and tight. Don’t over tighten it. Then we’ll do the 12mm bolt and replace the
power steering reservoir bracket. Before we put our power steering pump back in place,
we’re just going to put this bolt right down in here. Bring the pump down. This stud goes right up through here. Push that through. Get this up like that and a large washer nut
goes on the back side of that. Put this bracket up in place and a 10mm bolt
down in. Push the stud through. You can see it coming out right down there. Put the 12mm bolt back in place. Kind of hard to film. I’ll get my big paws in the way. Just one we can tighten up before we put the
belt on is this bolt on the top bracket here. Belt just for now, just push it down in. We’ll actually get it on the crank pulley
below, from below. We’ll just put it down on and put it on power
steering pulley for now. You don’t have to have your vehicle on a lift
or the wheel and tire off. We just did it to make it easier to film,
but what you want to do is reach up in here. You see the belt hanging down, just guide
it onto your crank and pulley. Okay, now just pull up and you can tighten
up your tensioner. Tighten this up. Check your tension. When you push down you should only push down
a 1/4 of an inch on the belt. Use a pair of pliers on the wing nut if you
need to. Then basically what you want to do is once
you get the tension right, tighten up this upper nut. Run the vehicle for about 5 minutes. Check the tension again. Adjust it if you need to. Make sure you tighten up this nut. Then tighten up the bottom 12mm bolt that
holds it. Tighten up the top 12mm nut and tighten up
this 12mm bolt. Getting the
wrench on there is half the battle. Put your reservoir back in place first. Then your negative cable. Tighten up. Thanks for tuning in. We hope this video helped you out. Next time you need parts for your car, please
visit 1AAuto.com. Also check out our other helpful how-to and
diagnosis videos.

42 thoughts on “How to Replace Alternator 01-05 Honda Civic

  1. Excellent video. You're very patient. I would be swearing for sure. Just got a call from my daughter. Her 05 Civic is dead. A tester revealed a bad alternator. My job for the weekend. Thanks for your assist.

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    I swear you must have the tiniest and most skilled hands to feed that bolt though that mess. Kept dropping the bolt and had to spend a lot of time finding it in the body with a magnet

  4. My 01 civic kept dying kinda weird the check engine light didn't come on just the battery indicator light took it to a shop they couldn't find anything wrong with it it died again today checked the cranking amps guess what I need a new alternator showed I have 10.69 volts that explains why I lose power to brakes and power steering

  5. every day i take off the positive and negative terminals on my battery when i park it for more than couple hours.. i have drains on my electrical system which i cant seem to find by pulling the fuses.. however i tested the body to NEG post , with nothing connected to the battery and i got 10 volt reading .. could this be a bad battery ?

  6. Anyone else have a little whining sound after the new alternator when accelerating not sure what it is not sure if it's a faulty alternator or sounding simple

  7. Great video, it was a huge help!! One suggestion to anyone reading this before they do the work: wait to undo the battery cable wire and the plug from the alternator until after you get it fully loose. You can get the alternator into the nice open area vacated by the PS pump to easily access those two things, you can see the guy in the video struggle to get those off with the alternator in place, there was no need for that 🙂

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    Do you have a video on altenator replacement for an 03 honda odyssey? Your videos have always helped me out.Thanks 😃

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  17. Good video but expect this to take a couple of hours if you have never done this. Getting the lower alternator bolt and adjuster into the new alternator was the most difficult. You cannot see the bottom bolt and must do everything by feel. My reman alternator did not want to fit into the bracket at the top. With pliers you may have to push the new alternator bushing in to gain clearance. Clear the paint in the new alternator’s bolt holes with the old bolts before installing the new alternator.

  18. Outstanding video. That civic engine compartment is hellaciously tight so knowing the tricks and the easiest order to pull and replace the unit was a huge help.

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