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5 thoughts on “How to Replace Drain & Refill Radiator 11-17 Toyota Camry

  1. On a 2012 Camry, do I need to flush the coolant as well, or is it sufficient to drain and refill it? Thanks.

  2. I thought you were supposed to use the Toyota Pink coolant.
    Also what if that customer had the original Toyota pink coolant and since you didn’t completely drain the engine and the heater core, now you have mixed two different brands of coolant which Toyota says not to do.
    If this person is a Certified Mechanic then he or she , should bring these things up. I believe you should try to avoid mixing 2 brands of radiator coolants. Unless this person did the research on those coolants and is 100% positive, I wouldn’t mix them. Especially if the car is still under warranty. Toyota loves to find anything to say you voided the warranty’ because you didn’t follow their Manual procedures to the tee.

  3. Don't need to remove the undercarriage shield. Just reach 'down' through the top of engine.
    As for the fancy funnel toys. Ask yourself….what did people do before the funnel toys were invented to cost you more?

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