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Now I’d like to show you how to replace battery
inside the key. It’s very easy. I know a lot of people are running around
to do that, but you can do it by yourself. All you do is just release the valet key,
from inside the key. Then on the side of the plastic… on the
side of plastic, there is a release right on top of inside, so if you… if you push
the release plastic from inside -it will open. So you take the valet key and you push on the
top of that plastic release from inside – it’s very easy to do! Push on it, you see – it will release the
side plastic cover. Now it’s released, so you just open and there
is a battery inside, you have to pay attention where is a positive sign? Positive sign is facing up, so when you put
a brand new battery – make sure that the “+” sign is facing up. Now when you try to remove a bettary – it’s
very difficult to do, you can’t get it, and I know some people are going crazy, but it’s
very easy to do, just put your hand, turn it upside down and tap it, and that’s it – the
battery is out. OK, when you put a new battery, there is no
way to put it in the wrong way, because it is not going to go, just make sure that the
plus sign is facing up… you see you can not put it the wrong way, so you can only
put it the right way, put it in, then take plastic side. First you put this… you see plastic teeth
on the bottom – you put them first, then you cover and snap back the side – very easy. Then at the end let’s put the valet key back
– and we are done!

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  1. Thank you, from the parking lot of Homedepot in Gardena, CA! I don’t know the “tap it”, these send me to your video thanks!

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