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okay this is just silly
why would I walk up a hill if I could ride up a hill I want to share a few
things about riding Hills with you whether you’re on a large adventure bike
today I’m on an old oil head BMW or whether you’re on a dirt bike the
technique and the process and the skills are going to be required are the same
there’s two major things that you have to keep in mind
number one is strategy how to get up the hill number two is the technique to get
up the hill the number one mistake that riders make for strategy is starting the
hill without one don’t be afraid when you’re setting this up to walk the hill
make sure it’s safe clean out the rock and make sure that you’ve got a clean
track expression on a big bike the number one mistake for technique is when
riders come to the hill they approach too slow at the bottom as they get to
the top and things slow down they start adding throttle and spinning the back
tire and they dig it out they lose traction and then bad things happen at
the bottom we have a pretty easy Hill with a smooth approach at the top we
have a pretty steep rough section it’s going to be much more technical to get
through so the first strategy is figuring out how to approach this second
section because that will decide what we do on the first part when I’m looking at
this very first section from the right side I have a nice smooth line that goes
all the way up so it’s filled with this rock and gravel and that’s going to be
very difficult for traction when I look in the center of it I’ve got some
vertical faces on it before by fours and quads have gone up and chewed it up on
the left side I’m left with just a clean track that goes all the way up the left
and I think this is the best strategy at the bottom I’ve got a lot of loose
surface area so I’m going to have to change my approach as far as technique
goes what will happen is is will come up on the side blend controls make a sharp
turn here at the bottom we’re going to be going fairly slow because of the
conditions but from there to here we need to get some momentum doesn’t mean
we have to go fast but we need enough speed and enough momentum to get us up
and over this low traction section as we get towards the top we’re going to end
up trimming power just a little bit either withdrawal
or combination of blending controls throttle and clutch so we can come up
and over the top we’re going to make a run up this hill the key to this is
blending up controlled and that’s this traction management rötteln crutch to
make sure we don’t get too much wheel spin fall wrong here cause do this a
little bit of a rut that’s actually to smooth the contour now this high ridge
in the center I need to get crossed over so I can line up at that second section
there we go and need some momentum there we go and
trailing off the throttle just enough to keep moving excellent
we made it yeah so going back down this nice and slow once you start going
downhill it can be really difficult to take the speed up once you start going
that is the start at the top as close to a near stop as I can so in this part
here where it’s really steep I’m going to take all my speed off my clutches in
I’m trailing both front and rear brake I’m filling for the rear I don’t want it
to slide I want to go both keep rolling and if I hit the banzai point
let them go forth to the killing track excellent big hill limited traction no
problem I have to admit it hills are one of my
favorite things to do off-road I love riding up hills and down hills
it doesn’t have to be scary it doesn’t have to be dangerous you know the idea
here is is practice start on the little Hills work through the big Hills
and don’t go learning how to do this stuff with a fully loaded bike on some
long adventure do before then with that said I’m going to go play on some hills

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