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yep, we can do it we can get over this
log when we come up two different types of roads occasionally there’s obstacles
that may cause you to turn around we can make it over this log I know we could go
around but there just be no fun in that all right so just going after an
obstacle like this randomly isn’t really a great idea two major considerations we
want to pay attention to one is the rolling point of the tire if you take
your axle here and you run straight up to the tire below that that point is you’re
rolling point of the tire on a log generally about the halfway point and if
you go above that that’s the rolling point if you can see
on this those don’t quite line up which means we need to get a little bit of
extra loss on it on a dirt bike gets easy
and come up I can gas it to get the front end to loft up and over the log on
the venture bike that’s not so great the second consideration for adventure bikes
going over a large obstacle happens to be the ground coins here for the skid
plate it’s not a huge concern if we can get
the front tire over but it’s definitely consideration because if you come off
the throttle too soon you can set that skid plate up on top of that log and if
it’s off camber that may cause you to tip over so there’s an easy way to get
around this particular dilemma let’s go take a look at the other side of the log
here so the plan is I’m going to attempt to cross the log from this side so I’m
going to put it what’s called a kicker up next to the log I want to make this
log shorter so what I look for is a log about half the diameter that I can put
up along the base and way I’m willing crossing the small log and then riding
on to the larger log I couldn’t find one so what I’m doing instead is I found
several smaller sticks and some different bark
I’m packing those in here up on this side of the log to create a ramp by
doing this I’m going to allow the front wheel to roll up onto the top of this
log and as long as that’s still in the air if it crosses over my skid plate
won’t make contact in my back wheel we’ll be able to travel up and over this
least that’s the theory that’s going to happen today and I’m going to give this
a shot this is a pretty good sized log for a load of GS and today
I am fully loaded I’ve got all my camping gear food water everything is on
board right now you should definitely practice this a
lot before you try to do it on a trip the key for obstacles to recognize that
the bigger the obstacle to slow the approach so I’ll be approaching this at
a near stop or walking paste add some throttle will clutch the front end to
lighten up over the ramp as the back tire comes up onto the ramp we’re going
to pull the clutch in so we get a clean roll over so nice and slow this way we
don’t push our log out of the way and then up and over there we go by so I’m preaching writers in the
adventure camp they always start off with much smaller obstacles that’s what
we played with here today so what did I do wrong
you sold it I mean I stole it because okay you’re hitting it hard one thing so
when you hit this long as you don’t roll yeah that’s because you plowed it with
the front end they pushed it so what you didn’t get with the blip so when you
come up you want to be able to have the clutch out you’re still trying to clutch
and flip it what you want to do is let the clutch out just give it a little bit
of a blip to give it a little bit of a rise that allows that pretending to
climb over and once the Bock in goes then you feather the power back in so
you don’t get the back end kicking up or spinning got it sometimes we even get
the opportunity get stuck on a tree to learn how to get unstuck off the tree . Holy craah, what a piece of what a piece of garbage look at it okay oh no . We’re going to need a bigger skid plate. Again the idea here if we go forward on this
like this now we’re trying to get it up and over (motorcycle revs) We don’t have any traction. The same thing works with this We may not be able to get as far back, we can’t pull the front wheel up cause the bikes are too big so we still have run-out. To get that motion forward… that way we get a little bit of motion
so kick forward if it wasn’t quite so dug out already you should be able to
hit it and have almost no wheel spin whatsoever when you hit the log because
once you start spinning and polishing your losing the traction so when you
practice start with something small perfect your technique and slowly work
up that way when you do come across something larger that might obscure your
path of travel or divert your days plan you can just keep right on going

91 thoughts on “How to Ride Your ADV Motorcycle Over Obstacles

  1. wouldnt it also help to preload the suspension before going over? (my trials back ground} makes me think that even tho it does use a little effort, the reward would be beneficial. your thoughts?

  2. Clutch-in as soon as the front hits the log is wrong and leads to nosedive. Rear must be under power when it's clearing the obstacle – the rider must maintain open throttle.
    To avoid whisky throttle, proper neutral standing body position must be maintained: body over center of mass, knees slightly bent and gripping the bike, hands relaxed on the bars. Practice clearing small logs until you can get the bike to land on both wheels at the same time

  3. Great video! The question I would have is when do you know if the obstacle is impassable? I have come upon some rock sequences that are about the height of that log. After the first one…more rocks. So the equilibrium is difficult to maintain. Any demos of that setup? Thanks!

  4. Excellent explanation of the "rolling point (?)" of an obstacle like this. Have seen the use of a "kicker" from other channels but never with a bike this big and heavy. Also, good to see the clearing the log following a stall. It's apparent that ADV rigs are like beauty — in the eyes of the beholder — and really dependent on how off-road your travels may take you. For me, the question was: how much weight do I want to lift more than once a day by myself in the event (predictable) of a get-off?

  5. the gs has always amazed me with its ability to be so gosh darn big and still be ridden over things by an experienced rider.

  6. i wonder how quick one has to let lose of the clutch and when exactly and how aggressive i I should open the throttle…?

  7. Disagree on 1 bit. I take off on throttle and land on throttle. When you took of the big log, you landed on your front wheel because you cut the gas while taking off. We all know that the rear suspension is a lot stronger than the front. So keeping the gas open keeps the trajectory pointing upwards giving the rider a better chance of landing on either the rear wheel or both wheels. Landing on the front is a bad idea.

  8. I think the technique would be the same as on a smaller lighter bike…but because of the weight of a bigger bike the reaction of the bike will be different. ..honestly its just going to require good skill courage and muscle

  9. Pretty Scientific. I have to wonder though if one needs to carry all this equipment he might well get an atv or small 4×4 car.

  10. Es para estupidos jajajaja salgan a aprender por si mismos … todos llevados como corderos …. da tristeza y vergüenza ajena jajaajaj

  11. reckon you almost binned it on the big log.. not saying I could have done any better but I think your rabbits foot saved you on that one..

  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkX4dCpzxgk
    If you realy want to get over that log…. also with a big bike.. Watch and learn!

  13. Walking pace my ass. At 3:11 and 3:18 you can see the rear wheel kick almost a foot above the log from hitting it so hard and fast and to make matters worse the clutch pull sealed the deal with a near face plant. Extreme whiplash on the riders neck if you watch his head whip forward and back. I have an ADV course and prefer to go just fast enough to keep the momentum going to slide the skid plate over the log. Yes you need a kicker. And if you go too slow you will be hung up. Bike will be stuck on the log and will not be pretty getting it off. Too fast and you break your neck. This as stated should be practiced on small logs first and only used if there is no other option around. Even if going around is a pain in the ass it is better than getting hung up on log. Or face planting. Practice at home then know your limitations when on the trail. I would stay on throttle a bit and try to lessen the nose dive.

  14. Well, that landing didn't look smooth or safe. I'm not experienced at all in off road, but that just doesn't look good or comfortable.
    I would think that a little more throttle to try to "jump" and land on both tires instead of that jerky motion and hitting the front so hard.

  15. How about just carrying a chainsaw? I enjoyed the video and thanks for making it, although those sharp branches sticking out on the log would give me pause before attempting to ride over it

  16. Nothing against this channel, but "adventure" is a word for a motorcycle that belongs on a street at best or a fire trail at worst. They are the RVs of the off-road world. I don't doubt riding one around could be loads of fun, especially with camping/exploring in the mix, but trying to make such a big heavy bike an "off road machine" goes against physics.

  17. If you make a small jump over a hill with an ADV Bike I am seeing the tendency for the nose to come back down very heavy. Is that just how these beast handle or is it possible to load/unload the suspension or use mid-air throttle to regulate the pitch of the motorcycle before the front forks take a pounding?

  18. That's all you need to know about BMW, 20 cm beam it's already a challenge for adventure bike, lol
    KTM or Suzuki manuals just saying – drive carefully for such obstacles:)

  19. Jejejejeje, si intento yo eso me despachurro en el suelo, por eso llevo una moto ligera, es caso extremo la cojo bajo el brazo y paso el obstáculo que sea.

  20. I think these videos are great! I also think riding a 600+ pound adventure bike over big obstacles maybe risky. If you approaching retirement age and are more than a few pounds over your fighting weight…well you move from risky to a mild delusional state.

  21. 'Wings are not Adventure bikes, but we do go into forests and other odd areas often so I wanted to watch to see if it would help us at all, I believe we can also use this approach within our limitations.

  22. I've used the ramp method to overcome a wayward tree with a beautiful Ocean Blue GSA (shame-fee plug!) like Bret uses near the end. This ramp was constructed after my buddy tried to Kamikaze the large dead trunk with his Tiger 800XC much to my amusement, getting righteously stuck. I told him sometimes it's better to stop and think instead of just nailing the power and screaming. I hope he learned his lesson.

    I found that a small "ramp" on the discharge side of the obstacle creates a smooth landing as well. Nice video Bret, thanks!

  23. Srly, where can I buy a cap like that?
    Nice vídeo, im learning a lot with your channel, i ride my Africa Twin off road thanks to you.

  24. @3:05 you say "Pull the clutch so we get a nice rollover" but that surely looks like a right hand brake shot on the camera.

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