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Set up your Echo Auto Complete your setup process when it is safe to do so. To set up Echo Auto, you need: The latest version of the Alexa app installed on your smartphone. A car stereo supporting Bluetooth (4.0 or higher) or AUX line-in. A power port or USB port. Plug in the device with the included micro USB cable and power adapter. You can also use a built in USB port, if available. Turn on your car and enable Bluetooth on your phone. Set your car stereo to Bluetooth or AUX depending on your connection type. If your car stereo doesn’t support Bluetooth music streaming you can use the included auxiliary cable to connect the device to your stereo. To complete device setup in the Alexa app, Select the Devices icon, and then the Plus icon. Select Add Device. Select Amazon Echo, and then Echo Auto. Follow the instructions to set up the device. Please note that some permissions, including access to your location and microphone, are required to complete setup. If you’re having issues setting up Echo Auto with your smartphone, try these steps. Unplug the power cable from Echo Auto for 45 seconds and then plug back in. Check for a sweeping orange light. If you don’t see the light, hold the Action button for eight seconds to put the device in setup mode. In the Alexa app, go through the device setup steps again. You can also pair Echo Auto with a second user. Press and hold the action button for eight seconds to put the device in pairing mode. Then, go through the setup steps again position the device so the LED light bar faces you. You can leave Echo Auto plugged in when you’re not driving. When your car is off, Echo Auto doesn’t draw power.

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