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Hey how’s it going people BrownBrady here And thank you for tuning in to my channel And in this episode I’m gonna show new and returning riders The motorcycle startup process First of all why do you need to learn How to start a motorcycle it should be Pretty simple right Well I can think of a couple of reasons And the first one is You don’t want to run out of fuel Shortly into your ride And secondly If your motorcycle does not have a Side stand safety feature Your motorcycle could get away from you As soon as you start it And as prescribed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation The sequence follows the acronym FINEC So what I’ll do is I will go through each letter describe what it is And then I will run through it In real time Starting up with this carbureted bike Which is a 1983 Honda Nighthawk 450 F stands for fuel supply and fuel level For fuel supply we wanna check that The petcock is not in the off position In this case my petcock is in the Reserve position because during my last Ride I ran low on fuel and I had to Switch on reserve This also indicates to me that the fuel Level is low and that I would need To gas up as soon as possible If you don’t have a fuel gauge A couple of ways to check is to Obviously pop open the gas tank And have a look inside Or to get on the bike and Rock it back and forth and listen For the splashing I stands for ignition Which means we insert the key And put it in the On position N stands for neutral which means You have to check to make sure that The neutral indicator is illuminated If that is malfunctioning make sure that You hold the clutch in before you Start the bike And another way that I do is Every time I park the bike I make sure That it is in neutral E stands for the engine cutoff or Emergency engine cutoff You have to makes sure that it is Disengaged In this case I’m just gonna switch it to the run Position C stands for a couple of things Choke and clutch For carbureted bikes Especially when it’s a little colder Outside We want to make sure that the Choke is on to create a rich fuel mixture And finally we want to pull the clutch in Before we startup the engine Now I’m gonna go through the startup Process in real time Fuel Ignition Neutral Engine cutoff Choke Clutch For bikes with fuel injection The acronym remains the same with Some minor tweaks F simply stands for fuel level So to check for fuel level If you don’t have a fuel indicator Is to open up the gas cap and Visually check or to rock the bike Back and forth In this case I can simply turn on the Engine and check the fuel level that way I stands for ignition which means We insert the key and switch it on N stands for neutral which means We check the neutral indicator to Make sure that it is illuminated Again I make sure that the bike is Already in neutral whenever I park it E stands for engine cutoff or In this case engine stop We make sure that it is disengaged And C stands for clutch which means We pull the clutch in in case the The neutral light indicator is Malfunctioning Now I’m going to go through the process On a motorcycle with fuel injection F I N E C And a couple of things that I want to Mention before starting up my motorcycle Is that I check to make sure That my wheel lock is not engaged And secondly I check to make sure That the bike wasn’t vandalized While I was away like somebody pulling The spark plug or deflating the tires Anyway guys I think that’s it for this Episode I hope that it was helpful to new riders And a refresher for returning riders If you found that it was helpful Please hit that like button or better yet Hit that subscribe button and I’ll See you in my next video As always ride safe and Thanks for watching You look like a bobble head

13 thoughts on “How to Start a Motorcycle with Carburetors or Fuel Injection (FINE-C)

  1. Just asking, maybe one day there will be a video of maintenance? Changing the sprockets, chains and so.


  2. WTF is this video? Are there really people in this world that are this retarded? How to start a motorcycle. Up next is how to reach down and scratch your foot followed by a all new episode on how to take a breath and then let it out. Then later tonight, a complete tutorial on blinking your eyes correctly.

  3. very helpful and easy to remember. just got a yamaha ct 175 enduro and its my 1st motorcycle. was double checking to make sure i didnt mess something up wen starting it. only clutch ive ever used was on tractors so its a bit different! still need to fix this bike up like new gears and new key ignition as well as a battery and new kickstart gears. lol, lil bit of work but i have a velo solex 3800 that is 2 stroke…its quite similar! bigger engine, but 2 stroke as well.

  4. I passed my MSF test been ridding for year and and half now so Fine-C is fresh in my mind however I could not remember the what each step actual was this was a good refresh and I have been using it without realizing.

  5. That is a good video man! When I learn my teacher said KNIFE-CSS which stands for Kickstand-Nuture-Ignition-Fuel-Emergency kill switch-Choke-Clutch-Start.
    BTW I suggest when you start a bike, dont just check nuture light, roll the bike a bit make sure it is in nuture because it do have chance that sensor fail and if the safety cut off sensor fail as well, you are gonna have a hard time…

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