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Hey guys this kid with MCrider this week on MCrider we’re going to look at a technique that you may not have put much thought into. Thats turning a motorcycle from a stop. If you don’t have this technique down it can cause you to run wide into oncoming traffic. So this week I’ll give you some tips and techniques for turning a motorcycle from a stop. Hey if you’re new to MCrider welcome my name is Kevin Morris i’m a professional motorcycle instructor here in North Texas where I teach people to ride motorcycles. I also release weekly videos every friday evening on this youtube channel MCrider helping you improve your skills and techniques out on the road. MCrider is supported by our friends at patreon people contribute a buck or two a month to help support mt writer and help keep free motorcycle training on the web. If you’d like to learn more about how you can support MCrider there’ll be links in the description and links at the end of this video where you can show your support. So this week we’re going to get out of the garage for a little bit and we’re going to get out on parking lot we’re going to practice turning from a stop. Turning from a stop is an important technique out on the road here in the U.S. for making a right hand turn at a stop sign because a lot of riders can’t make that sharp of a turn and they end up running wide into oncoming traffic in the other lane. So we’ll practice doing turns from a stop going to the left and to the right. So all you need to practice this exercise is an empty parking lot with some painted parking spaces. Most parking spaces are 10 feet wide what I do is I set up at the end of one of those parking spaces and then you’re trying to make this turn within that 10-foot radius before you get to that next parking spot. So what gets a lot of riders in trouble making this turn from a stop is not turning the handle bars and looking through the turn prior to moving out. So like I did here you want to turn the handlebars get your head and eyes looking where you want the motorcycle to go. So once you have your head and eyes turned in the direction of the turn and the handlebars turned in the direction of the turn you can even lean the motorcycle slightly towards the turn then it’s just a matter of easing out on the clutch through the friction zone and getting the bike through the turn. The technique for making turns to the right is the same you do see that I have my foot on the foot peg here it’s also acceptable to put your foot down here if you want to use that and help you lean the motorcycle over to the right a little bit before you take out but I like to keep my foot on the foot peg and use a little bit of rear brake as I ease the clutch out through the friction zone. So if you’re using this technique that on the street let’s talk about where you want to look. So remember using making this right-hand turn potentially having traffic coming in the left hand lane that you want to avoid hitting so you want to make sure that you’re looking up the road looking where you want the motorcycle to go because remember the motorcycle is going to go where you look so resist that urge to look at the car coming in the opposite lane look past that car into your lane where you want the motorcycle ultimately to end up. So I hope you found this video useful if you did make sure and subscribe we have new videos that come out every Friday with a new tip or technique to help you increase your skills on the streets. If you’re interested in supporting MCrider on Patreon you can find a link at the end of this video with more information on how you can support us on Patreon and our patrons at every level get access to suggest training topics for a future video. So hope you consider supporting us on Patreon. Until next week guys is Kevin with MCrider and we’ll see you on the road.

100 thoughts on “How to turn from a stop on your motorcycle

  1. How about a right turn where you are going up hill and the slope of the road you are turning right is sloping downwards like 25 degrees?

  2. Man I had my first right turn and I went wide, though I feel that panic feeling, I beat it down and loot straight ahead. If I had looked as I was turning into the turn instead of peeking at the car in that left lane as you stated in the video, I would not have gone wide. I have gotten much better but it is practice, practice and more practice.

  3. Even if we are supposed to know these techniques, it is always good to see them on video. Thanks Kevin, keep going!

  4. Great advice. A must do as far as a needed skill. Short video but important. Practice full lock turn from stop. One day a truck decides to back up from a stop sign. Went full lock turned the bike just in time to avoid getting the bike hit. MC riders are a "must" watch series in my favorites folder.

  5. The motorcycle isn't going to go where you look. You are going to make the motorcycle go where you look. How is that? It's because by looking at your target you are then subconsciously posturing your body and bike to head to that target.

    You sound like my old instructor.

    Instructors need to teach from a newbies perspective. "Your bike will go where you look"? What if I'm looking at the vista? Newbies don't understand. Explain the concept at their level. My instructor couldn't and wouldn't explain the principles of counter steering either. Counter steering is something we've all been practicing since we were 8 years old riding our push bike and its all subconscious….i spent $700 on that guy just to ride around following him as he spouted out motorcycle cliches that lacked any depth for understanding. I figured it out on my own.

  6. Every day I freak myself out. this video is a great reminder. don't focus on where you are as much as where you want to be. You'll balance yourself enough not to tip, and remember that the clutch if your friend in slow turns! don't hype yourself out!

  7. Hi Kevin. Have a problem lately that I never had before, I think. I turned the bars in the direstion just before I stop. I'm using both brakes and you know what happens and did once.Yes I dumped it. How can I get rid of this bad habit. have been riding many years without this problem. thanks

  8. Newbie question about turning the handlebars in the direction of your turn. I know I have to stop with the bike straight, but it's ok to turn the handlebars after I'm stopped to make my turn? I won't drop the bike? Thanks for the clarification.

  9. Great instruction, Kevin. After 8 years of riding daily, I caged it for nearly 3 years. Now I'm back on a bike (what a relief!), and these videos are really helping me remember my technique. Thanks!

  10. The greatest thing about MCriders' videos is that he tells you what he is doing, and Why.. Motorman, on the other hand is more show than tell. Folks will follow instructions a lot quicker if they know WHY they are doing it. I think my back button on the vids is worn out, looking at everything he does many times.. I hope yours is too.

  11. I didn't realize the right turn gremlin bothered anyone but me. I have to be VERY careful as I am a 55-year old woman who is only 5'2" and 125 lbs riding a 2017 Softail Deluxe. I almost dumped my bike in a slow turn this past weekend because I was taking off 1) handlebars set straightforward, and 2) UPHILL and trying to prevent back-roll – doing this in a ton of traffic with cars behind me. Needless to say, my confidence took a bad beat-down. I'm committed now to spending nice days this winter in parking lots performing skill-building exercises.

  12. Hi Kevin. I was practicing making right turns from a stop controlling the bike as not to go over into the other lane. I then practiced making a right u-turn from a dead stop. I found the latter a bit difficult because my right foot is not on the rear brake as I lean and turn the bike at full turn to the right. This makes me unable concentrate on looking where I want to go in making the u-turn. It is no problem if I get the bike moving forward a bit to get both feet up then the right u-turn. But doing the right u-turn from a dead stop is more difficult. Advice?

  13. So,it's about trusting your ride to make the turn and not having the anxiety that the bike will lay over. Still working on this one;HD Road King. Very heavy @standstill,and slightly top-heavy.

  14. hi all im new big bike rider, im short person. i want some advice how to turn A stop. because i already do that, than after i turn my handle bar went bike start to move sudenly i fall down..

  15. hi mcrider I put disel into my tank by mistake now iv cleaned it all out and now she wont start by button,do I need new battery or what, I left it into motor world here in Ireland but they are saying I might need a new something that charges the battery,,,is that true,, pls help its my first bike

  16. Thanks for the videos. I started riding recently and I don't know anyone that rides a motorcycle. These videos are very helpful in learning how to ride safely.

  17. Kevin this video is a great help. I have had challenges with turning and maintaining a good line. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  18. love the videos…but in making the LEFT handed turn…your are turning into the oncoming traffic (Right handed lane)???

  19. I love this Channel! Can anyone tell me, how to move off and shift up to 2nd gear when moving off to a do a sharp 90 degree turn about 2.5 meters away where gear has to be upshifted at the turn?

  20. I think a big part of the difficulty right hand turning for myself is the throttle being on that side you're leaning so it's awkward to control the acceleration when you're wrist is angled inwardly like that

  21. I have trouble turning left with cars approaching from my right in the outside lane. I just don’t trust them to stay in their lane. They are not supposed to change lanes when approaching or in an intersection but few drivers know that rule. I wait til both lanes are free of traffic otherwise I can’t ignore the oncoming traffic over my right shoulder.

  22. I am a new rider, and this exact issue has been my biggest nemesis. Thank you for this video. I will be referring to it very often.

  23. Parking lots are great for practicing turns and u-turns, though guiltily, I could make more a point to visit one. On the subject of turns and practicing, I rode the Decker Road 23 highway that connects the 101 freeway to the Pacific Coast Highway. Talk about some brutal turns in conjunction with hills that abruptly ride up and down through many of them — switchbacks in many areas. Kevin, I have definitely benefited from your online tutorials and really appreciate your excellent videos. Thank you!

  24. I took my basic rider's course and got my endorsement about a year ago, but didn't get my own bike until recently. The only experience I have riding is when I took the class so needless to say I'm a total rookie. The biggest fear I had while taking the class was the turns, and that still applies with my own bike. I tried to take the bike out a couple of weeks ago, but I was too scared to make the turn out of the driveway so I only got to go back and fourth in the driveway, lol! So watching this video helped me out to know what to do to turn the bike effectively. Thank you for posting this, and I will be taking my bike out soon to practice more and overcome my fear so I can finally get comfortable, confident, and enjoy riding my bike! 👍🏽

  25. Hi Kevin. Thank you for your videos, the are very helpful. I didn’t read all the comments, so forgive me if you answered this already. A number of people wrote about dropping their bike during a slow speed turn. This happened to me, as well, a week ago, trying to maneuver out of my parking garage. I have never dropped a motorcycle before, so was quite shaken up. Luckily, the bike and me suffered little damage. I think what happened was I turned the bars too much and gave it throttle, then grabbed the front brake. I was hoping you could address this potential hazard of slow speed turns. Thank you.

  26. Thanks mate – good stuff, I've just got myself a Pan European and I am a tad nervous to put it lightly * It's cost me a lot of dosh😉 and I don't want to drop it. I shall practice on my Trans Alp.(yeah I'm a Brit!!)

  27. Great drill. I'm a new rider and ran wide in a couple of right turns my first few times out. This drill fixed that after just a few runs. Thanks!

  28. Good videos, I just think you take a bit long in the beginning getting to the point which is quite annoying

  29. Thanks for this man. Pretty much the only issue I have when it comes to the basics of riding. Stalled it once at a stop sign trying to turn, not fun. Lol.

  30. I just passed my msf course sunday i get my motorcycle license tomorrow shout out to mr paul and mr brett in thompson ga at msf course i learned alot from nothing to alot and this is one of the things we did

  31. Like your videos sir. ERC actually taught me to push left turn left to start this turn (look lean press roll) rather than turn. The bars naturally turn themselves to the left and of course counter steer pressure maintains the line. Takes a bit of coordination as too little power the bike goes down 🙂

  32. Good tips Kevin! Yesterday, after 30 plus years not riding, I got my new bike (BMW R 1200 GS) and took it out for a spin. I encountered this situation where I was turning right leaving a roundabout, having minimal speed and ended up in the lane of the oncoming traffic. Fortunately I missed a min-van coming towards me, but I suppose this scared the poor guy's pants of. I suppose I wasn't counter-steering enough, or would the tip in this video have any significance here?
    PS: I noticed you're a brother in Christ, nice!

  33. If you have a mc license you ought to do this with eyes closed, if you cant do this and you have license, watch Kevins tip twice – still cant do it, take the bus 😜

  34. Thanks for a great video.  I just bought a big Harley Cruiser and am struggling with a lot of maneuvers that I didn't seem to have trouble with before.

  35. I love your channel! What is the appropriate speed to turn on to a side street from the main road and should you shift down to 1st gear before the turn? Should you slow to 10-15 mph or so or is that too slow?

  36. Shocked this has to be taught as it came naturally to me. Which reminds me.., back in ‘85, I let my buddy try my new Honda Intercepter. He’d only been on a bike s few times in his young life. Evidently.., your lesson would have come in useful as he tried to turn and totally wrecked my new 4 day old Honda. I was pissed! Didn’t get it back from repair for 4 months. Missed my first summer. So…, your lessons are useful.

  37. Never knew to turn the handlebars in the direction of the turn (I mean … seems intuitive). Hmmm… maybe I missed that in the MSF course. Either way I learned something new. Thanks for sharing!

  38. I did fine when riding those little 250cc for my CY but I seem to be going wide sometimes when turning at a dead stop with my 1100cc honda. Seems no matter how much lean or counterweight I put I seem to sometimes go really wide (even so far as ending up on the grass for a second or two once in awhile) I am a new rider so I keep trying to think what i'm doing wrong…i'm looking ahead with my head turned where I wanna go and leaning and using counterweight properly…heck was scraping my footpeg just a couple days ago and ended up going super wide still….confused at what i'm doing wrong! I wanna figure it out because it isn't really at all safe if one of these times I end up in oncoming traffic with a car zooming towards me! Since i'm a new rider even with my CY I am going during low traffic hours right now for safety so i've been lucky so far those times I have gone wide….

  39. Been riding not quite a year now and have found this to be my biggest downfall thus far. I seem to forget that the handlebars move when I'm at a dead stop. Thanks for this.

  40. My motorcycle fell down today while turning right uphill from a stop. My left leg was on the ground and right on the back brake. I slowly started moving but lost my balance a little bit to the right so that wanted to rebalance myself by putting my right leg to the ground and then did the thing that we should never do. I hit the front brake lol The bike fell down. Damn. I guess I will never turn right on the uphill from a stop anytime soon 😀

  41. Brand new rider here. Leaving out of my neighborhood, there is a blind curve to the left of the stop. Cars generally are traveling from 45-55 mph. I feel I need to pull out quickly as I have about 1-2 seconds before a car is right up on me. Question I have is, will the technique you describe be possible on a quick start? Thanks in advance for your advice

  42. Its nice to see this video just for free thank you sir it helps me a lot sir kevin god bless and keep uploading more videos in the future.

  43. I'm actually going to practice that this weekend. I found myself turning wide or having to do the walk of shame on some sharper turns.

  44. I'm Brazilian and a newbie at motorcycling. I'd like to thank you for your channel. I'm waiting for my first motorcycle and studying in the meantime, so your videos are being very very useful. Great job! :-

  45. Been off the bike for about 22 years while raising a family. Back in the day from age 16-38 a bike was my primary transportation. Wee bit longer in the tooth now though. Bought a Wide Glide and am slowly regaining those skills and neuro pathways long since abandoned. This channel has been a big help with simple reminders like this. Thanks a lot.

  46. I'm having trouble right now with these types of turns from stops on the new bike i bought. When you say turn the handlebars, how much, only slightly? are you feathering clutch through the whole turn? Like the previous comment below, it's definitely easier for me to turn when i'm moving vs being stopped at a stop sign etc

  47. Just bought a 2018 goldwing and been used to super bikes most of my career. This is petrifying as the bike is so much bigger than I’m used to. Great advice Kevin

  48. The only problem with the technique is that at the moment u are looking where u wanna go you lose track of traffic that could be turning from the front to your path.

  49. In Europe we put the Right foot down where is the rear brake. Why do you put the left foot down ? Is a American thing ?

  50. My problem isn’t right hand turns , it’s left hand turns from a stop. I’ve been riding for ten years now ! I did take a riding class as a beginner rider. I ride a Softail Slim and I started riding at age 54 . I’m 5ft 3 and 125 pounds . It’s that left hand turn at a stop that still gives me nerves !! Especially at a stop sign on a rural two lane street . I don’t turn my handlebars at the stop !! Which I see you do! I don’t start my turn until I go ! Maybe that’s what Im doing wrong ?! You never stop learning and none of us know it all . I started riding on a sporty and dropped it a lot in the beginning . I learned I was braking with that front brake with handlebars not straight ! So it pulled me down . Now I am always aware of keeping bars straight !! But maybe this is exactly why I suck at the left hand turns ?? I’m not positioning my bars to turn before I go ??

  51. MAY I SEE THIS SHARP RIGHT TURN CENTERING THE MOTORCYCLE WITHIN A 6 FOOT PATH? Missouri testing standard is seriously flawed.

    I'm still waiting for someone to post a video executing this maneuver on a large cc motorcycle, positioning it on 3 foot center within a 6 foot boundary, without cutting off the inside corner.

    The ONLY answer I've received from Missouri State Highway patrol is to borrow someone's 250.
    That's not safe. I need to be skilled on my 1300, not someone's 250.

    Additionally city streets from center line to shoulder are 12 feet. I don't ride on sidewalks!

  52. Hi Kevin, thanks, your videos are great source of knowledge for me, god bless you. How do we get that patron thing to help?.

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