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I have a new gift from hippo hands some
will throw these on the bike and try them out for the next month and get back to
you now let’s talk about u-turns u-turns are really an undervalued or
underappreciated skill set for the adventure rider when you’re making a
u-turn in a slippery environment you put your feet down and there’s no traction
there and that bike tips over that’s a big deal not only that but if you look
good doing u-turns you just look good as a rider so there’s two different
environments that we have to pay attention to when we’re doing u-turns
one is a high traction environment and one is a low traction environment so for
high traction we’re talking about impacted or locked in gravel surfaces or
asphalt or hard packed dry dirt for a low traction we’re gonna be thinking
about mud slippery slimy leaves maybe off camber and deep gravel so that’s
gonna be a low traction you’ve got to make sure that when you’re making a
u-turn you’re not looking down at the ground you should be turning your head
all the way around and looking behind you where you want to end up going you
want your body directly over the contact patch of the ground so that way if the
bikes tilting in you’re tilting the other direction so in a high traction
environment we get to carry a little extra speed into the u-turn that allows
us to roll the bike over onto the sidewall the tire that actually makes
our u-turn much tighter than if we just do a full lock turn on the handlebars
I’m going to show you why rolling the bike over on the side makes such a
difference so I’m doing is putting the tire rod on the edge this parking line
we’re playing with and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna stand the bike up I’m gonna
do a full lock but I’m not gonna let the bike lean at all what this does is show me exactly how
tight the radius is so I’m gonna put a marker down there I’m gonna do this
again but I’m gonna let the bike lean over and see what the difference is so this shows you exactly why rolling
that bike over on the sidewall makes such a difference rolling the bike on to
the sidewall is going to give you a tighter radius the value of a high
traction u-turn means that you get to carry enough speed so the bike will
coast all the way through the u-turn because you want to cut the power at the
very last moment so you’re gonna pull the clutch in apply the brakes and turn
the handlebars foot lock and let the bike roll down onto the sidewall as the
bike rolls through the u-turn it’s gonna continue to scrub speed till the point
where it actually feels like it wants to fall over that’s the cue for you to add
power back to the back wheel to stand the bike back up you’ll add a little
throttle so your slight over-rev so two three maybe four hundred rpms over that
idle speed so as you slip that clutch back in to get power the bike will stand
up and pull you out of the u-turn low traction environments being the
front end is a lot more likely to slip out from underneath you so your approach
on a low traction environment means you’re gonna come in very very slow
sometimes at a near stop or even at a stop or you’re balanced just before you
make your turn when you make the turn you’re going to turn the handlebars full
block the bike may stay almost vertical or as it leans it’s much much more
important that you counterweight to the outside of the bike and we doesn’t tip
over you have no momentum trying to keep the bike upright keep power to the back
wheel so you’re gonna slip the clutch all the way through the turn so your
throttle will have a slight over-rev a few hundred rpm so you don’t stall as
you’re powering through it’s okay to slip the clutch on these bikes as you
power all the way through the turn keep those handlebars at full lock to the
best of your ability if your name a truly low traction environment and that
front end starts to slip you may have to let the handlebars slip out of that full
lock position to regain balance and then steer back into a full lock once you get
the bike pointed the direction you want to be going then you just add power the
bike continues all the way out back into a straight line so the real difference
here is you’ve got to have much better balance point when you’re doing a slow
traction environment and you have to have very good control with that clutch
and power that way you push all the way through the turn when you’re learning or
perfecting the low traction skills for doing u-turns I recommend using a high
traction environment it allows a little more room for making mistakes without
any significant penalties and you can really master the technique so let me
summarize this in a high traction u-turn break late pull in the clutch and turn
the lock and lean to turn all the way through the turn the very end power to
arrest the fall and right out of the u-turn in a low traction u-turn approach
very slowly turn the handlebars to full lock as you counterweight and slip the
clutch all the way through the u-turn and then power out through the exit
u-turns are really practical skill there fun and they look good slide you into a
parking lot take a couple parking spots practice
them it’s truly a skill worth perfecting

100 thoughts on “How To U-Turn on Adventure Motorcycles

  1. This is actually part of Dutch motorcycle exam. But from what I got teached is that you shouldnt use the clutch. But only regulate your speed by using the rare break.

  2. Man risked dropping his bike to show us how much better it is to turn and lean. Explains everything perfectly.

  3. Great Video It is nice to see a video where you know how to do it wright. As for the people saying you do not need this skill they must only ride on wide roads, I have been many a time on narrow back roads and trails where I have had to do tight U turns, where the road just got too rough for the type of bike I was on or where the road was washed out. Keep your Videos coming they are very good.

  4. Sorry mate I was being a smart arse in that reply, your vids are actually pretty good value and I forget sometimes that there's a lot of blokes that need help in the early years of riding.

  5. I understand the caution on low traction, but why don't you add power and brake/clutch in high traction? Odd this video popped in my feed today after putting out a similar video this morning? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eH48Vwzq0cE

  6. Ok I didn't look down and notice the surface had changed from high traction to slippery slide leaves and moss. Big mistake not evaluating ahead.

  7. Hi there.

    I'm currently riding a fully faired bike where it's going to be expensive if I drop it. What's the best thing to do if you feel like it's going over? Give it gas?

  8. Cops say stand on the rear brake (in 1st gear) and apply power INTO the brake, using the brake to control your speed. … This works very well for all low-speed maneuvering.

  9. Problem with this is not leaning the bike nor direction you watching. The problem is dosing the clutch, that is something you must practice a lot. Specially with big 2-cylinder bike which which easily stumps.

  10. It is probably one of the very few channels where the explanations are short and to the point, beside being done in proper English. Even for experienced riders, who`ve been riding for years, it is good sometimes to go back to the basics and clean up some of the bad habits we picked up along the way. Thanks and looking forward for some more.

  11. Really interesting; thanks. Wondering if you have any tips for a bike that doesn't have a clutch; mine is Zero SR.

  12. probably one of the best u turn videos out there. all the other ones confuse you with slipping the clutch, counterbalancing, dragging rear brake, which can be too much for a new rider. your video is simple, brake late, then pull in the clutch as you tip your bike inward and then back on the throttle.

  13. Great, easy to understand video. I practice doing this every morning when I get to work, it's fun and I get a lot of comments about how easy I make it look doing tight u turns and figure eights. Thanks for the video.🏍

  14. When you mean brake late? do you mean let go of the brake (slowly) later in the turn as you increase lean angle?

  15. @3:30: This, as well as other clutch-slipping situations, is exactly why I personally won't opt for the DCT tranny, as available for the Honda Africa twins, on an adventure bike.

  16. Thank you for spending your time for my gains of learning thank you my friend. Another like!

  17. Why are these land barges called Adventure Motorcycles, they are too bulky, too heavy and far too expensive for any serious adventure, a tiny 125 cc on/off road motorcycle is so much more fun without the massive expense of these contraptions, If one of these land barges falls over once they cost a fortune to fix.

  18. Really great and easy to understand video. Thank you so much! I wonder though, won't the clutch wear out with all that slipping on such a heavy bike?

  19. Dude great video will practice . But both are flat surfaces. How about a uturn going up a hill. Uturn going up to down. I have short legs their a bitch to do. So follow up this video with how to Uturn on a hill.

  20. Ненавижу английский и учить его не хочу. Зачем предлагать видео без перевода и субтитров?

  21. Согласен, наверное что то толковое рассказывает, но на английском☹

  22. For the MOD1 test in the UK you have to show you can do a U-turn, figure of eight and a slalom before you can even take your road test… is this not standard in the USA?

  23. I can't wait until I have that natural ability that ignores the easy stuff like Bret does.
    I freak out at mostly everything whilst riding and moving my 900lb bike.

  24. Thank you for your videos. I have been riding 42yrs and you are teaching me thing I never knew. this will help me in my new style of riding, Adventure.

  25. Thank you for another great upload. My right knee is quite a bit damaged (no cartilage left and had a ACL injury a while back. So that means I have an uncontrollable fear of tipping over to my right side. I can do U-turns with no issue to the left side but I'm always hesitant on U-turns to the right. I know it is not rational and hesitating can land me, literally, in deep trouble. I would be most appreciated for any tips in overcoming my phobia. Cheers

  26. finally found an "adv" focused channel. I think the only thing missing for me now is the DCT Adv bike channel. Using the rear break as the "clutch slip" portion is a skill I am still working on. Have become better but still have a ways to go!

  27. Bret, I could not tell if you were also using the rear brake whilst in the turn, but you should be basically working the rear brake against the throttle whilst in the turn, along with some clutch slip as necessary.

  28. Bret likes to throw that bike on the kick stand and let it bounce (2:14). I think he's trying to teach everyone to not fear the giant beast, but it always seems a little reckless/unnecessary to me. I learn alot from these videos though, especially – be the weightless rider!

  29. I have to tell you, I´m scared something happened practicing these. Yeah I know either the practice make the master but still.

  30. I understand this applies when riding alone. Could you please also demonstrate with heavy pillion. I have few times dropped bike like that. I have similar doubt on the weightless rider technique. It has greatly improved my driving and I feel lot more confident and easy, but with pillion, body movements are restricted, same fear for counter steering. This disturbs my perception for balance. Could you please do a video with heavy pillion. Thanks!

  31. Excelentes vídeos… lo único que le falta es estar traducido a español… la traducción de youtube es bastante deficiente

  32. I'm on my first bike, and I bought a cruiser. It's doing well by me, I've put about 15000 miles on it in about 18 months so I can't complain but it really threw me that I wasn't able to do a lot of this stuff until I realized that with the forward controls the ability to throw my body weight back and forth is close to zero; leaning is the best I can do. Still any skill gain is good, and I hope when I get a bike with pegs I can stand on I'll get better at these things. . I plan to replace it with an ADV in the spring.

  33. In the Netherlands you learn for your drivers license to do an U-turn by having the clutch fully engaged, some extra throttle and controlling your speed with the rear brake. I do find your approach much easier though.

  34. ну и нах на англоязычный ролик ставить название на русском языке?

  35. Уже не в первй раз такое, название на русском языке, а видео нет.

  36. The radius of the inside of the tyre, is shorter than the radius of the centre of the tyre . . . (Smaller tyre = smaller curcle)

  37. Would you please delete the repetitive, intrusive pseudo-music? It is positivelu Obnoxious and all too common on YT.

  38. IM PASSING MY TEST THIS YR ADVENTURE BIKE IS MY CHOICE this very skill is the one im looking most forward to im a master at balance always have ben mountain bikes bmx tricks balancing boomsticks 50cc 125cc bikes in my past IM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO MASTERING THIS on a adventure motorbike also abs braking and off road non abs braking iwas bad ass on dirt bikes long ago I CANNOT WAIT TO GET BACK AT IT

  39. Your rig must weigh more than my canoe packed for a two week canoe trip with a canvas tent and wood stove on board. I love the videos easy to listen to, thanks!

  40. Low traction surface to me is on the side of a hill & loose gravel surface containing a mix of large and small stones, then try your "U Turns" this level carpark is "Kids Stuff" Get Real, Boyo!!! Downvote for sure!!!!!!

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