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Hey how’s it going people BrownBrady here And in this episode I’m just gonna show you How I used Seafoam to treat My 1983 Honda Nighthawk 450 Also known as the CB450SC As you saw in my previous video I was experiencing some hesitation and backfiring Especially during low speeds So somebody over at the Facebook group Honda
Nighthawk Owners Suggested that I try to see if I can address
the issue Using Seafoam before I start taking apart
the carbs So yeah it makes sense I mean this is My first carbed bike I went ahead with that So I’m gonna try to keep this video under
5 minutes So the first thing I did was I started the
engine And warmed it up After it was warmed up I drained the gas that was inside the bowls In the carbs And after I did that I used a couple of beer bottles To measure how much gas was inside And then using the empty bottle I created a 50/50 mix of Seafoam and fuel And then I disconnected the fuel line from
the gas tank And I filled it up with the 50/50 mix I had to make my own funnel because The funnel that I bought had too big of a
hole So after doing that I restarted the engine And I let it idle until it consumed all of
the fuel In the bowls One mistake I made there was I should have warmed up the engine longer So that way I could rev the engine But I wasn’t able to do that because Every time I revved the engine it would stall So I suspect that it was fouling the spark
plugs After the bike consumed all of the fuel I refilled it back with 100 per cent Seafoam And I let it sit there overnight And then the following day I drained all of the Seafoam from the bowls I reconnected the fuel line to the tank And then I put 8 to 9 capfuls of Seafoam into
the gas tank And then I turned it on I revved it up And I noticed that some white smoke was coming
out And it did it felt like anyway anecdotally It felt like there was an improvement When I revved the engine slowly Whereas in the past whenever I did that I would feel some hesitation Between 1,000 to 3,000 RPM’s If I’m gonna quantify it I would say that There’s about a 50 per cent improvement However there was still some backfiring I would say that the Seafoam treatment did
help I suspect that there is another issue Anyway that was what I did to treat my bike
using Seafoam The next step for me I think would be To check for any vacuum leaks I’m gonna check around the intake boots In my next video I’m gonna show you that If you have any comments or any helpful hints To diagnose what the problem the backfiring
could be Please let me know in the comments section If you liked this video please hit the like
button Or better yet hit that subscribe button And I’ll see you in my next video As always ride safe and thanks for watching You look like a bobble head

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