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hi and welcome back to a new easy tip video today’s easy tip is how to get and use your public transportation card in Madrid remember that if you’re a Madrid easy tenant you can get the card through us as an additional service even though Madrid is a beautiful city to experience on foot it is good to get a public transportation card as well it provides you with a fast easy and cheap way to travel from one neighborhood to another [Music] this is a boat no the monthly transport ticket and the cheapest option when you’re staying in Madrid for a longer period of time you have an unlimited number of trips it throughout all the zones in Madrid for only 20 euro a month if you’re under the age of 26 from ages 26 to 64 you’re also out in a moment of number of trips but you pay depending on the zone the ticket is personal and valid for seven years there are a couple of ways that you can obtain your boat now any traction costs only four euro you can order your boner online and it should arrive in the mail between one week and one month depending on the season [Music] your second option to obtain your bono is to visit one of these certified tobacco shops where you can either get your card immediately or within a few weeks in the mail you can find a list of certified tobacco shops on the CR TM website you can book your appointment online or by calling customer service and by the end of your appointment you’ll have your Oh bono if you want the process to go as smoothly and quickly as possible you can fill out your application beforehand bring a passport size photo your ID and a copy of it [Music] if you need to recharge your Bona you can do so here at these machines that are located in every metro stop or a certified tobacco star to recharge just enter your card here press accept you can choose which language you want here see your information here and then pay [Music] [Applause] now we’re here at the Metro gates simply place your card here and the gates will open for you [Music] when you enter the bus there’s a scanner to place your heart I’m just like in the metro and cercanías however be aware that they can either be on the driver side or the right side of the bus [Music] that’s all for this easy tip we hope this helps and we’ll see you guys next time [Applause] [Music] you

7 thoughts on “How to use the public transportation card (Abono) in Madrid | #EasyTips

  1. I have a question, so that abono pass can also be used to take the shuttles/buses? Sorry if my question is dumb, im travelling to Madrid and this will be my very first time using the public transportation 😅😅😅

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