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hey what’s up YouTube now it might look
a little bit different behind me here put a workbench back here in the corner
and I finally bolted down that vise it was rolling around on the ground for
like three years so nice to finally have that thing bolted down some more solid
alright what I’m working on today I’ll be cleaning up all the hardware from the
CFD 50 now I saved all that for last because it is not much fun and cleaning
up bolts but then I remembered I had that little ultrasonic cleaner that I
haven’t used in a while so I’m gonna run all that stuff through the cleaner and
see how it turns out for you guys that haven’t seen this ultrasonic cleaner yet
just a cheap little Chinese unit off of Amazon I really haven’t used it that
much so I can’t give a whole lot of feedback on it so I’ve got it heated up
to 53 degrees Celsius and it’s full of degreaser the degreaser I’m using is
called safe to clean when you guys sent it over for me to test out I believe
your name was Cole so I appreciate that man I haven’t had the chance to test it
out yet but this is the perfect opportunity to try it along with the
ultrasonic cleaner I know some of you guys are probably wondering how I
organized all the hardware off this bike so as I was pulling it off I just
dropped it into ziplock bags that were labeled I’ve got them marked fork from
brakes flywheel side the engine subframe air box intake manifold miscellaneous
plastics list goes on and on so just a simple straightforward way of keeping
track of the hardware so the first batch is gonna be the dirtiest set of hardware
just take a look here I’m thinking it’s gonna be rear brakes this stuff is
looking kind of nasty no I wish I had a little basket to drop the stuff in to it
before I put it into the cleaner I don’t so it’s just gonna have to go straight
into the degreaser before I drop it in though let’s take a closer look at this
stuff see how dirty it is before I start cleaning it all right into the tank they go I’m just
gonna set this thing for five minutes the five minutes is up I’m excited to
see how this stuff turned out oh boy that’s pretty impressive stuff actually
looks really good definitely exceeded my expectations all right time for batch
number two the stuff in the miscellaneous bag is pretty disgusting
as well I’m gonna drop all this in a cleaner and let it do its work I am
really happy with how this set of parts turned out as well so I’ll be checking
back in a minute once I have all this Hardware cleaned up all right guys I’ve
got all the hardware cleaned up and this stuff turned out really good
pretty stoked with the job that the ultrasonic cleaner did you will not find
a speck of dirt on this stuff so I was digging around through the bins
that this bike came with and I found a bunch more hardware and the exhaust
valve parts so in particular I want to try running these exhaust spell pieces
through the ultrasonic cleaner and see what the result is right now they’re
pretty caked in carbon buildup I’m just gonna dump this whole bin right into the
cleaner here and since these parts are pretty dirty I’m gonna set it for ten
minutes well guys it’s the moment of truth
really really hoping these exhaust flaps cleaned up they still got some carbon
buildup on it so I might need to give it a little bit of help and scrape some of
this off and run it for another ten minutes I guess it shouldn’t be
surprising that the ultrasonic cleaner didn’t rip all this carbon off this
stuff is usually stuck on really good after another ten minutes this is what
these parts are looking like for the most part everything looks pretty good
but the exhaust valve flaps still have some carbon buildup left on them I’m
thinking this stuff is this gonna have to be cleaned up by hand so here is what
I’m gonna do with these exhaust valve flaps got the buffer motor over here
with the scotch brite wheel mounted up on it which these wheels are available
over on my website link is down in the description just gonna buff these things
out and see if I can get rid of the rest of the carbon buildup the scotch-brite definitely did the
trick something every single one you guys
needs if you’re gonna be doing any sort of clean-up on your bike I mean look at
this stuff turned out absolutely beautiful all right I’ve got one last
batch of dirty parts here and then I’m all done with hardware this stuff is
pretty disgusting drop it into the tank and let it soak for a good 15 or 20
minutes once again the ultrasonic cleaner pulled through and after 20
minutes this stuff turned out amazing one last thing just for the heck of it
I’ve got these old bearings and seals here that are packed in grease gonna run
these through the cleaner and put it to the true test the 20 minutes is up and
let’s take a peek inside overall looks like they’re pretty clean
still some grease inside the bearings of course but at the very least I think the
ultrasonic cleaner loosened that stuff up and once I hose these parts off
should come out a little bit cleaner pretty impressive results whatever the
ultrasonic cleaner didn’t remove it at least loosened up and the rest of the
grease came off when I hosed the parts off with warm water I’m sorry guys I
lied to you I said I was done with the ultrasonic cleaner for today but I have
the carburetor off this bike torn apart right now and I figured while I’m at it
why not clean this thing up as well so the carburetor body only fits halfway
into the tank and I don’t know if this is gonna work or not but I’m gonna flip
the carburetor around after one run and see if that does the trick I’m not sure
if the ultrasonic cleaner is gonna work quite as well with the lid off though
definitely did not disappoint once again this carburetor is looking flawless so
I’ve been quite surprised with how well the ultrasonic cleaner has been working
I’ll put the link to the exact cleaner I bought down in the description and if
you’re gonna buy one please use that link I really appreciate you all
watching the video and stay tuned the next video coming out within a few days
I’ve got something really cool coming your way
I will see you there take care everyone you

100 thoughts on “How Well Do Ultrasonic Cleaners Really Work?

  1. Have you guys tried using an ultrasonic cleaner before?
    The cleaner I'm using here: http://amzn.to/2EvTZs9
    Scotch Brite Wheels https://goo.gl/65An6b

  2. A little late to teh party here, but I've got a hazard fraught ultrasonic cleaner adn thus far have not been disappointed in it. You do have to be careful about what you put in it, though. I cleaned my eye glasses and ended up stripping the paint right off the frames! Got them shits clean, though! LOL

  3. You can make a basket out of some stainless or aluminum screen and a wire coat hanger. Leave enough screen to fold over the top for the floaty parts.

  4. If you clean most of the dirt off with classic means, and use your degreaser liquid and ultrasonic for a bit longer (20-30'), your results would be even better !

  5. Worked great on the carbs i cleaned.. came out looking almost new. I used mean green degreaser 50-50 with water and ran through about 4 cycles. Bike runs perfect now. Would recommend to do this with any parts needing cleaned. Great video.

  6. I don't like them, they can make sertain surfaces ruff, like the slide, it did this on my Suzuki gt 500, I always use carb leaner now and soak them and clean them, NOT USING A ULTRASONIC CLEANER THO

  7. D00d, those chain roller bearings will not be worth anything after a few spins with degreaser packed in the seals.

  8. Step 1 take Mikuni carb off Step 2 chuck it as far as you can Step 3 buy a PWK 38….Best mod ive ever done on my 2002.When i got my 2005 CR 250 i got a YZ250 PWK with tps and never looked back.Good video though!

  9. You should get your bolts zinc coated. They look wayyyyyyyy better than that and it's not expensive. I have basically all my bolts on my drz400 zinc coated and it's worth it

  10. Am I correct that you did not change the saf-2-kleen liquid? If that is a fact, how often do you need to change it, or do you just change it when it is not longer doing its job?

  11. You can also fill the ultra sonic cleaner with water, and then fill degreaser in the zip-lock bags and dump them in the water, This is especially useful when you have a bigger cleaner. Saves a lot of degreaser. The ultrasonic waves are not stopped by the plastic bag, and as long as the parts are covered in fluid it works just as good. And the bags float on top, since they don't need to be full

  12. Denture cleaners or jewelry cleaners are good for small parts like bolts. They are cheap (like $10-12) and most come with a basket for the parts. I got my first one at a second hand store for four bucks. In all I have three for big projects: each has a different solvent (a paint safe, a paint remover, and a mild rinse). Works great and easier than trying to hold a
    1/2"#8 screw.

  13. looks like yours does the same thing as mine, it does not hold at the temperature you set, it just keeps heating.

  14. You have no idea how an ultrasonic cleaner works and how to use it properly. Read a professional manual and not this China shit. You have done a lot wrong.

  15. I'm gona call you chemical boy from now on. You are always using that shit. A wire brush works fine as well and is way mo environment friendly.

  16. Try a product called carbon off, it's made for chefs to remove carbon from pans. I used it on my 2 stroke and there is no carbon It hasn't taken off.

  17. If you still need a little basket for your ultrasonic cleaner, try a stainless steel drain screen. Places that sell plumbing supplies usually have them. You might want to re-shape it a little and put a wire handle on too. They're really cheap, about 3 US $ last I knew. Won't that basket that you used to hose off bearings fit in?

  18. Ultrasonic cleaners are extremely useful but how effective they are is largely dependent on the solvent used and what you are trying to clean. They are basically microscopic agitators so if the gunk you are trying to remove is not highly soluble in the solvent you are using then it is going to wanna stay on the surface of your parts. It would be interesting to see if you could find a solvent specially formulated for carbon build up and use that in the cleaner. Great video. It was fun to watch.

  19. Seems good but not exerlent, would a basket help? Are bike exhaust valves plastic? Sorry was here to see what the ultrasonic could do

    Now the carbon is off I can see that they aren't plastic

  20. Was looking into buying that exact model now I'm definitely going to buy one thanks, what was the cleaning solution you used it did an amazing job I can quit using carburetor acid

  21. You should move your vise to the front corner furthest from the wall, That is going to be in the way right in the middle of your table!!!!

  22. I used my cleaner without a basket and it caused pitting in the tub. It now leaks. Setting parts directly on the tank bottom bottom increases the incident of cavitation erosion – pitting of the tank eventually causing the ultrasonic cleaner to leak .

  23. Do you think using a solvent like zep self emulsifying or the stuff they put in parts washers would be ok in a sonic cleaner like wouldn’t catch fire ok?

  24. If the part is not heat-sensitive, (not plastic), you can get built up carbon off by simmering in a stainless kettle of water with a box of baking soda and a couple of Tide pods thrown in. Just let it simmer for a half-hour or so, and it 'cooks' the carbon off enough to buff or brush or scrape off easily, something that an ultrasonic cleaner can't achieve.

  25. All ultrasonic cleaners are not the same the more transducers it has is better. I have a 12 quart unit with four transducers I bought off eBay and use it to clean marine carbs I mix about 20 percent simple green to water at about 135 Degrees I clean for about a half hour and they come out like New. Simple Green is cheap. Carbon on the other hand is tough to remove increase the cleaner deloution and clean time. I have done pistons may take a couple to hours. It helps to clean the heaviest deposits by hand first

  26. I have the same u.s. cleaner and use it to clean my vintage espresso machine parts. Use with oxygenated cleaner with V.G. results. Much better than I got with just an overnight soak and scrub.

  27. How often do you change the fluid after washing your chain and rear mech, cassette? It seem the tool is cheap but, the fluid is expensive and you'll have to chage it after every cleaning I guess?

  28. Think of how good it would have worked if you used the required basket. I am surprised it did anything at all being on the bottom

  29. I see a can of "Wake Up" around 4:39 or so. I could use that most mornings I have to go to work. Yeah, just open up a can of "Wake Up" and have with biscuits.

  30. so all I need to do is cross this with an electrolysis bath and I'll have the ultimate cleaner! mwahahahahhaahah

  31. This seems like an effective and fast way to clean parts. Will a more expensive machine yield better results? How about using a different liquid? Can this be used on all types of materials, such as rubber seals?

  32. Temp & chemical did 95% of that… Get an old crockpot & put all parts in at once, mix up 4oz simple green to 1gal hot water, fill crockpot & cover w/lid, run it on warm/lowest setting a few hours to overnight…although, depending on how fast & far the temp rises on ur particular hot pot you may want to shut it off at desired temp & just wrap it up with a moving blanket or something to hold the heat in for many hours.

    Also, you can just heat clean water then pour it & the simple green over your parts in an old ice chest & close it up.
    Either way, rinse off with clean warm water & your done……… Unless you want to do any rust removal &/or refinishing, in which case look up electrolysis rust removal here on yt & follow the directions. Then restore those off looking parts & hardware with either a type of plating, cerakote , powdercote..etc, depending on preference & application.

  33. A couple things you should know about these cleaners. First, never allow the parts being washed to touch the sides or bottom of the tub. They always need to sit in a basket with rubber so they are decoupled from the tub. Having the parts touching the tub also puts excessive strain on the transducer and will greatly shorten its lifespan. Also, you should never put ball bearings into the bath. The ultrasonic vibrations cause the balls to develop wear spots (insert joke here) which will basically ruin them. Most of these things i learned from trial and error with cleaners ive ruined in the past, and from the explanation why i ruined them when i contacted the manufacturer.

    Lastly, if you need to remove rust from anything, mix up a solution of citric acid (the powder is dirt cheap on amazon) and use that to clean the parts. The results are absolutely amazing. It works far better than vinegar, wont stink up your workshop, and it can be used for dozens of other cleaning projects like removing all the calcium building from hard water in your dishwasher or on shower doors.

  34. Pal, your giving me whiplash. Do yourself and your viewers a favor. Get one of these. It's only fifteen dollars.

  35. Use the Ultrasonic cleaner and then buy yourself an Eastwood parts tumbler: https://www.eastwood.com/eastwood-5-lb-tumbler-with-media.html?SRCCODE=PLA00020&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIotDpke6R4gIVjUoNCh1eIwN-EAQYAyABEgIUefD_BwE

    The parts will look and be basically brand new…

  36. Is it safe to use the ultrasonic cleaner on the bearings in the chain rollers? Did it pull the grease out of them or are the still good to go?

  37. [Safe – 2 – Clean] The guy took all the time and money to send you a product and you didn't take the time to find his name… Not cool!

  38. Dude, this should be like a 30 second video of you saying "Ultra sonic cleaners work so well it's like magic." Purple Simple Green is one of the best water-based degreasers you can get. Pinesol also works great. Don't bother using the "safe for the earf" cleaners because they suck.

  39. You are missing a control as taught in 7th grade science class. Unbelievable how many Youtube videos there are where they measure how good something is, but have no control to compare the two cases. In this case, your control would have been you putting the bolts in that liquid without the ultrasonic cleaner. Did the ultrasonic do the cleaning, did the liquid do the cleaning or did they both contribute? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_control. Also I sense many of your viewers may like videos like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ey1Zvi9aiso.

  40. If the parts arent plastic rubber or copper, use denatured alchohol. Gets steel parts super clean and melts any rust off.

  41. Gentlemen message just for you better than all electric stuff and chemical stuff like that go and check something call DRx That’s will fix your problem even better than what you have been doing good not

  42. Question. With this unit, when you plugged it in for the 1st time and turned on the heater, did it smoke a little bit, as though it was just burning off crap on the heating element?

  43. With that de-greasing liquid, is it possible to somehow filter it and use it again?
    Also, does it cause any damage to the pan when poured in directly?

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