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SUVs and crossovers are everywhere nowadays,
so it’s tough to stand out. Hyundai’s challenger in this sector is the ix35 – which
aims to offer practicality and style in equal measure and go head to head with the likes
of the Nissan Qashqai. Now, the ix35 was first launched back in 2010,
but Hyundai has managed to keep things fresh with a facelift in 2013, updating its looks,
trim levels and engine range. Christmas cheer for all to hear, and if you’re
wondering, it is Christmas jumper day in the office and I felt a bit left out, but you
know what, with heated seats in the car, I don’t want to end up roasting like a turkey
(music cuts, throw jumper in boot), and I’ve got a review to make.
People always comment on how Hyundai has stepped up its game when it comes to interiors over
the years and the ix35 is a shining example of this as build quality is very impressive.
Standard kit on every model includes USB connectivity, 16-inch alloys and all-important air conditioning.
Go to the second trim SE and you get cruise control, heated seats, a leather steering
wheel and Bluetooth with voice recognition. There are also a fair amount of storage compartments.
The luxurious Premium trim we have includes 18-inch alloys, a sat nav and a rear parking
camera. The high riding position really caught my
attention in the ix35 and it further enforces that ‘own the road’ SUV appeal people
will be after. There is also great all-round visibility, including large wing
That distinctive SUV feel is the same in the back as there is masses of head and leg room
– and no transmission bulge in the middle just makes everything that bit easier. I would
certainly be more than happy sitting here on a long journey.
So surely its boot is jeopardized, well guess again. With 591 litres, the ix35’s boot
trumps the Nissan Qashqai and Volkswagen Tiguan. Fold the seats down and you get an almost
flat loading surface and up to 1,436 litres of space.
Interior quality is a no brainer, when it comes to drive however, it doesn’t quite
match the excitement of its rivals as its steering can feel overly light at times.
But don’t let that put you off, overall comfort is great, with little body roll in
the corners, an extremely quiet cabin and a suspension that soaks up bumps really well.
The 114bhp 1.7-litre diesel we are testing is the most efficient engine available, emitting
139g/km of CO2 and returning an average of around 50mpg. With the added kit however,
our model returns slightly less than that. Power can feel a little subdued in this engine,
but it is very smooth and the six-speed manual gearbox will serve you well.
Many will be eyeing up the 2.0-litre diesel though, which produces 134bhp and gives you
some added pulling power, much better if you plan on climbing steep slopes. Speaking of
slopes, there is also a 4WD model available, but to be honest, this is best suited to muddy
tracks, not serious mud-plugging. Quality and comfort are top notch in the ix35.
It may not be the go to car for enthusiasts, but if you are after a practical SUV that
will serve as a good motorway cruiser and day to day run-around, it is perfect.
And let’s not forget, it is cheaper than the Nissan Qashqai and Mazda CX-5, and Hyundai
will also throw in a five-year-warranty. But would you consider buying the ix35? Let
us know in the comments section and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.
Also, don’t forget to browse our channel for more SUV reviews.

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