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rev up your engines okay here’s a cute
little 2008 mercedes-benz SL k 55 AMG v8 engine although it’s really dirty today
what kind of shape is it customer wants to know you said it for three years
hasn’t put any money in it yet is it worth putting more money into it oh it’s
time to say bye-bye now you gotta consider the original
person paid about 64 grand for this think he bought it for about $18,000
three years ago hasn’t put any real money into it now he likes the power it’s
got 355 horsepower it’s got a pretty good 7-speed automatic transmission in
it being that it’s really small it’s also really heavy if you put a couple of
fat guys in a thing the way it’ll be over two tons as you can see it’s not
that long not as a fast little sports car but because of the weight and the
power he gets about 13 miles a gallon in the city 99 highway so it’s pretty much
a gas hog for tiny little car but the three years he’s owned he’s very happy
with it he hasn’t had to put any real money another thing so out comes a
serious scan tool plug it in as you can see it’s no different than any other car
you just find a plug now it’s on you can see the lights are glowing well just
turn the key on so the idiot lights are on and it’s not
running pal go to Mercedes automatically search you get all kinds of information
but we tell here it’s not a fake mg sometimes guys stick badges on but by
the serial number this is an actual amg we’ll do a system scan and away it goes
waiting for the skin I mean it’s the typical Mercedes even though it’s all
waiting someone older there are switches buttons all kinds of controls here here
we have the adjustments here it’s a convertible
but it’s metal it’s a true two-seater when you look at the dash we can see it
says it’s got 78,000 miles on it can see on a dead eye on the top 78,000 96 miles
no one’s cheated on the speedometer on this one like people often will so this
is the real mileage 12 years old till he got 78,000 miles that’s a good sign scan
didn’t finally wrong odds going through a health report
but see if there’s any codes on anything I like many other cars of Mercedes have
various steps and various levels of analytics if some clown at an auto parts
store plugs a machine in this thing and says oh no it’s fine there’s no trouble
codes that doesn’t mean anything that’s the tip of the iceberg there’s various
levels that you need these fancy machines for to really analyze one of
these cars see there’s red things coming up now they’re all green on the other
chest but now there’s things we’re gonna look at okay let’s check it out we got a
lot of reds three four five six seven eight sixteen 26 36 37 38 4 45 48 50 so
it’s got 53 codes going on here let’s see if any of them are serious we got
probably the electronic stability program is typical on these control
module not identified can’t communication is faulty that the
electronic ignition switch has under voltage the roof has voltage problem the
overhead control panel can reception the controller area network that’s the
computer wiring system problem with the mirror automatically dimming patrol unit
supplies to lo troll panel fault switch is closed apply voltages to law we’re
getting a lot so it’s obviously some type of electrical short we’re not
getting enough power short circuits and some of the lighting then there’s 10 for
the Sam that’s the signal acquisition mode then the audio system has five
things I see that all the time he’s audio gateway they’re so complicated or
modular is a little problem electronics seat adjust with memory has problems
convenience automatic air conditioning fan temperature sensor problem supply
voltage is low but all these other ones here they’re normal now what is all that
say well that says it’s a typical Mercedes that’s 12 years old
it has electronic flaws but the guy is pretty much happy with the way that the
thing runs hey Riley this isn’t like the g-wagon I
checked out last week where stability controls a big thing because it’s high
this baby’s low to the ground it’s not something you have to worry about these
things flipping over it’s not that big of a deal on something like this as it
is with a big up near g-wagen that’s heavy that could flip over this thing
that’s not really a problem if you drive normal he used to drive fast he says with the grandkids now he drives normal so I
started up you get some of the live data there’s so much dead on these things
make your head spin test engine at idle speed there’s a dad it’s all pretty
normal nothing weird now we’ll check the values
at idle speed you finally think sod ball here everything’s pretty normal big
advantage of these machines the fancy ones like this they’re color coded if
there is a fault it’s gonna be different color it’s not gonna be that boom I can
see that right away that there was in specs but I can look at them
individually too and analyze them with what I know I don’t trust the machines
all the time now I do notice under the hood when I rev it up you hear low groan when
I turn the wheel power steering pumps groaning a little bit just got a typical
on these as they aged if it’s not low on fluid yeah these things often grown a
little bit if you’re an absolute fanatic you replace the pump but I’ve seen them
go years in years and they whine steer fine who cares
all that further to data signal from the cams okay everything so far is pretty
good for a vehicle of its age so that’s going to the hood check that out we roll
the window down so we don’t get locked out we close the door that’s an
important thing well we need a Rob that doesn’t work hydraulics cost a fortune this cost $0.50 so stick one in your trunk nice and
solid now it’s full of fluid who cares it runs fine why spend all that money on
something that’s still work perfectly fine now as we look around
other than this bird found there must’ve been a cat around here somewhere it’s in
pretty decent shape there’s no major leaks or anything front looks pretty
clean there’s no crack plastic parts and being wrecked and smacked up now the
headlights out a little fade on them that’s typical you can polish them off
if you want but for a 12 year old Mercedes Benz
what’s that real mileage that’s actually low shape that it’s in other than those
nitpick the electronic crap but they all do as they age it’s a pretty decent
vehicle actually considering that he’s at it for three years and back then he
paid less than one quarter of what the original list price was I’d say it’s
actually a decent car now it’s fine you don’t get a two-seater at all people
around there’s no backseat you want a cute little two-seater to toy around
with for that kind of money if you don’t pile the mileage on can actually be a
decent way to fool around with sports putting brakes on it eventually it’s
gonna need struts on it it rides a little bit sloppy but it’s nothing
outrageous so let’s check the undercarriage pretty ladies got those
fancy tires on it gotta say it’s a decent car no I’m not a fan of these
low-profile tires because they have a tendency riding a little bit rough the
handle great but they ride a little rough and they cost a fortune when they
finally go up this guy has cheapy Taiwanese one time cuz he didn’t wanna
buy the super expensive one since he’s not dragging anymore he’s happy with
these it tells me they’re not leaking air they don’t get flats so they’re
decent original muffler still in good shape clean rear end decent car yeah
speaking of trunk it’s inside here whoa that’s one heavy trunk we’ll have to do
that over again oh not the biggest joints in the world
but this one’s clean you can see all the fancy convertible top stuff that folds
in here when you put the top in but it’s clean it’s never been wrecked either now
comes the real fun of driving around see how it rides these are sporty little
cars step on the gas again where it goes and sure on this old one as your corner
you can feel a little more bumps more than you should I mean it’s a relatively
small wheelbase to begin with struts are worn if he wants to get to ride like
new I’d advise changing all the struts on it but it’s totally drivable the way
it is so here’s a shocker for ya scotty says this really isn’t that bad of a deal you
did pay a lot less sport so that’s got some life left in it and here’s some bonus
questions and answers dude said Scotty there’s currently a 1990 BMW
535i for sale on my street with such tremendous money picked back even in the 1990s well actually it wasn’t back in the 1990s but it will be today you’re
talking about a 13 year old BMW they are and less money pits now back in the day
those are actually pretty good cars I had a few customers with and they loved
them they were luxurious but they handled well and one guy at 180 and it
was still going strong and hadn’t had all that much worked on you talk about
any car that’s thirty years old especially a German car it gets
expensive and the parts on those are super super super expensive yeah
nineteen nineties for it or something it’s gonna have problems too but the
parts are gonna be pretty cheap because they mass-produced them there’s an
endless supply the aftermarket stuff with the BMW especially 535i nothing
easy to get parts for I would stay away from that unless you want an endless
repair toy that you can play with on the weekend and you know you got time on
your hand you want to be working on a new Smith says Scotty I purchased 08
Lexus is350 190K I don’t use a cigarette lighter in a car so I wonder
if it’s good idea swap the USB so I can charge them yes realize that
those cigarette lighter things are made for what lighting cigarettes you’re
better to swap it out to an actual USB port hardwired in because when you plug
the ones in they’re relatively inefficient someone can get too hot they
don’t work all that well and the radiofrequency can actually mess with if
you have a keyless ignition system get a good one have it hardwired in a quality
one and then you won’t have problems much better than
some rig thing you just plug it in for so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell

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  2. 53 electrical problems….
    Wait until the function critical electronics and sensors start failing. Nightmare.
    Hard no.

  3. The thing that usually goes wrong with Mercedes cars is the Pickled Sauerkraut Modulator which is expensive to fix.

  4. The previous generation is even better, look for an SLK 32 AMG. I have a stock slk 320 and love it. The 320 does 0-60 in about 6.3 seconds on a good day.

  5. Scotty is growing.. I started watching Scotty when he had 2.4 M followers and now he is at 3.1M ….wooow!! Congratulations

  6. Yea! Bound to happen. I have had a 2004 C240 for 8 years and have been fixing it myself. We inherited it from my mom god rest her soul. 3rd owner car. When we got it I was concerned because of what everyone says…but I have to admit, it was easier than I thought. And not that expensive. We love the car. It is built so well. I have replaced the alternator, 2 idler pulleys, the front end tie rods and control arms, fixed two rear windows. It has 160,000K miles. We are religious about oil changes every 5K. Can't complain. Most of what you need to know is on channels like these.

  7. Do any actual techs watch this? I like how he makes it sound like there's really 53 things wrong with the car when in reality like one of those codes is actually current lol. 95% of those codes are probably from a dead/disconnected battery from who knows when. The car doesn't have that many "electronic" issues


  9. Cannot believe it Scotty actually liking a Mercedes I’ve owend a c class for donkeys years the only thing that let me down once and that was an easy fix I was a timing censer on the flywheel hard to get to but a simple fix

  10. Scotty before YouTube : I'd never buy a Mercedes
    Scotty after YouTube success : Finally found a Mercedes

  11. Just reset all the logged faults , take it for a drive , check what comes back. All of these cars MB or BMW , its more normal with some faults than no faults. Lots of stuff often just caused by a voltage drop at some stage, "false positives"

  12. If Scotty knew anything about anything he would know that the stored codes are from a dead battery some time ago. Damn why would anyone listen to this dude?

  13. The m113 in those Mercedes are bulletproof. If you don’t know anything about Mercedes then you really should stick to your Toyota’s

  14. A lot of those codes seem to be not enough power. There may be 1 or more modules only regulate power. I had a 2006 Jetta 2.5 and it had a bad module at one point. It was causing a parasitic draw even with the key turned off. It cost somewhere around $2000 to track that bad module down and replace it. It was only so expensive because a lot of electrical problems in these newer cars are sometimes not visible but in stead it may be a bad chip in module. Then when I got the car back the connection on the alternator was loose. That caused the car to eventually lose power and I had to get it towed. The dealer who swapped the bad module paid for that tow in and a new battery. Since then my nightmare was over and I had 3 more years of trouble free driving before I sold the car.

  15. there is a difference with stored faults and current faults. You don't know if the car was sitting months in a parking spot with a flat battery. So it throws codes immediately in that amount you have seen. I am a german and know pretty much about German cars.

  16. in the 1990's Mercedes used "biodegradable" insulation on the wiring, meaning it just rot's away while you're driving it, not sure if they did it on 2000 model's, but what a stupid "green" idea,

  17. Here where I live, I have a thirty year old ford, but they always turn me away syringes that the car is obsolete with no parts available, I also have a R128 Mercedes sl 500, from 1995. I still get parts from Mercedes, they still service and support the car, and I am able to do most repairs myself. Mercs from the 80s and 90s are very well built. 👍👌😎good video…

  18. I loved my 2003 clk500. I saved a ton of money doing my own maintenance too. But I do see some people with Mercedes that breaks down a lot. I have a 2013 e550 Bi-Turbo now. Goes like a rocket

  19. Scotty about two weeks ago I bought a 2017 Mercedes C300 (W205), I need a blessings to protect this chariot.

  20. Reliability on german cars depends on keeping on regular maintenance. I have a 2011 BMW 328i coupe that I bought used 4 years ago with 41k miles. Now it has 74k miles with ZERO issues since I bought it. I didn’t even change the battery and the brakes during that time. Actually it’s the most reliable car I ever owned including my 2007 Toyota Avalon which I bought new

  21. A lot of "unexplainable" fault codes are due to crappy connection metal. The auto industry uses connection/terminations which are for for controlled climates indoor usage. There is oxidation/corrosion on most of them. With different metal and stray current they are prone to galvanic issues. Spraying electronic cleaner on them will not help and paying for a garage to go over all the connections, is cost prohibitive.
    There is NO quick fix.
    But, here is some advice. Assume all the electronic boards are OK, they normally are. Get a diagram/chart of all sensors. Start at the wheels and in the engine room, the sensors and their connectors there are in the worst environment. Disconnect and connect the terminals a few times, quite often that helps on the voltage drop across them. Check your ODB and if it helped solder those connections if possible, or use a cloth with vinegar around them for a day and flush with clean water the next day. Also check the ABS rings, sometimes they get so rusty they confuse the sensors. Most sensors can also be verified with a simple multi-meter.

  22. Scotty:👍🏼🤞🖖🤘✋🖐🖕🏽🖕🏽👇👊🏼✊🏽🤚👋🤟🤜🤛👐🙌🙏🤲💅🤝💪☝️👉👈👆✌🏽🖕🏽

  23. I think it has 2 batteries, people replace the obvious one but never the little one hidden somewhere. That might be the cause of those low voltage codes. Should also replace the big battery too if its older, MB is real queen about its batteries, they need to be fresh.

  24. The Lady bought a Mercedes SUV 2years old.. Uneven tire wear on the front tires.. The dealership won't change tires because it has 6mm left.. Says it has 13k left 35k 3year warranty.. Too many electrics..

  25. sometines i really ask myself why i watch his videos… today he says i will never buy and the day after i would buy it 🤷‍♂️ what does it means?

  26. I am owner of Mercedes SLK 55 AMG R171, I had Porsche 997 S, and AMG is most reliable and fun to drive car I ever had, I had changed exhaust for an aftermarket one. There is no single problem associated with this car apart form little rust marks (unfortunately in my country they are using salt during winter season) In my opinion this car will only gain in value, there is no other European car with this engine displacement in so small chassis.

  27. So Scotty, I take it that buying a 2006-08 C55 AMG is a no go?? I have been wanting one since I was 17. I’m 21 now still no AMG. :/

  28. Howdy Scotty!!! I've got an '05 Merc SL500- similar car. I think it needs a battery. Mercs will test funny or not at all if your line voltage is low or unsteady. If the customer is willing, ask if you can put a new battery in it. Clear all the codes and put at LEAST 50-75 miles on it and scan again. Whatever comes back are most likely to be "real" codes. I lived through this when I bought mine about 3 and a half years ago; fortunately, it was just one battery [mine takes two!!]. Just my 2 cents! Great work, buddy.

  29. BUT that Mercedes complicated electric folding convertible roof doesn't work! The darn convertible top has to work or I don't want it, unless it is free.

  30. The TRANSPONDER COIL (Antenna) Wire on Mercedes SLK broke. can I splice it or do I need a new one? Does it have to be programmed?

  31. The world is going down the dwell and people are STILL talking about cars !!!! SICK ignorant DUMBED DOWN society of WORKSLAVES !!! GOOD BYE western civilization !!!

  32. You finally arrive at the water cooler at the same time as the attractive girl who works in accounting. She mentions your older, well kept Toyota parked outside. "Yeah It's got 300,000 miles and still going!"
    She has a classic MR-2! Your eyes lock for a moment….Mr. Sensibile, but fun!
    "Ohhhh what a feeling!"

  33. Lots of undervoltage codes – seems to me just like the G wagon – this car had a low battery at some point – maybe a bad alternator ?

  34. The thing about Mercedes is that alot of these systems are integrated with each other. Fixing one issue will often resolve alot of other ones.

  35. 50 codes and 50 good reasons to NEVER BUY AN MERCDES AKG. HELL WOULD FREEZE OVER BEFORE SCOTTY KILMER WOULD BUY AN AMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. This SLK was a jointly designed Chrysler product sold I believe as the Crossfire. Would you really want that? The only thing that is Benz is the engine. Also, if you are taller than 5’10”, you can’t fit in it.

  37. The most dependable Mercedes ever made was the SLK 320, its what the Chrysler Crossfire was made from.

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