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I Just got my driver’s license! I think I really nailed my photo. Pull me over! I know I’m a little bit late, I’m 27, but in American years, I’m like 16. I’m buying this really special electric car and I’ve been waiting for it for a long time. I’m finally getting it today. No. I Don’t like it. I don’t like that one either. Definitely not that one. Eww I feel like this might be me trying to get over Alfred You know that’s the best way to get over a boat is to get under a car Okay. Are you ready? The Comuta-Car was built in the 80s as a response to the oil crisis, so it’s all electric. And, it kind of looks like a cheese wedge I’m driving a piece of cheese I call her Cheese Louise I feel so grown-up I had no idea driving a piece of cheese was what was required to make me feel like a woman [weird mouth noises that can’t be properly expressed words] Actually the horn is here on the side, and it tends to go off whenever I try to indicate Scott, do you feel safe riding me? I just passed my test so all my driving skills are like fresh. Indicate, look over the shoulder. There’s a guy with a cane. Don’t hit people SCOTT [laughing]: This is so bumpy SIMONE: it doesn’t take bumps very well, okay. It’s legitimately 25 miles-an-hour SCOTT: It looks like we’re in an earthquake in this video SIMONE: Let me put it this way: it’s an artisan driving experience, cause you’re like one with the road AAAAH my god I tweeted about this car while back. That was actually how I found it It was such a random thing because I’d uh I’d seen it on Craigslist And I emailed the seller he didn’t respond and get back to me, and then I tweeted about it being like All I want is this car. It turns out that the guy who was selling it was following me And he saw that tweet and was like hey. I have one for sale, and I was like dude I’ve been trying to get ahold of you forever, and there’d been like a bug in Craigslist So he hadn’t gotten my emails I had such a nice, “Oh my god I love the Internet moment” where it kind of just put me together with the guy who is selling the car and here we are. I just want to treat her nicely, the way she deserves. [singing “I Can’t Live (If Living Is Without You)” by Mariah Carey] Can’t live [singing] If living is without you [singing] I can’t live I’m allowed to do a right on red cause we live in America [Horn self-honks] Oyy uh. Shh. Sorry people I’m sorry. I can’t stop it. I’m gonna work on it. I think I just need to swap out the spring It’s like a little bit too sensitive. She’s like a dog that’s barking at people outside of the window. She’s like [approximating yippy dog sounds] Get out of my lane you bitch. Oyy, I forgot to signal. SCOTT: Is there road rage in Sweden? SIMONE: Road rage? SCOTT: Yeah SIMONE: Swedes have emotions too Scott. Yeah, so it’s obviously not the safest car. It’s at least safer than driving like a moped Because it’s like driving a moped, but you’re in a plastic can. MAN ON STREET: Nice car! SIMONE: Thanks mate Simone you always need to stop at the stop sign That’s what my driving instructor Macarena told me. Yo, yo and also Be careful with people because they’re very soft, but I already knew that. My parking brake it like [parking brake clicks] Yeah, it’s a little bit Just to make sure that it’s actually stuck. If you see me on the streets of San Francisco Just go like, “Hey Cheese Louise!” And then you’ll be like, “she just ran a stop sign.” It happens. Please subscribe. Okay, bye Oh my god is the parking brake not on properly?

100 thoughts on “I just bought the most ridiculous car

  1. You should TOTALLY do a motor/battery swap/update on this car to make it really drivable. (To be honest, it should also get a ride suspension and roll cage update as well, to be safe).

    Imagine that car with, say, a 15kwh battery pack, a more efficient electric motor and updated suspension. Could be cool, practical and actually much safer!

  2. I honestly couldn’t stop looking at your ear piercing I thought it was a level (green bubble level)

  3. Supercondensators with lithium in electrodes https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases_ml/2019-06/c-v060619.php

  4. Good for you, not getting some big car! Also, holding off on driving as soon as possible!
    What an awesome car!!!!!!!

  5. I remeber these…. Awesome looking car…. Not so awesome driving… Would be cooler with modern batteries and drivetrain…

  6. “I’m not getting a Tesla”

    Anyone else watching this after she got a tesla and turned it into a pickup truck?


  7. Such a vehicle would meet my needs beautifully. Well, I guess uglily would be more accurate; it is not a pretty car.
    I live in a place that's cold and snowy in winter, and stifling hot for much of the summer. Is this car equipped to deal with such conditions?

  8. My dad did some repair work on one of these in the late 70's. He drove me around the neighborhood a few times and I thought it was cool as hell.

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