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rev up your engines
here’s some good information so you can avoid those cash for crash people that have
you crash into their car so they can collect
insurance money here’s how you can avoid some of those if you see somebody in
front of you for no reason at all slam their brakes on get in another lane
or slam your brakes on fast get out of the way cuz a lot of what they’ll do
is they’ll pull right in front of you and they’ll slam on their brakes because
if you hit somebody out of highway it’s your fault regardless of what happens so
if you see people zooming around you and then pull in front of you ease up on the
gas maybe going to another lane that’s one of the big scams that they do now
another one is called flash for a crash you’re driving and somebody flashes
their headlights at you to let you in but then they run right into you and
they say well that person turned right in front of me so if somebody is doing
that ignore them just wait for the traffic to pass
through and in turn don’t pull in front of somebody who’s flash to their lights
at you because they could be suckering you in and then not run into you and
said hey you turned left right in front of me it says fault another one is if
you get an accident a guy says hey pay me some money I’ll go away don’t do it
they’ll run into you they want cash they don’t want to get involved with
insurance companies because if they do it all the time it’s gonna be on record
that these people are doing this stuff and they’ll get caught so anybody says
although take certain amount of money don’t go away don’t give them any money wait
for the police let the insurance companies take care of it the absolute
worst one which is a lot harder to figure out is when it’s a hired crash where
it’s a team of people where one guy has his partner and what they do is they set
up a crash so that it looks like it’s your fault but they’re actually watching
you and they’re hiding at corners and getting ready to pull out so always be
leery if anybody seems to be following you either speed up or slow down just
keep your eyes I know it sounds a little paranoid like one of those gangster movies
like hey are they following us but it’s a good idea to see if anybody
is following you these days you know and if you think somebody yes don’t get out
in the middle of nowhere just keep going and if you think that there is a problem
call the police and then you can stick your phone out and go like I called the
police and they’ll generally run away because they don’t want to get caught
there are people doing illegal stuff and I’m sure they’ve got
records half of them for doing things they don’t want the police to get involved so
if push comes to shove hey call the police just like this Australian video I
watched last year where this guy was road raging and he was talking to the
police the whole time saying this guy’s coming at me what I do and they gave him
some advice and he got out of it and he ended up arresting the crazy guy who
started the whole thing so be leery of what’s happening around you and always
have a cell phone just in case there’s a problem, bomba bomba ask Scotty why do
car dealerships price themselves out of business on parts and service compared
to after market and other mechanics you pretty much answered your own question they’re
greedy people they have a tremendous overhead you go to an independent shop
they might have an overhead of maybe couple hundred thousand dollars a year
tops and if it’s a small shop less than that you go to a dealership they got an
overhead a two million or more they gotta pay for everybody that’s working
there the space the rent if they don’t own the property the insurance the air
conditioning and then they gotta pay the service advisors and the owner of course
wants to make a lot of profit they just jack everything up now I find it amusing
myself because they got so bad here in Texas I went to a Chevy dealer and I saw
their brake pads for their truck was in $99 you gave them an autozone at the
time for $15 and I’m like wow ripoff you don’t so next time I went to a dealer
cuz I had to get a part that only the dealer had I look they said oh look now
we have better lower priced brake pads they were just buying aftermarket pads
and selling them now they weren’t selling for $15 there’s some for like
$39 but it was cheaper than a $99 you know they were starting to sell the
aftermarket stuff cuz they realized they weren’t gonna sell hardly anything but
they don’t care because they’re big businesses and they want to make a lot
of money they want to mark stuff up and they really don’t care about their
customers one I own the same as if you go to like a car max and buy a car
prices there they’re huge conglomeration places they get all these workers and
you got to pay every tax title license every penny they can squeeze audio
they’ll squeeze out of you if you don’t want to pay it you don’t go there and so
you’re obviously a wise person you obviously don’t go there and just
continue not to go there dave says Scotty I got 2000 Nissan
Frontier v6 standard transmission 187 thousand miles
service engine light came on they said the cats were plugged up so I gutted
them out and now it’s not running right if you gut the cats, the cats are still
there their shells but there’s nothing inside them technically it’s against the
law you’re not allowed to do in the United States you’re breaking federal
law if you god of them or took them off and just put pipes in place the
computers gonna know that there’s no catalytic converter by the readings that
it gets from the oxygen sensors so you’re always gonna get check engine
lights come on now if you lived in a state say that doesn’t do emissions
testing like Montana or something no one’s gonna know a lot of people just
say oh I’ll just drive it that where it runs better but if you live in a state
that requires emissions it’s never gonna pass the emissions that’s cuz the
computer it’s gonna know that something’s wrong with a cat that’s
gonna keep tripping particular codes on it now since it’s a 20 year old frontier
I mean if it’s a Knockaround truck and you’re driving around at keep driving
but don’t throw any more money and it’ll be stupid maybe sell to somebody wants
an off-road truck to go deer hunting or something, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell

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  2. Allstate had a commercial. Swoop and Dive I believe it was called. One car pulls alongside you. Forcing you to stay in the lane. The car in front stops suddenly. Usually don't fix the cars.

  3. I have dashcams in my cars . They take images of the front and year at the same time. . I had a high school kid run into the back of my car . He told me I did not give a signal. The dash cam showed him not paying attention to my car . I showed the image and the tag number to his insurance company . I had to take my car in to get it repaired . It cost $1,000. 00 . Not bad but the whole experience was a pain.

  4. I just bought a brand new weed eater at wal mart for $40.00. The old price was $118.00. That shows how much of a markup things are!

  5. Yep, those brakers- scammers are practiced criminals alright. Years ago a lady shot in front of me and then slammed her brakes on at a barely yellow light. I braked hard, but my truck slid into her and put a tiny quarter sized dent in her car trunk, so small you could have done it with your elbow by accident. She worked for an attorney and got $30,000 from my insurance company because she claimed the "accident" exacerbated a previous injury. My insurance company told me they knew it was a scam but it was hard to prove, because of her crooked doctor and lawyer boss.
    Get cameras. If I had one then she would have gone to jail instead of to the bank.

  6. "The cats were plugged up…." I need my own laughing animal meme here {;-) And here's first scam to be wary of: people who piddle on the hoods of cars!

  7. Driving thru Denver one winter night and going thru a construction area I noticed a bunch of hoodie dudes standing next to the cones. And a few looking down on the overpass. Then suddenly the cones closed off the lane. I just kept driving taking out all the cones they had out to stop a vehicle and Rob them. I could see the look on their faces! It was of suprise that their scam didn't work. And they hightailed it outta sight. 🤣🤣🤣

  8. My wife insists we go to the dealer for service. I try to tell her the dealers profit centers are the finance department and the service department. Plus you pay a premium at the service department to cover any warranty work on everyone's car still covered by warranty for which the dealer is not very well paid by the manufacturer. Same when it comes to recall work.

  9. I really hope you didnt call service advisors clowns. We work our asses off, get yelled at and just try to make our clients cars safe. There are some of us that actually care about people and their cars. We don't "sell" what they dont need.

  10. I run the car maintenance Youtube channel in Korea. I'm always learning such a great ideas on your channel. I hope we have a chance to be together. Thank you.

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