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100 thoughts on “Iggy Azalea Carpool Karaoke

  1. It is funny to hear her talking about what "Nick" wants, it's obvious how naive she was that she believed everything he told her.

  2. I loved how at the beginning of the video she started off serious, then he turned on the music and she kind of rolled her eyes, then she saw that he was totally into the song and she loosened up and went along with everything.

  3. Iggy is as pretty as a human being and physically, she is a great human being, super sweet, humble and pleasant. Fuck deserves all the success in the world./

  4. In my country rap artist say ma nigga in different way, but in English they sing nigga like they're best friend, so it depends how you mean it. However black people should never call each other nigga word ever.

  5. Just some friendly advice James, avoid lifting the veil until the very last moment if you don’t wanna be left at the alter👀

  6. Wonder if she really had r kelly at her wedding?be weird now three years later now that the pied piper showed his ugly face lmao

  7. Iggy Dress 😛 …. James Dress 🙈😅 …. l guess he'll be the fat friend bridesmaid 🤣🤣🤣 … James you are really in need of Coming Out… just be honest… it's ok. Go for it.

  8. i like how people judging saying iggy can't rap but bet you can barely speak english so.. also. stop judging because obviously you;re over here hating on her and look where she is now famous and great .

  9. wait what she’s really polite person and nice girl dayum, now i know if you wanna be came a fame you have to wear all the fucking sexy stuff

  10. She's so pretty, she reminds me of a female Eminem. I guess it's okay for white men to act "Urban" but not white women which is why I think people hate her.

  11. I love how normal she’s in, like she’s just in a shirt and pants she didn’t go overboard she’s just so nice

  12. She's so beautiful, classy and tall!!! She can pass as a vs model . I also can see the difference of iggy to other rappers. She acts so sophisticated while other rappers proudly act like a garbage whores!!!!

  13. How rude that no one clapped for Iggy at the very start just like they do for the other stars,
    When I saw that I was heart broken 😢😢😓😭😭😭😭💔💔💔

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