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How Automobiles Work

“What do you do?” “I take motorcycle riders
to racetracks and let them ride their bikes
at 280 miles an hour.” “You do what?” You can feel the wind and the
movements of the bike, and you’re so connected to it. There’s no faster way to
propel a body than accelerating on a motorcycle— even free-falling from a plane. Why wouldn’t people
want to do that? The feeling I get when
riding that racetrack, there’s no comparison to any
other activity that I do. I run the biggest non-competition
motorcycle events group in the southern hemisphere. Most motorcycle trainers
have failed as racers, and I guess I’m a failed
motorcycle racer. So now I’m going through a
reverse midlife crisis, and I’ve built this business
on riding motorcycles and going fast on racetracks.
I needed to learn about business. Now I’m as happy looking at
spreadsheets all day and figuring out how the business
will function as I am riding around
a racetrack. Whatever needs fixing,
he’s the man that does it. Give me a pen, I can’t use it.
I can use a spanner. Give you a keyboard,
and you might be sent to jail. He speaks very good English, but types very dyslexic. Perfect, that’s me. I can’t think of a better job than to come out to racetracks, ride motorbikes, and allow other guys to do the same thing. There’s really no
better job for me. My father was very troubled. People say genius and madness
are closely related, and my father was literally
a genius. He had genius IQ, and he crossed
the line to madness. Waiting for lunchtime
on a Sunday, he took his own life while we
were in another room. My mum found him.
It left her penniless. In my early teens, I was living
in shelters and halfway houses, and I left home at age 16. I guess watching that happen allowed me to know what would
happen if I did the same thing. Those things helped me
as an adult. Now, as a husband and father, I can hopefully make better
decisions than he did. I love my children dearly. They have fulfilled my life in
ways I never predicted. It’s common for me to be sitting
and watching TV, and one of my kids will walk up
and say, “I love you, Daddy,” and run off.
The moment is so short. But when it’s there, it’s
so beautiful. Karen and I work hard to ensure
that distractions don’t stop us from feeling and maintaining
that connection. You think what I do is physical? I couldn’t do this for three
minutes. I’d be done. To think we won’t have
challenges is not realistic. Rather than avoiding them,
we should embrace them. I’m going to get you! Faith is the foundation of what
we do, think, and feel. Without faith in anything,
there is no life, no activity. I ride motorcycles at very high
speeds around racetracks. I’m a business man,
I’m a husband, I’m a father. I’m Steve Brouggy, and
I’m a Mormon.

58 thoughts on “I’m a Mormon, Father, and High-Speed Motorcycle Trainer

  1. @windigo77 He talks about his faith at the end, but these vids are not really about Mormonism, they're about Mormons being ordinary people.

    (Thanks to a lot of bigotry in some places, there are still many people who don't know any Mormons who think they are a bizarre cult!)

  2. @windigo77 a church is a group of people. These videos may not touch on the doctrine too much, but the point is to help people to not see "Mormons" as weird. Try mormon.org if you want more of the doctrine. It has these videos, but also history and theology. The connection between the people and the doctrine is what makes the church truly wonderful. God is all about people, His children, and so is His church.

  3. @llieske This has to be the funniest and most ridiculous comment considering YT and social media in general is about "sharing." I see you subscribed to Fortnight Lingerie – bet you're real happy they didn't keep anything to themselves.

  4. @llieske well just for the sake of argument, put yourself in their position, lets go with an easy one. Christianity (as i'm not too familiar with the mormon beliefs). Christians believe that without the redemption of Jesus, you are eternally damned to hell, as sin cannot exist in heaven. So then it is the duty of the christian to spread that belief, and those teachings contained within the bible. Now if you think they go about it the right way or you believe it is beside the point.

  5. Hey Guys…thanks for the comments on the video. Sorry that some of you have taken offense to this video and others like it. There is really nothing sinister behind the creation and airing of these videos. It is simply, as some have already pointed out, to show that all sorts of human beings are Mormons…as no doubt all sorts of human beings have other ideas on life the universe and everything. This is simply my story, and being a member of this church is part of my story. It is what it is…

  6. I love how these videos have people talking about how faith in God enriches more than just their church lives. We as human beings could all use the help of seeing the possitive sides to life sometimes. We can all effect eachother possitively through sharing possitive messages.

  7. That nanosecond you were talking about is called "kairos". Time outside of time, the qualitative nature of time. God's time. It is truly magnificent.

  8. @Gregnoxy lol..really now really??!! nd why do u want to praise latter day saints when God your father deserves all the praise?btw i think u cn do all u want, just keep it in line.:))

  9. One of the better mormon videos I've seen, probably because I love bikes so much, and it was a good story. Unfortunately Steve, you seem to think that faith is a good thing. Believing in something without evidence is NOT a good thing. Beliefs inform our actions, and belief in this fantasy of religion has a lot of harmful consequences, and they are not easily seen when blinded by faith. You seem like a good chap Steve, don't let it stop you from seeking real answers.

  10. LOL…come on man, Mormons don't praise other latter-day saints (unless they're an eccentric I suppose, but you find those in every religion and that's just them, not representative of the religion itself), we praise our Heavenly Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior. That's who I, as a Mormon, praise…just FYI. 😉

  11. thanks for sharing. I converted 5 years ago and have never been better. I love trying to live the standards (not easy), but work at it every day. As a result, I am a better man, father, and husband. I appreciate people like you taking time out to make the video.

  12. I actually watched your whole advert when it was force played on another video topic. I loved it. You are a sincere man with a great outlook. I study the works of L Ron Hubbard and as someone who calls themselves a Scientologist I am glad that you are out there making your faith known about and more accessible. I respect your integrity greatly. Peace.

  13. Well said Steve. Thanks for sharing your story. Its obvious to me and most people that view this, that you are a normal human pursuing your god given talents. Keep up the great work!

  14. Mormon motorcycle trainer Steve Brouggy knows what it's like to ride at 200 km an hour. He also knows what it's like to lose a father. Through the highs and lows, he holds on to his faith. See more at www.mormon.org/steve

  15. Steve Brouggy and his story lets me know God is not opposed to allowing us joy and challenges in life. Not all "good works" must be a drag. I may go to Oz just to ride that sweet looking track and meet him.

  16. Thank you for a great clip. I often use the "I'm a Mormon" videos as devotionals for my seminary class. You are an inspiration! It is great for my students to see that Mormons are so diverse. There is room for everyone at Christ's table. 🙂

  17. Steve you have it together. I totally agree with your thoughts about family and our life styles, because I am a Mormon also. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Amazing how Steve has been able to put a happy and fulfilling life together after such shattering experiences growing up. Clearly a man of great strength and one who trusts in God. Thanks for the inspiring story. 

  19. mistake in translation. He says 280 Kms/h, and not miles/hr. This will come in a few years from now, but not yet!! Thanks for correcting that. Great video!!

  20. I think it was ur daughter that most impressed me, with that backspin flip off a swing seat. I mean, we all learnt how to jump from swings to ground level , but I never realized it was safe and possible to flip – somersault from the seat to ground floor = I just have never seen it before

  21. The Bible say :
    1 John 5:20
    One G-D HIS name is "Jesus Christ" this is the true G-D and Eternal life… pray for Israel Psalm122 , Psalm 91
    others idiology
    * Quran. SURA. 9:29
    Kill the Jews and the Christian if they do not CONVERT to Islam or refuse to pay jyzia ..
    "knowledge is power"
    withnes proffet. Mark Taylor..
    G-D ( of Israel , the living G-D ) with us.

  22. The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ makes us INVINCIBLE! With it, we are prepared to take the challenges of life, to become better parents, better employees, better employers, better politicians, BETTER ALL. How can you go wrong? Don't take our words, take the Gospel for a ride, and if you do it with a sincere heart… You will receive the answer you were looking for. IT IS FREE. All members have a job to do, and we don't get paid in money, we get paid in blessings, something that fame and fortune can not give. Remember: God knows us BY NAME and He wants back where we belong, he wants us to obey simple rules and LOVE ONE ANOTHER. SIMPLE, HUH?

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