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rev up your engines today I’m gonna show
you how not to be ripped off at repair shops and especially at chained repair
shops this vehicles are perfectly gone 2003 toyota 4runner yeah it has a couple
hundred thousand miles on it still running strong but customer made the
mistake of going to one of these shops and what did they decide that you
need as you can see right here eighteen hundred and ninety dollars worth of work
on a vehicle that’s running perfectly fine and what really gets me out of that
makes me furious is they try to sell her four tires the five hundred fifty six
bucks is enough for four tires but what really irked me was on top of that they
wanted a hundred and eighty six dollars and ninety nine cents and give a
warranty it makes you pay extra for the warranty now a mechanic we put tires on
cars we saw the customer of the tire we installed them free he balances them
free you have to pay extra for a warranty on a brand new tire basically
just ripping you off charging for all kinds of stuff that it really shouldn’t
be but hey it’s a change I thought chains are they’re gonna guide
you as much as I can if that isn’t bad enough check this up as you can see here
it doesn’t even need tires they got tons of tread and
the right front tons of tread too all right so all four tires have
tons of tread I asked the customer that are you having problems you get flats
you said no I check them every once in a while and they’re full I don’t say
hadn’t yesterday not leaking I just trying to sell her a bill of goods bad
nothing charge all that money just sell them to you and 187 dollars to put them on
a balance them but she doesn’t even need tires a customer years ago one of my
customers was a bookkeeper for the guy he was a millionaire and I was working
on his Volvo she introduced me to evolved I had
twenty five thousand miles and a guy had it ready paid for three sets of tires
they saw him coming and told him oh these Volvo’s they’re all-wheel drive and they’re real
powerful it’s time to put new tires on they sold him on three sets of tires and it
probably didn’t need any of them changed whatsoever and it’s your period of time
buddy paid for him told him he needed it let him put it on now he was a million all
right lots of money to spend it wasn’t like they guy was starving but that’s crooked and I see that all the time with these chains that are trying to sell her more
stuff under the hood they climb to near the power steering pump well it’s got
over 200,000 miles sure it’s got a little bit of grease on it but I asked
her is it leaking flawed you have to add fluid she said no I said doesn’t make
any noises when you turn no I said does it steer good does it bind it to be hard
to turn and then loosen up she says no it’s fine all the time it’s I can always
watch it’s bad enough that they’re trying to sell her power steering pump
the hoses that she doesn’t need they were also including a $200 part for a
metal hose on its system the metal hoses never go bad yeah it’s got a little
seepage on it you can tighten the clamps up but the hoses themselves I’ve never
seen one go bad the metal hose yeah the rubber hoses go bad to rubber and they
rot they can leak a little bit but the solid metal one they don’t go bad at all
they were just trying to sell her the farm eighteen hundred and ninety dollars and five cents but if you look right here
six-month promotional finance is available don’t give you this giant bill
for stuff you don’t even have done but got finance it for you so you have to
pay all at once no I have this happen to my next-door neighbour years ago I’d
work on a car she didn’t have much money and she had a honda and she needed a brake job I’ll take it back to brake check because they have a lifetime guarantee on their
brake pads I told her this was years ago when things were cheaper now they’re all
brake job is gonna cost her about 65 bucks from the entire job for me but she
thought oh well they gave me a lifetime guarantee on the brake pads so I’ll take
it to them and they’ll put them on for free hardy-har-har
she getting back here she showed me the bill they hit her for like six hundred
and ninety five dollars and this was years ago and that was a lot of money
and they sold are all kinds of stuff but they gave her the brake pads
free they told her that everything was leaking had to replace all these parts
so I said I’d again have you been adding brake fluid she said no and it was
always full the light never came out for being low it was no kind of serious leak
or anything they just saw our common and the same thing this particular one they
gave her a credit card for that company it’s a chain so they charged on her new credit card that I gave her cuz she had good credit where
Scotty was gonna charge her like $65 to fix it so her three brake pads really
huh they weren’t so free we’re they in this case it’s a 17 year old 4runner
with over 200,000 miles on things are gonna be dirty you’ll get a little bit
of seepage here and there when you look under this car
there’s nothing dripping under there who cares about a little seepage Oh cars are
gonna get dirty under the hood you’re gonna get greasy when they’re
that old but don’t let people sucker you into buying all this stuff that you
really don’t need and a solid vehicle like this I’ve seen these things with
half a million miles it’s got two hundred thousand miles most of the parts
on this thing are still totally reliable yeah they’re a little bit worn there’s
no arguing that but they don’t need to be replaced especially in this case I
gauge there’s at least 85% of the tread left it’s got tons of try to hide it now
the rest of the vehicle it’s got two hundred thousand-plus miles on it but it still
runs really good you don’t really care about age things on this big headlamps
there they are they’re all faded because the plastic fades away over time but if
you can see at night good enough with the lights on there’s enough white gone
through me you can drive who cares you can always do polishing I’ve got videos
on how to polish them you can even cause you with toothpaste if you want any kind
of mild abrasive polish your ability to buy new ones they’ll still work as long
as they’re not totally faded over an opaque where you can’t see at night
they’re perfectly fine you don’t need to buy new ones for a small fortune
detector radiator on a salt thing it’s the original one it’s plastic and yeah
it’s old but I’m not gonna try to sell somebody a radiator well it’s not losing
coolant and it’s not dripping anywhere you look at the valve cover gaskets you
can see there’s a little bit of oil leaking out of there that’s darker there
but no big deal look it’s not even making it to the exhaust manifold and
smoldering it’s smelly now dishonest mechanic can sell you all kinds of stuff
on an old car that’s why I make these videos to warn you to stay away from
those kind of people to learn a little bit about your car there’s things you
live with that don’t make any big deal but they’re
always gonna try to sell you stuff on safety they’ll say that’s not safe you
gotta fix yard now that’s not safe last year at a cost more than old one like
destined somebody saw him throw it’s in shock absorber sort of thing all way
around more than a thousand dollars he brought it to me cuz he said he was
worried about the ride so I got it it didn’t ride all that well so I looked
and they were the cheapest chinese-made discount strut you could possibly buy he
got charged for the top-of-the-line Toyota ones but what he actually got what he’s
cheap Chinese knockoff which actually rolled worse than the old shocks they
have 150,000 miles on them happen all the time with dishonest places
especially with the chain repair shops because the managers there always get a
percentage of what sold out the door so the more that’s sold the higher
percentage they get for their cut of the job but don’t you get suckered into any of
the stuff in the first place and unfortunately a lot of the chain repair
shops they don’t even have that qualified mechanics that are that good
just the other day customer called me up for their friend and said my friend took
his car to this shop to put an alternator on and then the thing died a
couple days later and then they said oh well it needed an alternator we don’t
know what’s wrong with it now it’s something electronic but they didn’t
understand all that work they shouldn’t have put an alternator worked on a car
in the first place and when I checked that particular car out they didn’t
disconnect the battery timer when they’re working on the alternator and
then they shorted the power wires off the alternator when they took them off
because this particular car wasn’t infinite and the alternator is really
tight down low it’s very hard to get to the wire so they must have shorted it
out and that fed through and it actually fried the main computer and that was
beyond those guys at that chain repair shop if it got to take the battery
terminal off so they’re working on a life system when I’m bolted that
alternator to get to those wires there’s no working room you got to take the
bolts off and then slide the alternator and then take the wires off so it’s very
easy for the back wires the power wires to touch metal parts of the engine when
you’re wiggling it off because you can’t get the wires off until you move the
alternator a little bit like that’s why you always have to take
the battery terminal off one or both then there’s no power in the system and
then if those wires touch metal it doesn’t hurt anything because there’s no
power flowing through it the customer isn’t happy what happened to buy a brand
new computer chain repair shops it’s all dented
nothing to do with us I mean you’d have to sue them and even in court it’d be
very hard to prove that they actually did that there were no traces off oh
look this wire was broken off when I worked on it they were all plugged in
and everything like I told the customer nine years ago they had taken it to a
chain muffler shop and they wanted to do some work on the engine and I said hey
put on your thinking cap that you’re gonna let guys amp a muffler shop take
your engine apart and fix a big mistake now years ago I know a guy who ran a
muffler shop and he would fix engines and stuff and do a good job only thing
was he didn’t do it himself he just told the customers it’s gonna take 3-4 days
and when I left to his friend to work on engines and if the friend charged him
thousand dollars to fix an engine he go around and tell a customer was a $1,900
job think I did the work they actually did good work but he was just pretty
much doubling what he made by just driving a car to the guy no it was done
pick it up so really don’t let people sell you on needed things be very leery
you know a guy like me or you have a friend who knows a guy like me just
contact him and say I think this guy’s trying to rip me off guy bring my car
over guys like me will say sure bring it over you know on lunchtime or something
I’ll check it out and tell you the truth about the vehicle and it shows about
this vehicles it doesn’t need any of that eighteen hundred something dollars worth of work except for one thing the left
brake works the right brake light works the only thing that’s not working is it
needs bulbs in the little louver on the back the airfoil that’s on there that’s
all it needs and that certainly is an $1,800 a work that needs done so now you
know how not to get ripped off at chained auto repair stores,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember
to ring that Bell

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