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– We’re with John Kelly. John is a personal injury
attorney in Phoenix, Arizona. He’s agreed to answer
online questions. This question was
specifically related to multiple-car accidents as well
as comparative negligence. With that said, let’s
(video skips)… Jack says, “I was in a car accident with
a number of other vehicles. “I was hit from behind “but my vehicle also hit
the car in front of me. “If it turns out that I
was partially at fault, “can I still get damages “from one or more of
the other drivers?” He also adds to this, “Is this what they
mean when they talk “about comparative negligence?” – Yeah, in Brian’s case, it’s exactly what
they’re talking about when they’re talking about
comparative negligence. When multiple vehicles are
involved in an accident, we’re typically looking
at a situation where the insurance company, the police, everyone’s gonna
try to figure out who is at fault
for this accident. And sometimes there
are multiple parties that were following
below the standard of a reasonable person and
were negligent in the matter. In this instance, he mentions
that he was rear-ended and then was pushed
into another vehicle. And, to me, that sounds
like he wasn’t at-fault for the accident so I’m
interested in hearing why he was found to be at-fault. If he had hit the person
in front of him first and then he was rear-ended, or, there may be a
number of situations but, regardless, if he’s found to be
at-fault for the accident or comparatively at-fault, it diminishes his value
of his claim, somewhat. That doesn’t mean you
don’t have a claim. So, if you are found
to be somewhat at-fault for an accident you
should still speak with a personal injury attorney. Talk to them. Because they may be able
to do some investigation and gather enough evidence
to kind of hit the scales in another way and have
’em weigh towards your side of the story to a point where
you can make a claim out it. So, these are cases that
definitely need to be looked at. You can contact an attorney, and I’m willing to give
a free consultation, in any comparative fault case. – Excellect. Well, if you have any
other questions for John, just post ’em in
the comments section below the video in YouTube and he has agreed to get back and answer any
questions you have. Thanks, John. – Thank you. Yeah, you can call me here
Kelly Law Team 602-283-4122. – [Ryan] Thanks.

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