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hey guys as I’m sure most of you saw in
the last video I recently finished up the cr250 engine build now I wish I
could just go ahead and drop in the frame and get started with the build
process but lately I haven’t been feeling the greatest so while I’m down
for the count I figured I’d give you guys a little review of how this engine
bill came about I’m gonna start right from the get-go when this thing was a
hunk of crap right up until how it is now so enjoy I’m actually really surprised with the
condition of this bottom end didn’t really come across much it was messed up
transmissions in really good shape along with the shifting components cases are
actually super nice although a bit dirty so that’s a huge plus and the only
things I’ll really need replacement or the cylinder I got to do something with
it either a replay tree sleeve or just buy a new cylinder gotta buy a new hub
it’s got a broken stud and while have the engine apart I’m gonna toss in a new
crank to you and it is so cool to see the
transformation this engine went through I am so stoked with how it turned out
make sure you guys stay tuned for the next video I’ll be mounting this thing
the frame and starting to build around it and that should be a ton of fun I got
to give a big thank you to the companies that helped out with this engine build
hot rods supplied the crankshaft and bearings and seals vertex provided the
piston and gaskets trick engineering did the transmission polishing process
really excited to try that out and Rocky Mountain Center of a clutch components
the clutch hub clutch place two clutch springs power seal USA did the cylinder
repair that turned out really good this beautiful billet aluminum head was
provided by fat head racing and of course I could have done the engine
build without the Hilo concepts in understand super super handy to have I
would highly recommend it and yes this is electron carburetor that I’m using
really excited to try it out and see how it performs well that’s all I got for
today I will see you guys in the next video
and make sure you hit that subscribe button down below to be notified when
that video comes out alright keep a crime

100 thoughts on “Incredible Two Stroke Engine Build!

  1. i really like the clean environment of your workshop. its almost like an operating room in a hospital.

  2. one day i have to get my NSR150SP going again… i miss my lil squit box! something about twostrokes on road bikes…
    (and yeah, i know…this is a CR…)

    actually makes me wonder if i could drop a CR250 in there… could i find an upgrade stator for it?
    now that would REALLY be fun!

  3. the outer race fit of yuor crank bearings seamed fairly loose, shouldnt they be a light press fit. NIce work BTW

  4. For the first time in my life I see a relation between an engine and Human, I felt if I was watching a surgical operation beautifully gracefully done 100%.

  5. You'll find a design for a genuine perpetual motion machine here:


  6. What kind of paint do you use that requires baking? Is it some type of epoxy? What brand? Where to buy it, ETC.

  7. One can find a design for a genuine working perpetual motion wheel here:


  8. hello

    How are you
    I have a crf 250cc 2009 .
    I dont know why very hard turn on
    can you help me. please

  9. Have to give you an unprecedented amount of respect for your knowledge and craftsmanship. Your work ethic must is out of this world and you can tell you take pride in your work. I applaud you sir for the cleanliness of your work, and your work area as well! Keep it up man!

  10. Hi, new subscriber here. Watched your videos and i learned a lot specialy when it come to.overhauling. i also have my yamaha rs100 a 1989 model, building it from scratch to a scrambler/tracker. You can check it out in my channel. PEACE!


  11. hey Cameron my names Dee I watch your channel all the time I noticed you have a crf250 2005 can you put the new plastics from like a 2013- and up ? im getting mixed answers some ppl say you can change the( front pieces and number plate only) just not the back two side pieces and back fender without modifying the bike and others say nothing fits at all ? what's your option on this subject ? thanks boss keep riding !! pceee

  12. Fuk! It would be an honor to build my 250r 1986 4trax with you just to learn and know that you are a master of the trade!

  13. First off I would like to say I admire your work and hope to be doing this good myself one day . I'm doing a build on a 98 cr250 my problem is my countershaft bearing falls right out of my crankcase . What can I do?

  14. ᗪOᑭE ᗷᖇO ᗯIᔕᕼ YOᑌ ᒪIᐯEᗪ ᗷY IᑎGᒪEᗯOOᗪ ᑕᗩ I ᗯOᑌᒪᗪ ᗩᔕK YOᑌ ᖴOᖇ ᕼEᒪᑭ Oᑎ ᗰY 250 ᑫᑌᗩᗪᔕ

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  16. This is by far the most beautiful engine build I've ever seen in my life I've been to Supercross races I've been in the pits I've seen the motors on those Bikes their beautiful but this man this smokes them by a mile

  17. how about REMOVING BEARINGS from blind holes……..checking tolerances and straightness of selector shaft etc……too much polishing and throwing money at shiny new parts.

  18. Hi, my friend I have a question I have a Chinese motorcycle capacity 125cc and I want to modify the engine and raise it to 200cc in your opinion

  19. Got to take my hat off to ya Cameron that was a great pleasure to watch the total transformation of the engine and you have a great eye for detail mate. Wishing you good luck in your recovery much Love from the UK 😉

  20. Nice video mate, that bearing fit at 4.03.? I take it it's a bearings from the fridge and cases from a warm oven method.? very well done throughout, hope you're keeping well.

  21. A lot of people put "incredible" something or other in their titles and its nothing but disappointment. But THIS, this is legit. This is really incredible, seriously nice work man.

  22. Nice job as always! 👏 Can you please tell me what's that red oil/fluid you put on clutch and piston? I'm restoring the same engine from TM racing but I didnt put any oils on clutch.. ?

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