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100 thoughts on “Ink Cartridges Are A Scam

  1. Merriam-Webster backs me up, you goobers.
    “plural; mouses : a small mobile manual device that controls movement of the cursor and selection of functions on a computer display” ✌🏻

  2. my pima pro 100 is working just fine and they never released an updated version, same one from 2013 is still on sale….Then again, it's a 400 buck printer, and not a cheap consumer grade 80 buck printer.

  3. What really gets me is number one you can buy a printer for less than a replacement cartridge , and two if you try and refill the cartridge they don't work , always something to part us with our money

  4. Fun Fact: HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M553dn (B5L25A) costs ~460 € and it comes with CMYK toner. The pre-installed cartridges are the "standard level" (6500/5000/5000/5000 pages) ones and go by the product number "508A". The prices for these cartridges are (starting at):
    Black: 110 €
    Yellow: 139 €
    Magenta: 152 €
    Cyan: 152 €

    There are also "high level" (12500/9500/9500/9500) cartridges (508X) and prices are:
    Black: 103 €

    Yellow: 155 €

    Magenta: 154 €

    Cyan: 148 €

    In my – and especially this case I do like the pricing. Sure, cartridges could be cheaper but I bought mine end of 2017 and I still have 80%-ish left of the original cartridges, simply because I don't print that much.

  5. Here's the answer. Find a bubble jet printer that works very well. I generally like the brother models. (MFC-J410w example) When I purchased this printer, I purchased more than one because it was on clearance. I purchase re-manufactured ink cartridges for pennies on the dollar online, these websites are so plentiful you can never use the same one twice. Use this method until your printer literally bites the dust for real I am still going strong on the original brother (see example above) for 10 years or so, and I have a spare in the closet still in the box brand new.

    Paying retail for ink is ridiculous. Also, before you purchase a printer, find one that is on clearance, research it, find out what model of ink cartridge it uses and then research re-manufactured ink cartridges for it.

  6. when 3d printing is cheaper by both the printer price and the filament price…. smh im just gonna print my documents in plastic now

  7. i bought a XXX printer that worked only for 4 weeks haha i swear that was in 2017
    and i've never think to bu a new one till now 2019
    but like the video said, the drivers don't work, the ink is droping fast fk this sh!t

  8. Got a ten year sob story 4 ya … Tried 2 build a pc with a vga with tv encoder and tv tuner impossible please after u smash it bo and send to manufacturer they r crooks…

  9. Printers were crap in the 1980's and they're still crap in 2019.
    Have been dealing with these machine forever, and slowly I began to hate Printer companies.

  10. leaves a comment to help the video grow via youtubes shitty algoritm
    also makes the comment longer to make it seem more important to youtubes shitty algoritm

    also makes the comment longer to make it seem more important to youtubes shitty algoritm
    also makes the comment longer to make it seem more important to youtubes shitty algoritm
    also makes the comment longer to make it seem more important to youtubes shitty algoritm
    also makes the comment longer to make it seem more important to youtubes shitty algoritm
    also makes the comment longer to make it seem more important to youtubes shitty algoritm
    also makes the comment longer to make it seem more important to youtubes shitty algoritm

  11. This is exactly my experience with my last three Canon printers. HP is only marginally better. The service workers you can call don't known how to fix simple, inherent problems like ink absorbers being full, and expect you to mail your broken printer to a bodunk repair shop which doesn't even have a website hundreds of miles away because they can't be bothered to have a dealer in a city of over 300,000 people. Cartridge and printers are one of the most wasteful and environmentally damaging products on the market, way worse than computers.

  12. First step: Get Away From Ink Jet. Go with toner and image drums and get a REAL printer. Yes, there are consumables in Laser printers, but not like with shitty inkjets.

  13. Not to be a douche but literally we've known and talked about this before Youtube even existed. Companies started being sued for "obsolence chips" like 10 years ago and even created their own continuous ink system so that you don't even need a third party system anymore. You're late to the party.

  14. I work at Staples, and yes, we all know ink is expensive. (Some ink is actually reasonably priced, but the more popular ones cost a lot.) It was hard to watch this video just because I can't stand it when customers complain to me about expensive ink and how the printer stops working without enough ink. Seriously, I don't make the prices! XD
    There actually is an eco tank printer now that has super cheap ink that won't dry out and doesn't use cartridges. The down side: the printers are real expensive.

  15. Love that when you first brought out the sledgehammer I was internally yelling at you not to brake the printer and by the end of the video I was happy to see you destroy it

  16. I have an Epson Stylus SX525WD and one day while I was doing some cleaning in the room I came across an old printing of some photos of my kids. I realized that the quality was excellent in comparison to what I was printing at the moment. I have been thinking that I don't remember the last time I got an excellent print out of it. Now I get always white lines and misaligned printings. I have changed the cartridges many times, even did a clean of the heads myself. All that to get just a little bit of improvement. The printer has 4 years now but it is in perfect shape. So why it is not working as before again? Who knows but I can tell you that I have been thinking about buying a new one for a while.
    I think you are right Austin, this is all a trick… no matter what, we will always end up buying a new one. This time though, I think I will go laser.

  17. have you noticed similar thing with batteries dying exactly twoi moths after extended warranty? (of course story here is tiny bit more complicated as it IS a bit about safety.. but seriously..) how many times you lost your work because laptop batter couldn't keep power for few minutes or even seconds? (in fact IT COULD just the chip pretended it could NOT). :/

  18. also, also: the wording on black + cyan is wrong. it does create DEEP BLACK, but it's not necessary for text and we, USERS should have simply more control over it. (also: we did, when printer drivers were BELOW 20MB. have you noticed that all this crap started when "drivers" got to 200MB and MORE?!??

  19. It's in a way the same scam the automotive industry is doing, like when you buy gasoline the engine is not properly burning that liquid mixture and voila more gasoline per mileage and a lot of polluting exhaust. But in reality you can get a much cleaner burn if you do some little tricks like say using plasma spark plugs where you can get 40% reduction in usage where you use more air from the intake to burn a lot lesser fuel in the chamber. These plasma sparkplugs ignites even the air coming in, and here's the funny part, these plasma sparkplugs have been patented all the way back in the 70's by certain automotive companies. Think about it, much cleaner burn and a lot less exhaust pollution by changing the spark plugs to plasma ones, means that they sell a lot less gasoline which they don't want…. Ofc this they will NOT tell you, obviously. Trade secrets.

  20. It is not the ink that is a scam it is the printers, since the printers are forcing you to by the ink in the first place 😉

    Actually it is both that are scams now that I thINK about it…

  21. This type of stuff makes me so mad, but you know what's worse? Printer companies tried to reverse this model, and charge the true price of the printers, and idiots got really mad at the change in price and stopped buying.

  22. I learned of this scam over a decade ago. O smashed that printer and have never bought another one again. I just use the ones at work if I actually need to print something.

  23. Y wouldnt you go to the public library and print it there off ur usb stick..it costs like 10cents…ur not too bright u americans r u hahaaa..

  24. I abandoned my printer, I just print rarely at a local library.
    Many products with a date process likely have an expiration date built in after which it dies i.e. blood pressure cuffs/sphygmomanometers. Hint: never set a date, just let it blink, that is the solution sometimes 😉

  25. it's a cartel, hp does exactly the same shit… – and now they acquired sgi… and who would trust their sgi products when they abuse on planned-obsolescence on printers? as well it is known that hp laptop rarely lasts for more than a year….

  26. Ink costs more so it can pay for the R & D of the printers that are made … same as making babies : Reproduction & Development of the child . Now wait there a while while l reload my printer with white ink …

  27. I have a brother printer, it screems "LOW INK" everytime i print something, yet it prints it flawlessly every time, haven't changed the cartridge in 7 months or so 😛 i love that printer tbh

  28. So the takeaway is what basically everyone knows? You're getting cheated by corporations, but there's nothing to be done about it because they're not going to sell you the tools or raw materials to fix the problem yourself.

  29. they would NEVER give the salesman then manufacturing price. *NEVER*.. buuuuuuuullSHIIITA?! BUUUUUULL—— SHIIIIITAH?! anybodyseeeeenaBUUUUUUUUUUUULLSHITTAH! Bullshittah heyah! BULLLSHITTAH!

  30. the fact is about the companies is weird like canon they use ink most brands like hp compaq dont use ink like my printers head is out of allignment so the picture is blurry and faded.
    so most companies have scam ink the least have real ink

  31. At the office supplies shop they sell printers for $40 aus and the ink cartridges for $59 aus So for $19 cheaper l could just buy a new printer with pre installed ink

  32. But go instant ink where you pay how many pages you print a month, they want to use as little ink as possible that’s why they give you cartridges that are bigger than the ones you can buy

  33. Had my Canon Pixma iP6700 printer for 12 years before recently swapping it for a 20kg monster. Always bought original ink cartridges from the cheapest seller. It's only the four color cartridges with print head built-in that are $30-60, us other can buy for $5-10 and use the same print head for 12 years.
    Perhaps you shouldn't buy the cheap ones… and not the combination ones, and don't buy an inkjet unless you use it a couple of times each month at least or heads will get clogged.

  34. The printer smashing scene is missing the "It's good to be a gangster" soundtrack in the background.

  35. 1. Reverse-engineer a common mainstream printer
    2. Open-source it's blueprint & software
    3. Put it on teh interwebz
    4. Sit back and see the printer market go up in flames

  36. no one realized, just make an printer company but set the ink and price as it should be, maybe 90% of consumers will choose the cheap one and that will make large companies lower their price in order to compete with the market

  37. So if one can literally check and see that they are lying, about the printer using colors even though it's a black and white document, then can't this evidence be produced in front of a court or something? Aren't they breaking laws by lying etc

  38. funy mine school buy a ton off these they COULD SAVE A TON OF MONEY FOR FS BUT NOO ITS BROKEN AGAIN AND AGIN laing bitchis !!!!!! and they say theres nothing that they can dou oder then buy a now ing XD

  39. The reasons some company list both prices is so higher levels of support can negotiate on prices. Most folks don't know many retailers including best buy will haggle on prices and or toss in extended warranties to make a sell.

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