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How Automobiles Work

I’m Seann McWhorter, agency principal of Insure
Right Insurance Agency located in Lehi, Utah. We’re here to talk about insurance ins and
outs, and specifically how to buy non-owners auto insurance. First let me explain to you
what non-owners auto insurance is. Non-owners auto insurance is a policy that can be purchased
by an individual that will provide them public liability protection when they do not own
a car. So when will you need non-owners auto insurance. Usually it’s when the state requires
that you carry a liability insurance, and you’ve been asked to provide an SR-22, but
you do not own a car. And the only way that you can get your driving record cleared is
to purchase non-owned auto insurance with an SR-22. Generally speaking, your premiums
are going to be a little bit higher than what you would if you actually had a car because
they’re not underwriting any particular vehicle as is.

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