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Alright today I’m going to show you how
to replace the battery in the iPhone 6S. There are two ways to replace the battery there
is an easy way and there’s a hard way. I will be showing you both ways. The actual
battery replacement will be starting at the 1:15 mark. I will link tools and replacement
batteries down in the video description. So check those out if you need them. To get at
the battery you do have to open up the phone. With your pentalobe screw driver you can remove
the bottom 2 screws from the phone. Then you can lift up on the screen with a suction cup
and slide a tool between the metal frame of the screen and the metal frame of the phone.
Pry it very gently. There is adhesive surrounding the screen and the frame. So I’m going to
go ahead and slide my plastic pry tool between the two and separate them. That makes it easier
to lift off the screen from the frame. Pretty straight forward. There are 4 screws holding
down this metal plate. I remove those 4 screws, lift off the metal plate, and then disconnect
each of these little ribbon cables. You defiantly don’t want to let the screen bend past 90
degrees or it will damage the cables. Once the screen is removed you can see the little
battery down here, and the little connection for it. So just unscrew those two screws,
and remove the metal plate. So here is the wrong way to remove the battery. There are
these two little pull tabs down here at the bottom. You can see that I am unsticking it
from the battery right now. They are kind of hard to grab because they shrink up as
soon as you remove them. Here is where I went wrong. I took the pull tab, once I got ahold
of it, and pulled it through the side of the phone. Which make the pull tab break, and
makes it a harder repair. If you actually just take to pull tab and pull straight out
the bottom, and not around the battery like I am doing right now. Just pull straight out
the bottom, and you can see it pull out entirely away from the battery. So easy. Now that’s
one whole half of the battery that I don’t have to unstick from the back. But since I
messed up on the first time around with the first pull tab I have to do the pry of shame
to pull the battery out from the back of the housing. The sticky tap is pretty strong stuff.
The best way to do it is just pull the little tab out from the bottom of the battery and
yank it right out. To put the battery back in place you can buy new pull tabs or you
can just use take double-sided tape. Then stick it down underneath the battery so that
it doesn’t jiggle around inside of the housing. Take the battery and plug it back into place.
Take the two screws and screw them into the metal plate over the connection. Then you
can take the screen and plug in the connectors. You have the one for the front facing camera,
you have the LCD, and you have the digitizer. Once they are plugged into place they are
like little Legos. You just kind of plug them in. Before putting the metal plate down. I
am going to test to see if the screen is working. If you have lines or a white screen there
is a good chance that one of your connections isn’t quite right so disconnect connect
it and re-plug in the ribbing cable. Then to line up the screen I usually take it and
push it into the top of the housing first. Then I can slide my hands down the side of
the screen to lock it into place. Get the two screws in at the bottom, and you are good
to go. If you have any questions make sure to leave them down in the comments. Don’t
forget to like if this video helped you and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks a ton
for watching. Hope to see you around.

100 thoughts on “iPhone 6S Battery Replacement in 3 minutes (Easy Method)

  1. Hi mate, I’m looking for a good place to get an battery, obviously for cost but mainly for quality. Thank you 🙏

  2. just don't try to do this!!!!!!!!! I did this tonight but the batterry burned!!!! It didn't explode though, but burned my floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. So the adhesive strips were so old they broke , gentle lifting the battery out I bent it and it caught fire !! Mild panic over it’s all done and work now 👍

  4. Mmmm, couple of issues here. First, keep track of screw lengths as damage can result from installing screws in the wrong location. Second, never pry the battery as shown here, very dangerous. The goal is to not deform the pack if it must be pried. Use a hair dryer or heat gun to warm the back-side of the housing to soften the adhesive. And lastly, battery is always disconnected first, and reconnected last. This job cannot and should not be performed in 3 minutes either.

  5. To those that have replaced their battery, what battery did you go with? Does it hold the same charge as the original? Also, my SIM card (also any other SIM card) stopped being recognized by my phone after I dropped it in water. Do you guys think it’s the sim connector that got damaged and needs to be replaced or something on the mother board isn’t working as it should?

  6. Indeed I had damaged my screen because I connected the battery first then the screen last, and now my phone is actually turned on (it could ring a sound, could be charged, and could vibrate), but the screen won't.

    Cheers for the video maker, but I guess people need to see the comments first about plugging the battery last, because some people had already made this mistake, so I hope nobody will repeat the same mistake that we did.

  7. Probably it's too late when you read this comment. I think I'm an idiot not reading the comments when I finished watching this (all over the place) clip. Guys, don't connect the battery before connecting the other plugs on top – this will destroy your iPhone. I also discovered that unplugging those was not necessary too. Jerry if you really have the least (lowest ever) decency you will take action to this and remake this clip with proper instructions. YT should take this clip from the top search if it hasn't been corrected. Plus side, I now (as many colleagues in the comments) have a new spare battery for a brand new iPhone. Any way, back to reality. Welcome to the club: smoking phones because of bad instructions.

  8. this is a very helpful video but fuck me mate you need to be telling people to be careful about those screen ribbons way earlier than you do haha – I bet so many people snapped theirs as soon as they got the screen off

  9. Followed all the steps carefully. But the new battery replacement doesn't fully charge even after leaving it for overnight. So I had to put my old battery back in. Now, it randomly reboots and can't read my battery under battery services. It just says your iPhone can't determine the battery capacity…
    What did I do wrong?

  10. You might want to add a note after the wrong way to remove the battery. When you are bending it up it migh catch fire – mine did!!

  11. Dammit. The tape strips broke. LOL. No worries. Pried battery up a little and got ahold of them again. Didn't have to unplug screen. Left it connected and it stayed straight up at a 90 degree. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS !!!! GREAT HELP

  12. Don’t worry jerry rig I’ll be doing the pry of shame in a few minutes when my battery comes today I messed up the tabs early on sooo yea see u in 5 min or so

  13. waste only lot time and money replace iphone shit battery, lot better and all smart peoples fight iphone to trash and buy android, all same but lot lot cheapen no waste money than idiot.

  14. Thanks for advices 🙂

    Unfortunatelly those original sticky pads hold like hell, so of course I did tear it apart so I had to went hard way 🙂

    Plus one note: be careful with the plastic tool while unsticking the original battery! I accidentally cut the battery plastic cover. Luckily no shorts or fire cause I fixed the cut on the baterry immediatelly with insulating tape, but the smell going from the battery made the replacing quite disgusting 😀

    I suggest taping a dining knife with insulating tape so you can unstick the battery without bending it so much as while using these plastic tools… But of course, best is if you manage to et rid of the original pad before battery goes out 🙂

  15. It wasn’t necessary to take the lcd connectors out. Just disconnect battery connector, pull seal tabs straight out and your done!!

  16. Great video! Just fyi for anyone about to do this, you can easily replace the battery without removing the screen. You just need to be careful not to damage the ribbon cables/connectors.

  17. That was hard to do. I wonder how many destroyed their phone while trying. Anywho… got it done, no problems. Tried to remove the adhesive the proper way, but they snapped and shrunk back under the battery. Had to use a blow dryer to heat the adhesive and pry the battery out, and while doing so I tore the under sheathing of the old battery and it started smoking and a few sparks. It took a while, but I finally got it out. Then getting the connectors back on was luck, and the tiny screws… holy shit those are hard to work with. I would probably not try again and just pay to have a pro do it next time. Consider myself lucky I got it done with no issues.

  18. Dude, thank you so much for making this video!!!! I just watched it about 4 times while replacing the battery in my daughter's 6S and it worked perfectly. The only change was in the order of operations, I re-connected the display and camera connectors before the battery one. Thank you again.

  19. DONT REMOVE SCREEN – I undid the two screws, opened the screen 90 degrees, taped it to a box to stop it opening any further. Undid the two battery screws NOTE they are different sizes, disconnect battery. Pulled out the adhesive strips and the battery is free. Put new adhesive strips on and reassemble . I had never done it before and it took 5 mins. Bought the whole kit of battery and tools together on ebay for £9

  20. I followed the instructions and connected the battery first then the LCD cos I didn't see the comments. Everything looks okay so far, had the phone on for 20 mins. Will everything be okay ?

  21. the adhesive was impossible to remove on my battery and i wound up piercing the old battery trying to pry it out causing it to fry instantly and filled the room with smoke, obviously ruining my phone..off to best buy i go

  22. What's it mean if you replaced your battery and your phone turns back on
    fine, but the apple icon will appear and it will shut down after 5 mins
    or so?

  23. Changed the battery and then the phone get really hot, tried restarting but still hot otherwise functions as normal, is that normal ?

  24. even though I pulled from the bottom, the second battery tab ripped hhh I had to do the Pry Of Shame bc I didn't know my own strength

  25. Good man, thanks for being the first indian fella on youtube I havnt shouted racial remarks at tonight trying to get this info. 🤓 very coherent and perfect video, good job .

  26. Great video! To the point and important details included.
    Replaced my battery in about 10 mins.
    Don’t know how the battery will preform but the process was not difficult.
    Thanks for posting this.
    I owe you one.

  27. I followed these steps and was able to replace the battery. The phone turns on and the screen works however it seems to power off and back on randomly. Did I not connect the battery properly? Is that why it keeps doing that?

  28. my battery goes from 20 to 2% in literally a minute. then it hangs in 1% for half an hour. never turned off I always get to plug it before it happens

  29. Great double stick tape Batman! My battery was saturated in that shit. I didn’t even remove my screen connections. Just don’t bend past 90 degrees.

  30. Hi my iPhone 6s isn’t working and it’s in DFU mode could you please tell me how can I exit from DFU mode! I tried with iTunes but it’s shows error 6 a unknown error! Why is Like that?

  31. EXCELLENT video. Got the replacement threw the bs manual away this was the first video to pop up on a search. Very nicely done (Thanks for the sticky tape advice) Worked great.

  32. So i noticed when he was removing the battery he was really mashing it and bending it up. Is that safe. This could be my paranoia and overthinking getting the best of me but i want to attempt this repair however i am afraid that when i get to this point, i will bend the battery in a certain way causing the lithium cells to ignite. Its a process im capable of completing if i was able to overcome this fear as i have successfully replaced my screen on this device using a tutorial from this channel. Someone please help me with this information as i am in urgent need to do this repair. This is a stretch but im hopeful.

  33. I bought the battery with the kit on Ali for 10 bucks. Fixed it as per this video. Since 3hrs the level of charging did not change. With the previous battery it would go down about 30%. Thanks a lot. Good video!

  34. You rock!!!! It is really reassuring when you can do the repair yourself instead of paying someone else to do it. Thank you, my phone now has a new battery thanks to your video. My phone wouldn't hold a charge for longer than 30 minutes, even at full charge. I do want to make a couple notes. Don't bend the battery that is really stuck on the back of the phone, I got some lithon battery acid on my finger and that left a mark. Also the battery is on there pretty well, so the method you described to remove the sticky tape; mine was on there and I had to pry mine off.

  35. This is such a good video. There's no long introduction, unnecessary history of the iphone or battery, or how batteries work, and no explanation as to why this needs to be done. You just get right to the point and show exactly how to do it. THANK YOU!

  36. Thanks just fixed my phone, probably a good idea to connect the battery last but I am no expert hence why I m here thanks for the vid.

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