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100 thoughts on “Is Synthetic Motor Oil Better For Your Car?

  1. Synthetic oil makes my car take an extra five minutes to get heat from the heater.
    There I said something bad? About synthetic besides the price.

  2. How many People drive their cars 200K these days ? Most people do not put eneough miles on their Vehicle to justify the use of very expensive synthetic oil !

  3. Or you just buy a GTL like Shell Helix Ultra. If it's good enough Ferrari in Formula 1 to get enough for your car. Gas-To-Liquid (GTL) process, that converts natural gas into a crystal-clear base oil with virtually none of the impurities found in crude oil.

  4. Ok I understand what your saying but why does the purple line contradict what your saying… 5w is the resistance at start up which is lower than a resistance of 30 and therefore 5w is thinner. This thinner oil has additives which expand during the heating process and make the resistance of the oil go up to 30. That would mean on the chart your showing the purple line would go up to the thicker part of the scale to 30 resistance.. YOUR GRAPH SHOWS THE PURPLE LINE BELOW 5W AS IF IT WAS GETTING THINNER MEANING IT HAS LESS RESISTANCE. Are you just illustrating what a 5w oil would normally do without the additives? Your words and the chart were not adding up and made it more confusing .. although i did learn a lot here . am i missing something ? i just want to make sure Im not reading the chart wrong…

  5. Garbage. So was the demonstration. It proves NOTHING. You should've used something like a VISCOSITY COMPARATOR to get actual, verifiable info. Not just arbitrary results that literally mean nothing.

    For being an "engineer" you really aren't that intelligent, imo. Probably why I critique every video I've ever seen from you. There's ALWAYS something wrong.

  6. I didn't understand the explanation for why 15W-40 was used for the conventional while 5W-40 was used for the synthetic, and why it's not an unfair comparison (starting at approximately 5:50). Can anyone explain?

  7. what is the difference between synthetic oils aside from prices, does it worth buying the most expensive one rather than a little bit cheaper. what if you use a cheaper one from refutable manufacturer, will it really affect your car's performance

  8. Synthetic oils are promoted by TREE HUGGERS and socialists that support Agenda 21.
    They use fake oil pour tests and fake facts to support theirs
    fake claims

  9. The FACT is the 15w-40 is FAR superior to the 5w-40 since it uses FAR less fragile viscosity improvers.
    The wider the range the less stabil the oil

  10. I drive tractor trailers for a living. One of my employers used synthetic oiling his trucks, engine, transmission and diffs. He followed the manufacturers oil change guide lines and had the oil analyzed. This was 15 years ago, and both trucks are still working. One has a new rear diff, but other than that no major repairs. Also I bought a used Dodge minivan with the 3.3 v6. It had been on synthetic oil from its first oil change. I sold it when I hit 400000km, and it ran like a top and didn't burn oil. These 2 things have led me to use synthetic oil in all my vehicles since then, and I've had no major problems.

  11. Automatic transmissions used to use straight whale squeezings, Apparently it was hard to match when they stopped squeezing whales.

  12. The W stands for Weight or viscosity. Standards test is heated oil timed through a funnel for the test. Read the testing standards book. READ!!!

  13. this guy is nut…the way he talks he just drive me crazy what a nerd ..i don't think he has a girl friend … STOP talking…

  14. Can you experiment with using lightweight oil and see if it increasing mileage? Like 0w-20 to 5w-30 synthetic and seeing if it increases fuel economy and still protects the engine.

  15. Im a chemical engineer and i was so confused with this rating. I tought the 5 and the 30 where the viscosity values. Now i inally understand this. Youre the best!

  16. That test was a tad ridiculous. What engine would recommend using 15w40 for -35F temperatures?
    It doesn't really matter how poorly it performs at that temperature range if you are never going to use it under those conditions.

    Yes synthetic oil is better than mineral oil, but provided you are using the correct grade and spec for our engine and change it at the required interval there is no disadvantage to using mineral oil.
    As pointed out in the video, the base oil may break down less but the additives still break down and you will need to replace at the same intervals regardless. If your engine is designed to work with 15w40 and you operate it in the correct temperature range there is no advantage to using a 5w40.

  17. One problem, people change their own oil, and take the used oil to the recycle yard. At the recycle yard natural and synthetic oils are mixed. The recycle yard vacuum distills the oil and separates it on the basis of viscosity. Then sells the oil as reclaimed oil, typically to large marine vessels to use as lube oil. The marine vessels pump the oil through the engine once and discard it into the ocean. One ocean going marine vessel can discharge 80,000 gallons of oil in one ocean crossing.

  18. it's so clear that you enjoy your work and enjoy explaining things to other people. your explanations are very clear and helpful. keep up the passion and good work.

  19. interesting question …you might want to consider the cost factor… A traveling sales person might trade off more often and not really get long life benefits. Where a family man might try to go the distance but must consider the total cost per mile overall. Others might want to maximize the higher resale value while older want to buy that last car and drive it till they die off and of course keep cost down. I have 187,000 miles on my 350 v8 1987 1/2 ton pickup and enjoy the valve body fuel injection no choke issues.  Low cost property Values are also an issue. Electric cars might be nice but if you pay more in taxes your loss is in the tax man's favor. Not in your pocket book. Hello tax slave. You might want to consider making the jump to the higher wage states and that "Make America Great Again" but don't jump out of the frying pan into the fire. Check out the net return and find a good boss and not a slave driver or sob and  move up in net return in your pocket. Watch out it is not what you earn but what you have left over after taxes and cost of living that sets your Standard of Living and your net savings for retirement. Know your budget and plan ahead.

  20. I drive a 1998 Dogde 2500 V10 4X4 w/265000 miles right From the first oil change i Ran MOBIL1 10-40 and K&M H4200 fillter and it still pulls like a BEAST!

  21. Good job at explaining the deltas between synthetic and conventional motor oils. Your presentation was direct, straight forward, and easy to understand. Keep up the good work.

  22. Nice talk, thank you. That viscosity demonstration was very poor. Those used oils were far too dirty to have been used in a properly maintained engine for only the recommended amount of time.

  23. I started using synthetic oil at around 75,000 miles on my car. Which was not long after I bought it. I had no clue what was in it before but ever since then it would burn through the synthetic oil at an alarming rate! I am now going to motorcraft.

  24. So would changing your oil with the incorrect thinner than specified grade of conventional oil actually extend its service life since the oil gets thicker over time?

  25. Which is good for 1.9tdi skoda octavia
    0w40 fully synthetic or 5w30??
    I use Mobil 1 0w40 fully synthetic

  26. I had a 90 chevy truck I bought with 250K and sold with 312K no oil related issues. Current have 97 chevy truck with 250K, 2003 focus with 185k and 2008 taurus with 135k. In all I used/use conventional oil and 5k change intervals.

  27. All oil has to meet manufacturer policy and federal regulation, I don't understand how people think the huge brands make the best when any company has to do the same regulation for oil and has to be in specification.

  28. You retarded wantabe smart asses retards !!! Get the fukkk out of here !!!!! All a hoax, build things that the runs with oil and sh.. up .
    Buddy you pissed me off

  29. +Engineering Explained

    If car goes on mileage of 200000 KM,Which engine oil is best for car on lubrication point of view and which could not consumed or loose in engine on every 3000KM? What you suggest

  30. I had a 98 nissan altima that I didn’t change the oil in for 2 years. 🤣. I remember my mechanic saying he’d never seen oil that thick and purple

  31. 6:32 Do we arrive at the end of engine oil drain interval (oil becomes thick) by time, miles, cold start cycle, or cold-hot-cold cycle?…

  32. Ok but I've been told that synthetic oil actually wears out your seals fast. So I've used regular 10w30 because im worried that all my seals in my motor will be worn out way to fast. I can now see its def better for the motor but what about the gaskets and seals. Would love for you to do some testing on that in another video.

  33. The only time I would ever use pennzoil is if it was the last oil on earth. It is a parafin based oil and will sludge up your engine bad. The claim is they make it from natural gas, well one of the main components of natural gas is parafin. Parafin is wax which turns to sludge on engine parts. Found out the hard way years ago with my own vehicle. Y’all use it if you want to…. ✌️

  34. the oil is under pressure that's what the pump does,these tests are not under pressure,oil is oil if the bearings are feed with oil the job is done,dont lsten to the marketing hype……………..

  35. Hi,are there any topics about hot/cold Spark plug? Appreciate it alot,love your explanation 👍👍👍

  36. Here is my question. I've heard of oil made up of 5 qts or even 10 qts. Let's say you had all the same viscosity 5W30, all fully synthetic. Each oil may contain certain additives vs others, so mixing could make sense. However, could this work? Your thought of the pros and cons.

  37. I know many people have already talked about this, I just want to know that I live in a country where the temperature can be between 23 to 36 Celcius, now I have a Toyota Corolla 2nz fe VVTi 1.3 liter engine, it has run around 91,000km, will 20w50 multigrade oil be fine or should I switch to 10w30 or 10w40 fully synthetic oil, as I bought it used with no history of what previous owner used.

  38. Strictly from a viscosity point of view, the thicker oil should provide better protection for your engine, not worse as stated. If the oil had thinned out it would provide less protection. Granted there is other contamination and so on in used motor oil which will cause wear, but not the viscosity in this experiment.

  39. Lol, using heavily used diesel oil for the demonstration is a completely fair comparison I'm sure. Just follow your manufacturer's recommendation for service intervals and oil weight, and it doesn't make any difference which oil you put in it.

  40. I've heard about 4 different theories about synthetic oil. I think when it comes to chemistry, what you get are peoples opinions, and most of them are probably wrong. If you're trying to decide what will make your motor last the longest, the answer is simple, don't buy a Chevy or a Ford.

  41. Hi Jason, thanks for the video. For my car, it's recommended from the manual to use 5w-30 full synthetic oil. However, in my country, the summer temperature is usually around 40-45 degree C, and winter is about 5 degree C. Is it better to use 10W-40 instead for the high temp during summer time or to stick with the manual recommendation. Thanks!

  42. I never see the old oil in my car get as black as the spent ones in this video. It has 86K miles on it. 5W-20 oil, 3,000 recommended oil change intervals.

  43. The reason you change the oil is because it gets contaminated, not because of it breaking down. I've never used synthetic, and put over 200,000k miles on many cars, and the engines never even so much as used a quart of oil between 5000 mile oil changes. Using synthetic or changing sooner than 5000 miles is just a waste of money. Unless maybe you are in extreme situations with your vehicle.

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