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How Automobiles Work

– I think my car battery is dead. So I thought I’d walk you
through how to determine whether it’s the battery or
something else in your car. The camera operator is here. She has laryngitis. Wave hello. Here we go. Make, fix, grow, cook, garden fork. It’s pollen season here for the white pine so there’s green dust everywhere. So my car’s usually not this dirty, okay? But this thing has been
not wanting to start. So let’s see if it’ll
start. (car alarm dinging) (clicking/engine trying to turn over) So it made a click noise
and it tried to turn over. Sometimes, if you wait a minute, the battery gets a little energized. I know that’s a weird term, but sometimes the battery, as it’s dying, if it has
a little bit of a draw, and then you wait a minute,
like turning on the headlights, and then waiting a minute; it might have enough juice then to turn the engine over. So, let’s see. (car alarm dinging) (clicking) Now you hear that click? That’s the starter solenoid engaging but it doesn’t have enough
power from the battery to turn the starter motor over
to turn over the big engine. So I’m going to wait a
minute here and see if I can just one more time. And then we’re going to have to jump it. (birds singing) All right, it’s been a minute. Let’s see. (car alarm dinging) (clicking) It is dead. Okay, so I’m going to jump it, and I’m going to show you how to test for whether it’s the battery is dead or maybe the alternator isn’t working. The alternator charges the battery. I think it’s the battery, but let’s go. That is the offender. (car motor running) (car alarm dinging) (car
engine turning over) (car motor running) I always keep a pair of
jumper cables in my car. It’s just kind of like a good karma thing. And don’t cheap out; get good ones. Maybe you can find them at a yard sale, or I’ll link below to some. But, if you have these in your car, you can help yourself but you
can also help other people. I gave a guy at the gas
station a jump the other day, and he insisted on buying
me a cup of coffee. And I’m like, “Just pay it forward.” “No, no, let me get your coffee.” I’m like, “Okay,” so I, it’s
’cause I had jumper cables, I got a free cup of coffee. See. So, this thing here is the
alternator (engine running) powered by a belt from the engine that rotates and makes power. Kinda like a windmill, a
wind generator, wind turbine, but except it’s being powered by the car. And that charges the battery through what’s called a voltage regulator. Usually, it’s the battery
that has died out. So let me test that. Pick up a digital multimeter. This measures volts and ohms. Inexpensive and it allows you
to do electrical projects. You can trace wires in your home. You know, you gotta trace a wire back to the circuit breaker. It’s very handy. I’ve got this set for DC low
voltage 20. I set it at 20. Black is going to the black; touch the red to the terminal. Thirteen point nine, wow. So what this tells us is that
the alternator’s putting out almost 14 volts. And I’m being, the mosquitoes
are really nasty this morning. Bug spray might help that, huh? So we’re putting out almost 14 volts. You want 13-1/2 to 14 volts, means that the alternator is
putting out sufficient current to charge a 12 to 12-1/2 volt battery. I’m going to let you in on a little secret of the battery world. These batteries, they
last about three years. Thirty-six months and they just die. That’s been my experience. So, we need a new battery. Going to go down to the
store, go buy one, pop it in. We’ll be good. So when you’re using the
meter, almost any battery, unless it’s completely, completely dead, will read 12-1/2 volts. So that doesn’t mean that
there’s juice in the battery, enough juice to turn your engine over. It just means it’s a 12
volt or 12-1/2 volt battery. Let me show you. So, you see my point: 12-1/2, 12 volts. It could be dead; it could be brand new. You don’t know. What makes the difference is
when the engine is running. Does it read higher than that, which means that the
alternator is putting power or charging the battery. What are you doing? (dog barking) Yeah. (dog barking) Are you happy? (dog splashing in water) There’s Charlie pup. You should have a decent socket set. Please don’t use an adjustable wrench to take the battery terminals
off, the cables off, okay? Socket set; just get yourself one. Remove the black wire; it’ll have a little
negative minus sign there. Now move this one first. Like that, just let that float somewhere. Your battery may be held
in by a clamp or a bracket over this that you’ll have to remove. You might need some WD-40 to get this off. See, this car has a clamp bracket over it. It has some lubricant
under it, thankfully, but you might need WD-40 or something to get those off to get
your battery out of there. Nice, the mice are living here. It’s always a good thing. So battery is out of here. Take the battery down to
your local auto supply store. I like to go to the local guy;
I’m a big supporter of that. Because if you don’t bring
the old one with you, you’re going to get
charged for the core charge because they want the old
battery back to recycle it. Plus, it just double-checks that you have the right battery, okay? So you can take a piece of
sandpaper and coil it up or make it or roll it up;
that’s the word that I mean. And you want to clean off
(scrapping) the insides of your terminals. If this has a bunch of just
puffy, blue and white crud on it, you can wash it
with baking soda and water. Or, if these are in really poor condition, they should be replaced. They also might be part of the reason that your car isn’t starting. (scraping) This is heavy, so be careful of that. I got a bracket on. That way the battery won’t fall out. It’s really nice having a
camera operator have laryngitis. I can just talk and talk. She’s making a face. Okay, black is negative or ground in a car. Red is the hot or positive in a car. We’re gonna hook up
the positive one first. We’re gonna hook up the red one first. This you can get rid of,
put it in your recycle. You want to take care not to break this battery terminal post off. It’s hard to do but
don’t wrench this thing with a giant impact
wrench or something, okay? But you want this tight. You want good contact
between the battery terminal and the battery cable. Now we’re going to do the black terminal or the negative terminal. And, again, I cleaned this all off. Again, careful not to
break that terminal off. Will it start? Yes, it will. Batteries from the auto
parts store come pre-charged so you’re not going to have to jump this. We’re just going to go in. You’ve got to reset all your battery, what, your car radio stations,
if you have a car radio. (laughs) It usually erases all that stuff ’cause the battery was dead for awhile. (car engine starting and running) That was easy. You can do it. I can do it. There should be some
more videos floating here to click onto watch more DIY stuff. Let me know your thoughts. Push on your comments. Karma is boomerang. (car engine running)

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