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It has already been seen in all industries and all over the world that if companies or industries don’t jump on a certain train or certain trends in time, at some point they will never catch up and will be completely out of the race. ISPO 2020 Munich was a complete success for us. They were very exciting and eventful days. We had many events here, which aroused the most diverse emotions and appealed to the most diverse target groups. But you can see here that simply eSport and the classic sports industry fit together and we are already looking forward to the next editions. So I think that eSports will play a pretty big role in the future. Especially when I see what HADO, these virtual reality games are doing, it’s just so exciting and it just takes a lot of young people into sports and gets them moving and so I think that’s a very promising area, especially here at ISPO. Well, I think it is very important that eSports is at the ISPO. eSports is like most say computer gaming, but it shows how our brain works. Sports are just games modified on the body, that means what the sports industry really has to learn from eSports, how fast you can make something big, how you can motivate people to participate in something, to join in, to measure each other. Everybody has to understand that and everybody has to look at that, because this thing grows so fast and is so unbelivable cool, if people still dismiss it as this, yeah okay. It’s just not possible anymore. It’s like if you had said horses and cars in the past. Then there were still some people who said, I have horses, I don’t need them. But you have to deal with it. I think it is good that eSports is represented at the ISPO, because eSports belongs right here. The ISPO is the biggest sports business fair in Europe and eSports is sport, you have to understand that. eSportsmarketing works very similar to normal sports marketing. This is our aspect and that the ISPO promotes this what we find very good and we consider it an absolutely logical step to promote eSports in this direction and simply give it the space it deserves, because we are talking about a phenomenon, I would say at the moment. What will certainly accompany us in the future and what will fill the stadiums of the future, I am personally quite sure. We are particularly proud of this year’s activations for ISPO Munich 2020, where we already had a designated eSports Arena in 2019. Then we were able to implement our own eSports Festival. A three-day festival in Munich in July and for ISPO Munich 2020 everything has now become much bigger again. We have expanded. We have an eSports stage where we have lectures in the morning and in the afternoon and then we have tournaments. We have implemented the AMD Master Rocket League. We have the Unileague eFootball, a very exciting topic, and we are especially enthusiastic about the number of visitors here on the stage.

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