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How Automobiles Work

♪ [thud sound]
SecUre you. [fizzle sound] The more you
know the safer you are. ♪ Hello everyone my name
is Kelly Wright and I’m an IT Training Specialist. With me
today is Lou DiPaola who is also an IT Training Specialist.
Today we will be talking about protecting yourself while
traveling in a car. Lou, I am getting ready to go on a trip
with my husband. We are planning on renting a car and seeing the
countryside. Can you give us some tips for travelling safely
in a car? Sure! First of all, make sure the car is functioning
well. Whether you own it or you rent the car, make sure it’s in
good running order. That way you get there. You’re not stuck on
the side of the road somewhere. Second thing is make sure that
when you park, especially at night, find a well lit place.
If you pull into a parking lot and it doesn’t feel right, maybe
park someplace else because if your body’s telling you
something’s wrong there’s a good chance that you need to maybe
find another location to park. Also when you come to the
parking lot to get into your car, check the backseat.
In other words, just don’t get in the front seat and
assume the back seat’s safe. Make sure there’s nobody in
the back seat. And then once you get in the car, lock those
doors before you go anywhere. Well those sound like some
really great tips. Be on the lookout for more security
tips coming your way! ♪ Brought to you by the VA Office
of Information and Technology. ♪

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