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A: The Tesla Model S is an extraordinary car
for very many reasons. But one thing that I still don’t quite get is
how much power it’s got. Because according to Tesla, it has an 85 kilowatt
battery pack which is powered by 3-phase AC electric motor. So
what does that mean in terms of power and torque? I have got absolutely no
idea. But these guys probably do. So we’re going to stick it on their rolling
road and see exactly how much power a Model S has got. So we need traction control off. Disable.
We’re on regenerative braking, braking low. That’s it, isn’t it?
Okay, let’s see. B: [roar of engine] A: Bloody hell. Listen to the noise it makes. 428.2. I like
that. Do you like that? B: I like that. A: Tesla will like that as well, I reckon. B: That’s a perfect run. We put it on the
Dyno. A: Very smooth in here. B: Yeah. A: So can you measure torque? Is that measuring
torque, as well? B: I can’t measure torque. A: Yeah, but that’s the main figure, isn’t
it? B: I need to know the RPM of the motor, and
I don’t, so.. A: Do you get nervous doing this? Or not? B: Well, I must admit… Not usually, no.
[laughs] A: Excellent. Oh, peachy. Mate, thank you
very much. B: No problem. A: That is a result. B: Cool. A: 428.2.

100 thoughts on “Just how much power does a Tesla Model S produce?

  1. Dude I wouldn't even bother trying to reason with that troll. They're not interested in learning anything. All they want to do is spread misinformation and piss people off. Just ignore them.

  2. you are a lying piece of low class garbage. you are nothing but a stalker who supports child porn. you partner with a convicted criminal to stak us. you have no credibility and will do anything just to defend your favorite golf kart.you don't even know how to drive a "dirt bike" and claim to have had one. your lies keeps adding up. you are as pathetic as they come.

  3. Agree, combustion engine technology does not and will never have the ability to effectively transform input power to output power with a linear relation to RPM. Adding complex transmissions helps but will always cause significant power loss and long-term reliability issues. An EV drivetrain can be much more efficient and can be designed for factors longer durability.

  4. No mather how much torque and how good the Tesla engine makes on a dyno, nothing beats the soul and feeling of driving a fuel engine. I swapped my boat for my friends V10 Gallardo for 4 days and i'm still in ecstasy of the noise and the hours of social conversations I've had with people interested in the car at gas stations etc. I drove the tesla, torque is amazing, it's a boring car, no soul. Damn, even the old 1999 Ferrari 360 spyder I drove was much more interesting. Even my boring v8 S5

  5. I have a friend who owns an Aventador and it does indeed have a different level of attraction. But I gotta tell you that in the long run, when you drive often, the lack of engine noise becomes a pleasure. Personally I love the lack of noise in the Model S that allows me to listen to some of my favorite music without engine noise disturbing it, even I go hard on the pedal.

  6. Ignore "fangirl". She spends her time trolling Tesla clips making disparaging remarks about the Tesla. She's probably paid by a PR firm for Ford or Exxon to do this, or else she a RWNJ who hates Tesla for being environmentally friendly. Whatever–she's not worth the time.

  7. And there I was, thinking all these years, that a dyno only measures the rate at which a known mass can be accelerated… and that it's mathematical trickery that gives us the torque and Hp readings that we want…

  8. it is getting more and more clean thanks to modern technology, if you are from europe you have to know just how clean diesel engines have gotten if not just check it up, Diesel is the fuel of the future for quite a while now. That being said this Tesla is a great example that electric cars are viable and more important, they can be fast without polluting or breaking ur wallet in any way 😀

  9. few road cars have that kind of power at the rear wheels,if any at all.With double the efficiency over a combustion engine,electrics will in time rule the roadways.I do believe the combustion engine will improve in the future ,with better materials to hold that heat in.Can you imagine a combustion engine with 80-90 percent efficiency.Your new Toyota would be getting 100 miles per gallon and almost twice the output.

  10. "Can you imagine a combustion engine with 80-90 percent efficiency." No I can't imagine it. And I'm not so sure it can be done. And even if it can be done,, would it be allowed to be done? Especially if profits are at stake?
    Even then electrics would still hold the advantage of low maintenance. Combustion engines can only get more complicated with more parts to break down. Nope! Can't imagine it.

  11. Diesel is an intermediate solution and also becoming more popular here in the USA. Actually VW seems to have great success with Diesel cars in the USA now.

  12. It's a guy and BMW fan. He created 10 or so Youtube accounts just to harass people who like Tesla Motors or Cadillac. Hopeless case.

  13. Well, ignorant, there is right here on Youtube a video clip of a drag race between a Ssssilent Tesla S and and a Noisy BMW M5. The Tesla won it hands down. Moreover, Tesla and other electric only cars have a really wide range of improvement. The Tesla S P85 officially develops 416hp. Tesla can upgrade their next models to 600hp or more, if they wanted. The Rimac is another electric sport car that develops 1088hp and 1180lbf-ft in torque. You can watch videos of that beast right here on Youtube.

  14. I've never had an ice vehicle catch fire, nor do I know of anyone personally that had their car catch fire.

    I don't know of anyone personally that had an electric car catch fire, having said that when one catches fire, whcich one is less toxic. Burning batteries are pretty darn toxic.

  15. Yes, most certainly, the fumes from burning Li-Ion batteries should not be inhaled. However, the lack of toxic air emissions during the operational life of an EV car is also a strong argument why EV cars are far superior to ICE cars. In fact, your ICE car is emitting some very nasty exhaust fumes and hydro carbons leading to cancers and other illnesses. A rare EV car fire causing a few people to inhale the smoke is totally nothing compared to the everyday exhaust fumes filling our atmosphere.

  16. This looks like a job for the Myth Busters TV show.
    Yes I Googled it,, and although they technically achieved the 376mpg,, it's no where near practical for real world driving.
    So I stand on what I already said.

  17. Listen to the sound it makes on the dyno, now if only they could make it sound like that on the road it would be pretty sweet.

  18. how is that not practical for real world driving? it won't be practical for a road trip that's definite, but for a daily commute that's plenty.

  19. Have you not read how they had to strip the car to lighten the weight of the car to unrealistic practicality? Have you not read how they had to indulge in many unsafe driving practices to achieve that phenomenal mpg?
    Sounds to me like you heard about that 376mpg and took it at face value,, and never really looked into how they achieved it. I sure wouldn't want to drive a car like that!

  20. I'm thinking when electrics become more commonplace,, we'll see kits that you can install too duplicate that ICE or Dyno sound that guys like you love.
    Of course if you install such a kit,, you'll have to be careful not to get a citation for excessive noise. Which could happen if you forget to switch it off if there's someone around you don't want to impress,, like a policeman or the mayor.

  21. Can you not see the related videos of this video??? Its right there. This is the perfect example of ignorance. People who just refuse to change because of their own limiting beliefs in what they have been brought up with.

  22. Model S beats Viper SRT10:
    Model S goes to 60mph in 3.9 seconds:
    I don't care much about 0-100mph as I don't know any roads with more than 70mph speed limit and I rarely go beyond 80mph.

  23. So what are you saying? In the nearly 40 years since this car made the run, technology cannot improve the system to make real world driving practical? Hmm I think they were saying that (not practical) about batteries 40 years ago.

  24. Batteries have always been practical for local driving at the very least. Even the EV1 proved that with just lead acid batteries. But when you have an industry with a set way of thinking (Gas on their brains!) It takes an Startup like Tesla to show them how to do it.
    Also bare in mind that lithium batteries aren't the only batteries that can work,, just the only ones that are legal.

  25. WWII German U-Boot batteries could last for almost 700Km, so, batteries have been practical for years.
    What's not practical for multi-billonaire oil lobbys is to permite manufacturers make "top" batteries

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  28. If calculating the power in Kilowatts would you have the wheels driving an electricity generator against a known load bank?

  29. If they did an AWD P85, with twin motors at each axial, then good lord! That's 428BHP on each axial, with one motor each. Two motors could produce 835+ BHP!

  30. This guy doesn't seem to understand the not-so-subtle difference between energy and power at all: "According to Tesla" that's a 85kWh (kilowattHOUR i.e. stored ENERGY) battery, it's not related to the maximum power output at all.

  31. This guy seems a bit confused between kWh and kW.

    One is a unit of energy (Wh), the other is a unit of power (W).

    85kWh means the battery is able to store enough energy to provide 85000 Watts for an hour, or 1000 Watts for 85 hours, if you'd prefer. – stored energy.

    428.2 HP = 319.3kW, which means instantaneously, the wheels can produce 319300 Watts of energy. – power.

    An interesting fact is that (85kWh ÷ 320kW) = 0.27 of an hour = 16 minutes and 12 seconds. Meaning that a fully charged Tesla Model S P85 can produce 320kW of power for an astonishing 16 minutes, flat out. Amazing.

  32. I don't understand people complaining about how it doesn't make the kind of sound other cars do. I mean, can you hear that?! WHO DOESN'T WANT A CAR THAT SOUNDS LIKE A SPACE SHIP???!!!

  33. wow imagine when they invent cheaper and lighter battery in the near future…..everyone suv and sedan will be electric and has 1000hp lol.  "mom,im late for school","ok" woooosh wooosh badass burnout leaving some ferrari behind lol

  34. How does it figure out horsepower but not torque? Horsepower is always torque times RPM, divided by 5252. Since he doesn't know the engine RPM, he should only be able to figure out torque, not the horsepower number. If the 428 number is accurate though, that is pretty good considering Tesla rates the P85 at 412hp, although I don't know if that is at the motor or wheels. There should be less drivetrain losses compared to a normal combustion drivetrain due to the reduction in parts though.

  35. The problem is the vast majority of housing in major UK cities have on street parking only. There's gonna be a lot of extension leads hanging out of windows and trailing along pathways. 🙂

  36. Normally, the power output is NOT measured just during some seconds but at least minutes or hours. That's why a Tesla officially only has 69 kW or 94 HP. And that's why it gets a low insurance bill.

  37. what the what the torgue would be the important figure when you lot measuring a electric car man.

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