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The car is most fun to drive on
country roads between 80 and 180 kph. Windy roads, uphill, downhill,
through the forest and countryside. That’s when you can fully appreciate the car. My name is Roger Kaege.
I’m 51 years old. I’m a vehicle and chassis
master engineer. I live in a small village
by the name of Stetten in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate,
Germany. And I’m crazy about Porsche. When I saw the first Singer in 2009
in a magazine, I was so fascinated by
the visual appearance that I said, “Wow, I’d like to have a car like that.” Then of course I researched
and saw what a car like that costs, and it was clear that
it was far too expensive for me. So an idea popped into my mind,
“How can I create a car like that myself?” I’m a chassis and vehicle engineer, so I thought, “Well, let’s look at how
we can do it ourselves.” The color is called geyser grey metallic. It’s the color of the fiftieth
anniversary edition of the 991. I chose the color because
it’s a hue from the 1970s a metallic or pearl-effect lacquer,
a modern lacquer. So I have the combination of a classic hue
and a modern lacquer. That was important because that’s
how I have the rest of the vehicle. Everywhere on the car, you see modern
components with vintage visual appearance, whether it’s the headlights
or the steering wheel or the fittings. You have the combination of vintage visual
appearance and modern function. It’s challenging to make something
with which I’m ultimately satisfied. I’m very self-critical. With the Retro, I built a front bumper
with my plastics engineer five times until I was satisfied with it. And he said, “That’s enough.”
And I said, “No, it’s not enough.” We ended up having five bumpers
lying around in a corner somewhere before we got the bumper like it is
on the vehicle now. From purchase until completion of the car,
I put over 2,000 hours into it. There’s a lot of developmental work in it. We did a lot of things twice. I had to do a lot of design work.
I wanted to build my own car. I didn’t want to imitate Singer.
I wanted something more original. Above all I wanted to use
a different foundation. I started with a 993 because I thought, “Why does Singer take a 964 and install
a large number of components from a 993, instead of just starting with a 993?” So I thought, “I’ll just try to improve
the concept or change the concept, and not try to install a bunch
of different parts in a car. You’ve got series engineering
that’s very, very good— the best air-cooled series engineering
that Porsche ever built— and I’ll change it just a little.” And that led me to think,
“I’ll start with a 993 and not a 964.” In comparison to Singer, I’d say you mostly see the costs of development. Singer invested a lot of money
in development, like headlight lamps, sample parts,
nickel-plated parts, where I went with series parts
from Porsche. If there was an accident, you would be able to do repairs
without being dependent on Singer. You can repair with Porsche parts. That’s the biggest difference from Singer. Technologically, it has more power,
which also makes it interesting. In contrast, I believe that my car
is better suited for everyday use. I have standard technology,
series technology from Porsche, that’s been proven in everyday use and that can be repeatedly repaired
by any Porsche mechanic with series parts. I see that as the biggest advantage of
my vehicle compared to the Singer vehicle. When I got my permit for it in 2016—
I turned 50 in 2016— the nicest birthday present
I could give myself was simply to drive the car
for the first time. As far as reliability goes, the vehicle
is a very safe, very solid vehicle, a very modern vehicle
with electronic stability and safety features while still having the vintage essence. The vehicle is now almost perfect. Of course there are always things
that you would improve or redo in its construction. It’s like when you build a house. It’s only on the second or third house
that you build the perfect house. And you change as well.
So naturally I’d change some things. But not necessarily improve, just change. Of course I’m very proud of the car
and of what I’ve accomplished here. I feel I’ve written a little bit
of Porsche history.

100 thoughts on “Kaege Retro Porsche 911: Much More Than A Restomod

  1. I think I speak for all of us when I say that if he opened to the public, we'd buy these all day before we bought a Singer. Especially here in the U.S. This car is much cooler

  2. To the producers of this website I say excellent video! I say this not just for the cars but also leaving the interviews in the mother languages. I'm fluent in English & German, yet I have enough of other languages to enjoy the commentary–if I don't understand something then I enjoy the cars. As the Germans say, "Gut gemacht". 🙂

  3. YES these are awesome stories and cars, SURE, dudes deserve to show off having some fun, but at the same time, and even if you're not a rookie:   if a guy like him is going to mention so much detail about re-doing a car, WHY IS IT that there's always these glossy slow takes of the car and not any footage of the effort that went into it?  As in, show the SInger, then show what he has done and what he went through.   SURE, YES, PETRO Is nice to see, but its adding up when people talk about all of these details and there's nothing that relates to it.  I would think this would add to the show and the story and not detract from it.

  4. Rob Dickinson mentioned in an interview that the way a 993 rear suspension works wont provide the „classic“ porsche driving behavior he had in mind (cant remember the tech details) as a reason they picked the 964. just throwing it out there in case someone is curious about that, dont wanna judge if thats justified or not. Edit: refering to the carfection video about singer, 13:10

  5. I think Singer and Kaege have the SAME SPIRIT ! And I am thankfull that they both did a great film about there creations !!! So we can enjoy dreaming….how it would be to have a Porsche like there`s….Singer is very German-2000 in their way of thinking and doing things. Kaege is very 60s, 70s in (his German values of) doing things.
    Since I can`t afford a Porsche, I looked for something equal in emotions and Performance and bought an Alfa GTA 3.2 V6. It sounds , feels, performs equal to my friends 911`s and cost me 5000 Euro !!! First time the stereo stays off since the GTA sounds Amazing !!! The only thing I am missing is the smell of gas and oil in the car……but I am working on that, hahaha…

  6. Sehr, sehr, sehr schönes KFZ!!! Absolute Faszination, dass nicht nur Singer solche schönen Porsche bauen kann. Chapeau!

  7. Plot Summary:
    Mr. Kaege is a trained car body maker with his own business. Thumbs up for the german dual educational system.
    He saw a Singer in 2009 but it was too expensive for him. He began doing a resto mod it on his own.
    He choosed a 993 because Singer used many 993 parts on a 964 which made no sense to Mr. Kaege. The point he did not understand about the Singer approach.
    He focused more on original Porsche parts to keep it easy to put into service and in case the car is for sale.

  8. As great as the cars are, as represented by Petrolicious; the production values of each video are superb – hats off to the Petrolicious production team that produce these intriguing, and beautifully depicted stories!

  9. i dont know where everybody is getting the $300k price…a kaege STARTS at 400k euro ($500k) AFTER a donor 993 + taxes

  10. I could be wrong but doesn’t it seem like he spent almost the same money on this than he would have a Singer?

  11. Car is phenomenal, love the build. However It’s not a singer, the quality and aesthetics are not up to par with Singer Vehicle Design.

  12. This episode touched me greatly. Perhaps the art of craftsmanship in full display in this technologically sterile world. It gives me hope that this art will live on

  13. This is perfection. The Singer's are over the top and pretentious. This thing is spot on. Simple. Understated. Class.
    Well done indeed.

  14. Wow!!!!!
    Hammer!!! Respekt an den Bauer und das wunderschöne Auto!
    Ebenso ein Lob für das brillante Video!
    Chapeau 👏🏼

  15. Sehr sehr stolz! Ein eigenes kleines Stück Geschichte in der Porschewelt schreiben ist eine große Aufgabe und die wurde Perfekt umgesetzt. Großartig!

    *very very proud! Writing one´s one little paragraph in the story history of Porsche is a big deal and was implemented in perfection! Awesome!

  16. Can anyone help me, i want to find a project car I can use but I have no idea on where to find them. I tried craigslist and ebay but i can’t find anything I could use. I want actual car to be not too expensive but future expenses down the road wouldn’t matter too much to me.

  17. This is an almost exact translation, I may have made mistakes…The most fun this vehicle is on country roads between 80 and 180 Km/h, curvy routes, downhill, through forest, land.
    There you experience the vehicle the best.
    I am Roger KAege, 51 years old. I have a master degree in Bodyworks and Mechanics, I live here in Stetten, a small suburb in Rhineland-Palatine, germany and I am crazy for Porsche.
    When in 2009 in a Magazine I saw the 1st Singer Porsche, I was so fascinated by the optics that I tought: WOW, such a car I´d like to own.
    Then I did some research, saw what a car alike costs, for myself it was clear, unbelieveable exspensive-not in my range.
    So I thought of the idea, how can I recreate such a car in my own style.
    I am bodyworks guy and mechanic, so lets see how we can accomplis this ourselves (he and a friend).

    The color is called „Geysir Grey metallic“, this is the 50 years ed, color of 901, I´ve chosen the color because it´s a tone from the 70s, and a metallic, modern paintjob so I have a combination of an old color and metallic.
    That was very important to me because everywhere on the car one can see modern components and the old optics, may it be the headlights, the steering wheel or the instruments.
    Doesn´t matter, anywhere there is a combination of old looks and modern functions.
    For me it´s very hard to do something so good that I´m satisfied, there I am very self critic.
    On the Retro I and my plastics guy have created 5 different front bumpers until I liked it and then he said, now it´s enough and I said no, it´s not and now we have 5 front bumpers lying around in a corner…
    From the purchase of the vehicle until it was finished it took 2.000 hours.
    Much development was made and we have made things twice, I had to to a lot of design, I didn´t want to copy Singer, I wanted to build my own proportions.
    I even wanted to work on a different basis,
    I have chosen a 993 because I have thought, that when Singer chooses a 964 and puts a extremely much parts of 993 components into it, I wanted to improve the concept and took a 993.
    So you have a series vehicle that is very very good, the best air cooled series technics that Porsche ever built.
    SO I thought, I take a 993 and NOT an 964.
    In comparison to Singer one can mostly see the costs of development.
    Singer has put much effort into lamds, headlights, chromed parts, nickled parts,,,
    Where there I have used original parts. So when there is an accident you dont have to rely on Singer. So you can repair it with PORSCHE parts, and there lies the big difference to Singer.
    In opposite I believe, my car is more daily driver because I have normal technics, serial technics of Porsche
    which has proved reliability and can be repaired by every Porsche mechanic if I should sell him one day, there I see the big advantage over the Singer Vehicles…
    As when I got it registered in 2016, I turned 50 and it was the most beautiful gift for my birthday…
    As I could give to myself when I drove it for the very first time…
    From suspension ti tis a very secure, stabile Vehicle A modern Vehicle as it has ABS, ESP and so on…
    And it is very reliable in the fringes on road.The car for me is almost perfect, but there always is something I would improve or make different, it´s like building a house, only in the 2nd or 3rd house you build your exact dream house.so you also change and even here I would change things here and there.
    I am proud of what I´ve accomplished for myself and am part of history of Porsche.

    Please excuse for not translating exact words…Have a nice day.

  18. Respekt dieser Mann hat es echt drauf !! Ein Traum von Auto hat er da erschaffen und auch noch alles selber!! 👍🏽

  19. 3:05 : Answer – because… the 964 has the best chassis. Singer takes the best bits of different eras to make the ultimate 911

  20. Ah, this is more like it. This is original and more pure. The Singer approach while good is not completely accurate as those guys use bespoke parts and you lose points for originality in the process. You see, it must be Porsche first and shop second. That is the cardinal sin of Singer.

  21. In my life, there has been no auto more beautiful or personally more revered.

    P O R S C H E–with but one life, you have done so very much with it.

    Petrolicious is like a blessing of sorts.

  22. Very nice car. I love this retro look especially 964, is this RS? if you have to sell it, how much would it be?

  23. Would love to listen. Very interested. I'm in lust with everything 911, but I unfortunately I do not speak German. Is there a version with subtitles? Thank you.

  24. Such a beautiful Car and one of the most gorgeous Porsche I've seen in a long time. Cannot believe this thing is only 30km away from my hometown! Nice work Roger!

  25. Sweet car. However, reminds me of one of those kit cars that drop a 356 body over a souped up VW engine and frame. Where's the torsion bar suspension? Where's the long reach 915 five speed? Heck, I bet the instruments don't even have that signature click as everything heats up that I always loved about my '83 and '87. Lol, just saying.

  26. I like the aesthetic of this car a lot more than the Singer, and surely it is much more accessible in terms of money.

  27. Beautiful, amazing, awesome. I would like Roger Kaege to build a Porsche 911 for me… or sell me his car!

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