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How Automobiles Work

Hello, what happened? Stomach ache? Okay, start preparing, I am on my way I am Karimul Haque I live in Dhalabari village Post Rajadanga, and district Jalpaiguri I work in the Subarnapur tea garden I operate this ‘bike ambulance’ because When my mother had a stroke at 3 a.m.,
I couldn’t save her …couldn’t take her to the hospital It was really painful I didn’t have much money since
I am a tea garden worker There was no car I couldn’t save her. I still feel sad… I am unable to forget the pain to this day From then onwards, I felt that no one’s mother or
child should die for want of proper treatment No one in the village should die for such reasons I took a vow, and I made the bike ambulance I bought a bike on loan, attached
boards at the front and back Poor, sick, helpless villagers unable to get treatment,
unable to go to the hospital… a lot of people lose their lives that way So I made this ‘ambulance’, so that no person
dies without getting medical care No one loses their mother or child I at least take them to the hospital, So that no one will have regrets like I do This is the work I do If I had to say a few words about Karimul I am really happy that you people
are highlighting his work I have seen him very closely
and in action at work I have known him for a long time Nowadays the roads are in a better condition When I was first posted here, the roads were very bad, there were no cars [That was] at least 7-8 years ago I had seen him, but I didn’t know him then He used to bring in patients here At first I didn’t notice, I carried on with my work But then I realised he often brings patients on his bike This fascinated me and I asked him:
who are these patients? He said there is no ambulance or car near our village These are poor people, no one brings them [to hospital] They have no food So I bring them to the hospital If there is any disease in the village If there is a virus It is our duty to create awareness He takes care of every villager When people in our village are demoralised, he motivates us He comes every month to give us clothes,
rice and medicines When anybody in our village is ill, he provides treatment My superior has allowed me
to continue this bike ambulance service, while I work in the tea garden He and the manager of the tea estate are happy That I, a worker there, am doing some social work Although I don’t think that I have done something big Just a few small services for the village Now people from every block of the
district call me when they are in need I’m a worker in the tea garden Although he works as a supervisor,
Karimul does all kinds of work in the tea garden When there is a medical need or no place
in the local [hospital in Kranti village], he takes patients to Jalpaiguri [around 40
kilometres away] on his bike ambulance He has provided clothes and blankets
to many people in the village He has also provided many handicapped
children with food and many other things He has further helped us tea estate workers by
bringing us things we need but do not get here My name is Mohammed Rajesh and
my brother is Mohammed Raju My father is a social worker, and the work he does today, he will not be able to do when he gets old Every person in our family supports his work and
we will continue this work even after him To serve people in their need is
our duty as human beings We will strive to do more than my father in future When I come home and do not get to see my father,
or when he leaves suddenly at meal time, I feel bad But later, when I hear that he went to
attend to an emergency patient and that the patient is now well, I feel happy I am very happy that my husband does this work My sons also help him in his work I sometimes feel sad when, due to his work,
he has to leave in the middle of his meal I put the dead bodies in this cart and then tie this cart to my bike and
then drive to the graveyard This work that I am doing, I am requesting society to come forward
and help the poor and needy

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