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How Automobiles Work

—WHEN YOUR CAR IS BEING STOLEN— *imitates car engine and gear shifting using beatbox* Hi, Rob! Oh, Diesel Pump! Hey! My dog, my dog! Fuck, could I have just misted my piston rod? – At this crossroad?
– Damn.. – Ayo!
– Yo! Man, Alhambra! Front-wheel drive! – These TSIs…
– An FFD. – Yeah, an MPV. I love these cars.
– Listen… I’m going to change the… the lambda probe. Yeah? – An expensive one.
– These… silverblocks and shit? Yeah, right. – But the homokinetic joint is a bit loose.
– Oh. But you know what’s worst? That the cogwheel stopped doing its job. – What, really?
– Yeah… – And hasn’t your cambelt broken at these temperatures? Of course it has… These German cambelts… *gear shifting using beatbox* *♫ Playing: The Pink Panther Theme Song ♫* By the way, I’ve bought a spoiler on my Doblò. – A 30 one?
– What 30, a 45 one! I’m telling you, the car’s going to fly! 100 horse power boost. – And I’ve also installed a carbon fiber wrap and it reduces wind resistance.
– Yeah, that’s for sure, you don’t need to tell me. Hey! What the… Well, he’s not gonna get far with that homokinetic joint. And with that broken cambelt… The engine’s going to stop. Haha, what idiots… What a nice Mustang I’ve obtained. Well, that happens when idiots don’t pay attention. Fuck, I’m screwed… Here I go again, fuck! Fuck, what now? I knew I should have better gone
mowing lawns on swimming pools… and that I was not going to be a good thief. Whatever, what will I tell them now, fuck?
I done fucked up… *humming a melody* My ride hasn’t let you go far, has it? Right? You asshole! You snake! – Oh, hello!
– Scumbag! You won’t believe me, gentlemen!
Am I giving birth? I’m giving birth, aren’t I? – Don’t feed me with this bullshit!
– I was just going to the hospital, because I’m giving birth. Men don’t deliver! I guess… I had to pick up the first car! You’re gonna do some time, buddy. Immediately! You are going to die in jail! – Let me step out and we’ll discuss all of it.
– Get out! Not just step out! My water… Look how much water is in the car! My water broke! – Show me your face you dirtbag!
– No no no… not my face… Guys, let’s just forget, I’m telling you… Guys, but I gotta tell you I have never seen such balanced silentblocks! That’s just perfect! Really? I’m taking good care of it. And the carburetor sounds very vivid, too. – Really?
– Yeah. A perfect car in my opinion. And the chassis, too. Have you noticed?
We’ve assembled it. Yes, perfect. I can tell you know what you’re doing. So you know what?
Take a ride! Can I? Sure! Of course you can! Gentlemen, you are warm-hearted. – Yeah, yeah.
– I see you’re sparkling with happiness, kindness… I’ll just take a quick ride, be right back! Okay, go ahead, but watch out for the dynamics regulator. Okay. Nice guy. Likeable. I noticed instantly. – You could see it in his eyes.
– 50 minutes and he’ll be back. – Definitely.
– Plus he will refuel the tank. So thank you for everything, guys! Cool, go now, bye! See you, bye! Bye bye! Good guy. 3 hours later – Bro, don’t you think he’s been away for too long?
– Not at all. He said he was giving birth, so he is. But what if he’s not? Oh god, he will return! If you liked the video leave a ‘like’, subscribe… – Good, good…
– And you know… That’s all. He came to kick me out of there saying “You won’t record anything in here!”,
and I was like “If you liked the video…”

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  1. Chalani, ste skvelí! Dávam odber a len tak ďalej 🙂 Vďaka VÁM za skvelú tvorbu, sledujem Vás už dlhšiu dobu. Stále zlepšujete kvalitu. Lebo sú komici, ktorí sú dosť predvídateľní. U vás neviem nikdy na čom som. Ani čo čakať 😀 Takže dávajte bomby aj naďalej a bude super! Vlastne ono už je super haha. Čaukoooooo 🙂

  2. Kokooot😂 jak sa hanbil… dobrý koniec😄 len trošku viac života do toho umierania😂 musí to byť lepšie A budete mať viac odberov 😄😉 TOPKA a mohli ste urobiť tak že príde s tím autom a nejaké decko bude mať pri sebe 😂😂 fuu by som zdochol od smiechu 😂😂

  3. Vy to máte tak promakaný kluci. Fakt frajeři. Úplně mě zajímá jestli přijel nebo ne 😀 fakt jste profi

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