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11 thoughts on “Key Battery Ford Key HOW TO Change

  1. Watched this video on phone first without the audio. Got home and tried it out but couldn't open the first compartment. Went back to the video with audio and realised I didn't have to twist the screwdriver when I poked it into the hole >_>. Very simple and quick guide, thank you.

  2. Hello wonder if anybody can please help me.. the spring has gone any idea where to get a good replacement?? both of my keys are broken.. Ford's want an arm and a leg for it lol … does not retract back in the case or out. Mondeo mk4 2014 thank you.

  3. If it helps anyone I didn't use anything for the first part, just pulled it apart. Than you for the video was very helpful.

  4. Great video, many thanks! But… I changed the battery in my key as per your instructions (brand new CR2032 3v battery). Dead easy. However… The key still doesn't work. Could it need reprogramming? The key has been sat in a drawer for about 3 years unused, so I wonder if having a dead battery in it all that time might have meant the key has lost its programming? Are these keys reprogrammable?

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