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16 thoughts on “Key Battery Land Rover HOW To change

  1. Instead of prying open that end with a screwdriver, you can follow the diagram on the opposite side (left hand at 1:08.) Insert the blade key and turn, much easier. The transmitter outer layer are know to delaminate and prying will accelerate that process.

  2. Very useful Thanks. I have to remove the electronics and insert into a new fob. Is this a simple process with an Amazon replacement?

  3. Great video, very useful. Watched it and changed my battery for my D4 in 30 seconds. Thank you 😊

  4. That’s NOT the way you open the case. What you do is take the emergency key and insert it in the slot in the bottom edge and twist. The case easily snaps apart without levering the case along the seam to split it.

  5. Great vid but you can use the emergency key to prise the fob open by just poking it into the slot at the base of the emergency key compartment. This is the intended way of opening it up.

  6. I have a Land Rover Freelander 2 and bought cr2032 batteries only to find that the old one is cr2025… What can I do…

  7. After removing emergency key, when the fob is picked up in the video you can see an arrow with a straight line marked on the case to the extreme right. Directly above there is a square hole. Put emergency key in the hole and gently twist and the fob opens without messing about with screwdrivers.

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