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Hello friends today I have brought KIA Seltos look and appearance comparison for you with Maruti vitara breeza,
Should you buy Maruti Vitara Brezza or Kia Seltos? following video shall give you physical look and appearance idea Find out which car is best for you – compare the two models on the basis of their Price, Size, Space, Boot Space, Maruti Vitara Brezza and Kia Seltos ex-showroom price starts at Rs 7.62 Lakh for LDi (Diesel) and Rs 9.99
Lakh for HTE G (Petrol). Vitara Brezza has 1248 cc (Diesel top model) engine, while Seltos has 1497 cc (Petrol top model) engine, look wise both cars are completely different As far as mileage is concerned, the Vitara
Brezza has a mileage of 24.3 kmpl (Diesel top model) and the Seltos has a mileage of 20.8 kmpl (Diesel top model). Maruti is famous for cheap service, easy parts availability and wide service network whereas KIA is new is market and in process of expanding its network hence if you are looking for time tested and reliable car where you get most of modification options, easy parts availability at cheap rate then definitely you should consider Maruti Vitara breeeza This is right time to buy Maruti Vitara breeeza as maruti of offering upto Rs.1.00 lacs discount on this car Maruti Vitara breeeza have little less leg space compare to KIA Seltos reason is KIA seltos have better length, KIA Seltos have rear AC even if you buy base model, Rear AC is not available in Maruti Vitara breeeza, Maruti Vitara breeeza don’t have driver
side roof light whereas KIA Seltos have roof light, Physically I found KIA seltos build quality better then Maruti Vitara breeeza, however we cant ignore the fact that Maruti Vitara breeeza have got 04 star safety features in global NCAP safety test, Safety test for KIA Seltos is pending, in terms of modification options again Maruti Vitara breeeza wins the race most of modification options for Maruti Vitara breeeza are available outside, if you love maruti cars then this is perfect time
to got for it, Maruti Vitara breeeza is time tested car, having 100% easy part availability, Maruti Vitara breeeza have square shape front and rear lights however KIA seltos have “L” Shape front and rear lights, Maruti Vitara breeeza have boxy shape whereas KIA Seltos more looks like true SUV, basic most important this is Maruti Vitara breeeza is starting
with a range of 7.62 Lacs compare to 09.99 lacs of KIA Selots, From 2020 Maruti has decided to discontinue its diesel engines hence Maruti Vitara breeza in diesel is in great demand, please note Maruti Vitara breeeza coming in 2020 processes same design only cosmetic changes are there, in KIA Seltos you are getting projector headlamps from basic model however in Maruti Vitara breeeza projector headlamps are coming only in
top models Summary: if you
want time tested car having easy part availability, easy resale, easy service at low cost then
you should go for Maruti Vitara breeeza, whereas if you have high budget u want car having latest design language more length, more width, future ready then you having BS6 engine then you should go for KIA Seltos, thank you so much for watching Please like and subscribe to UandI Automobiles.

16 thoughts on “KIA Seltos Vs Maruti Vitara Brezza | UandI Automobiles

  1. Hate their waiting period , they promised to deliver the product under one month now they are backing down and saying it will take one month more

  2. Hi bro..
    I just want to know …
    Delhi me seltos ke registration band h ?
    Bcz m not getting my seltos just bcz of registration issues..(janakpuri authority)

  3. Planning to buy Seltos
    Pls suggest me between Htx diesel or HTX+ diesel
    Is it worth the 1.5 lakhs more for Htx+ for sunroof and bose system and ventilated seats ??

  4. Hi..should I go 4 underbody coating(anti rust) for seltoes?also is it worth going for ceramic coating for body paint protection ?

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