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How Automobiles Work

When I was pal-ing about with
the wrong crowd I was always getting involved
in just stupid stuff. Do you know what I mean?
Just fights and taking drugs. The Kickstart Programme is just
to basically get the young people off the streets
on their own bikes. The reason it started is
because there’s a lot of people driving off road motorcycles
on the road. Which is very dangerous
especially without a licence. I’m actually pretty glad that
I was in the programme, because it’s changed me. It’s
actually gave me motivation to stay out of trouble. So it’s basically me not going
on my bike or staying at home. And I’d rather be on my bike. If you looked at me two,
three years ago, I was a totally
different person, I didn’t go to school or that.
But I used to be a quiet person. But, I’m a bit chatty now,
you know what I mean? Like I chat to everyone here
asking how they’re doing. The people here are
absolutely amazing. They’ve went such a
long way to help me out. And I just can’t thank
them more enough. Next steps is to
possibly get a trade in the mechanical industry.
Just because I love motorbikes, a car or just a motorbike,
anything with an engine, really. That’s just what I want to do
in life, just fix bikes, cars. Motocross has just changed me.
Because it’s just a passion, it’s just something I’ve
always wanted to do. And I’ve finally
managed to at least take a step in the right way
instead of the wrong way. Which is constantly giving me
more and more motivation just to keep going and just
fight for what you want to do.

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