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hi guys this is Jin from Korea wow I’m
actually starting something new I’m a native Korean speaker who’s lived
here for most of life and I’ve been learning English for almost two years
and I also went to Austral ia for a year and I’ve just come back to Korea two
months ago I love speaking English too while I was
doing jackshit like nothing for a month here I came to thought of what’s the way
I can push myself to keep learning English while I do something productive
and meaningful so I decided to make this channel to help all of you who
currently live in Korea who are planning to visit Korea I’m gonna be making
information videos of how to deal with things in Korea starting from
transportation to places you must vist and enjoy in frankly to make this video
I had to read and study a lot of articles on Google and Naver it did help
me a lot already anyway let’s start from the transportation transportation in
Korea has become one of the world’s most modern and environmentally conscious
transit system the country is well connected by extensive networks of
railways highways bus routes there are basically four ways to travel around in
Korea bus subway taxi train let’s start with a bus most cities in Korea have an
efficient convenient and cheap bus system it is one of the reasons that
many people can live without a car an exclusive lane for buses is enforced on
city roads at a time which it makes it possible to spend less time on buses
than in private cars there are mainly city buses intercity buses and express
buses to get around in Korea the subway is a cheap and convenient way
of getting around major cities and since signs and station names are in English
as well as Korean it is foreigner friendly and easy to use
fares may be paid with cash but cash fares are not eligible for transfer
discount for this reason it is highly recommended that you purchase a
transportation card you can easily purchase t-money card at convenience
stores such as GS25 7-eleven CU taxis are available
24 hours in Korea they can be easily distinguished from regular cars
by the signs on top of the car roof you can get a taxi at a taxi stand or hail
one on the street by waving your hand or you can also use a call taxi with an
additional fee 1000 won if you are running late and wanna take a rest on the way
without having to worry about crowd getting yourself a taxi might be a
great idea training system in Korea is also one of the most convenient and
reliable system to travel between cities whilst buses and taxis can have a
problem being on timetable depending on the road traffic but there is hardly the
case for the railroad Korean trains are classified based on their speed and
amenities offered on both the classifications include the Express
trains KTX the fastest but most expensive regular trains
ITX and Mugunghwa the fares depend on the train type and the distance
hi that’s it guys for today’s video I know it wasn’t that great but you know
it’s my first video and I wanted my first one at least little bit
informative but I couldn’t contain a lot on one video thus next video will be
something practical about how to use T-money card how to use Korean navigation app thanks for watching this video I hope you guys
enjoy today and I will see you in the next video bye

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  1. Hi Jin! I'm Margarita from Puerto Rico and I would love to learn korean. My native language is Spanish and also English (I'm fluent in both). Should I learn (English-Korean) or (Spanish-Korean)? I'm concerned about grammar and syntaxis. Thank for the video and the upcoming ones! Fighting! ✨🌼✨

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