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When the nice lady from Lamborghini asked
if we fancied spending a day with a pair of Aventadors before
they get sent back to the factory at Sant’Agata, naturally we said yes.
Then we came up with an idea of what to do with them.
Why not, we thought, compare them with one another, to see which one we liked most.
Coupe or roadster. So that’s exactly what we did. The first test was to see which one could
jump the furthest. At some quite weird reason, and despite them
both having a 691bhp V12 powering all four wheels, and having virtually the same weight
distribution, when the yellow coupe takes off, its nose heads for the sky like its about
to enter space when it jumps. Whereas the roadster
struggles, truly, to get airborne.
Which means the coupe wins the first contest, no problem. So here’s a little taster of chapter 2 in
our Lambo vs Lambo fest, which is all about noise. We’ll
show you more on that at the same time next week. In the meantime,
listen to this. Racer: All right, lads! Next week, Lambo v. Lambo: the noise tests.
So until then.

100 thoughts on “Lamborghini Aventador challenge 1: will they jump?

  1. the second car has a different driver,and you hear them chop the throttle on the brow of the incline. The first car held the throttle wide open. The gyroscopic effect of the wheels spinning will elevate the front end.

  2. I think that not being able to jump, but instead being glued to the road is a pro rather than a con. But that's just me. :/

  3. uhmm, the car that has worse aerodynamics and when in air, goes for a loop is the winner?:)

    Is this like Top Gear?:dd

  4. cabrio shouldnt be the same weight dist. or kg.. its lie and can be seen from the vid.. italians like to say cabrio has the same performance stats.. but not..

  5. The convertible is heavier, whilst the spoiler that pops up presses the back part down at the same time as the engine isn't quite in the middle making the nose reach for the stars. By the way, how the hell did the insurance company come to an agreement of you guys doing this?!

  6. la lamborghini aventador lp 700 roadster en blanc la lamborghini aventador lp 700 en jaune la roadster est plus rapide plus léger . j'ador la lamborghini c'est ma deuxième voiture préféré je les adors

  7. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
    T H I S C O M M E N T I S C O P I E D A N D P A S T E D

  8. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
    T H I S C O M M E N T I S C O P I E D A N D P A S T E D

  9. hard choice for me haha…
    I like the roadster but… this is a bitch excuse but I hate driving roof less cars without a hair because I didn't want my hair messed up. I know bitch excuse.

  10. The reason the roadster will not jump is due to the open top, which causes air to rush into the cabin while moving, and thus, downward pressure. Not to mention the extra weight of the convertible top with its motor.

  11. the only reason why the coupe's nose went up in the air was because the car is somewhat shaped like a wing. when the car was up in the air, it had lift, causing the Jose to come up. but because the car wasent going fast enough, and it was to heavy, it went back to the road. when the roadster went over the crest of the hill, it didn't fly because it was lacking a roof, that big gap, big hole on top of the car couldn't let the air flow like a wing. it would go straight to the cabin. there for, not having any lift, there for not being able get all 4 wheels off the ground

  12. Is it just me or does the yellow adventador remind me of the yellow murcielago cover car from NFS Hot Pursuit 2? Especially when it hit that jump like in the games intro

  13. I believe i can fly….I believe I can touch the sky….I think about it night and day…OOOOOOOOOWHOOOOH YEAH I FLEW!

  14. if you wanted a proper jump test you nees to put the roof baxk on the coupe as the roof is stored in the front so would add extra weight

  15. i only watch so much of these silly videos because my stomach is a mess and i take a lot of shits throughout the day….just thought id put that out there….nice cars tho….aaahhhhh after this ill be ten pounds lighter….like the new gen huracan

  16. why would this channel consider it good or a 'win' to jump a lambo? isnt that like one of the things you dont want to do and would hope that your car would stay on the ground?

  17. Rule of thumb: If a car was designed with a static roof, the topless version will always suck slightly more than the original.

  18. dont resolve this useless problems of super cars u should give attention to ground clearance problem waste of such cars

  19. The reason the roadster didn't point into the air is because it had its roof in the trunk/boot so it weighed it down more at the front, the whole car itself is also a little heavier due to the fact it needs more protection as the top half of the cabin isn't as strong.

  20. oh this takes me back. My buddy Jake and I got our first brand new super bikes. first thing he does is try to jump it off shit , curbs, speed bumps, a ditch. lol. good times.

  21. Why would you hit the brakes while the car was in the air make the tire skid as you land… total drivetrain shock right there

  22. The roadster cant take off because it has more weight at the front due to the fact that the roof panels are stored at the front boot

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