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Last week we showed you how far and how high
a pair of Lamborghini Aventadors can jump. This week
it’s all about how much noise they can generate. So, how loud is the coupe individually. Thank you. Ah, 108 decibels. Let’s try the Roadster.
Amazingly, it does 108. All right. Let’s do them both together to
see how much din both Aventadors can make. Keep an eye on this puddle at the same time.
All right, lads. That actually burned the back of my hand and
registered 108. Well, just to give you an idea of how loud
108 decibels is, I’m going to shout as loud as I can into
the microphone. That’s 107. That’s louder than I can shout. Right then. Full beans in fourth gear standing
just outside the school gates, and it’s exactly 100 decibels.
Same again with the Roadster, 100 decibels.
Amazing, huh? What is surprising though is that together they register less than they
do individually. Go figure that one, if you can.
In the meantime here’s some more nice footage of it trying to become an airplane again. In chapter 3 of our Lambofest, we see which
one can accelerate fastest to 100mph. Both of them with their launch control systems
well and truly engaged. So, until then.

100 thoughts on “Lamborghini Aventador challenge 2: the noise test

  1. same exhaust system and engine ? useless test? and together they make less noise because 2 sound beams from different sources can cancel out…

  2. They are more than a 108db easy, youre using a shitty iPhone app that is limited by the phones microphone. You need a proper spl db tester or this video is useless, I do car audio so I know what im on about when it comes to testing db!!

  3. Sound is a wave, they can interact constructively or destructively, in theory two similar waves have the capability of cancelling each other out, or be twice as loud as and single one, depending how they interact.

  4. You missed the part where they have to be out of phase in order to cancel each outer out. If they are in phase, they'll be twice as loud.

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  6. Great equipment guys… iphones don't register more then 108db. 
    I guess the budget was very limited for this one.
    10 euro for a headphone and 30 for a db meter ? no ?

  7. You can afford to bring along a super slow mo camera to record the jump but you can't afford proper sound recording equipment. Honestly guys, is that how you justify renting the Lambos and being car "journalists"?

  8. The reason 2 are quieter than one is due to deconstructive interference of the sound waves, due to the two waves being similar, when they meet, and are ever so slightly out of sync, they will cancel 🙂

  9. Like others have suggested, use real equipment, but also, maybe go back to school and learn that the decibel scale is logarithmic

  10. These people can afford to test Supercars and Hypercars…But can't buy proper equipment to "Actually" measure the sound properly! It's a weird test to begin with….But if you testing,  at-least have the decency to do it properly! Iphone ftw?!

  11. autocar you got good reviews but WHY the hell you use IPHONE FOR SOUND MEASURE??? ARE YOU INSANE? the phone microphone dont have the sensitivity of real sound measure device…. if you remake this test with real divice you will see other results!…

  12. Besides using an iphone as sound equipment, it may be quieter because if you play two exact sounds together they cancel each other out if the sound waves overlap correctly. It's called anti noise, it's how noise cancelling head phones work. But that's a very very very long shot :/

  13. "They do together less than they do individually" because you used a fucking iPhone which is built to capture a certain wave length and frequency. A sound level meter costs 40 bucks. Couldn't your production afford 40 bucks rather than an app that you download for 4.99?

  14. I also use iphones to measure booby sizes and I hear NSA uses them for secure finger ID and voice recognition to enter buildings!

  15. I assume they uploaded this video just for the views. This video is flawed in many ways. Firstly the use of the iPhone microphone, as we all know, it's not good enough to register decibels accurately. Secondly, when they register both Aventadors at the same time, standing still, they get the same result, however when they are both moving, there are going to be points of destructive sound interference causing the decibel levels to drop as both exhausts interfere with each other, making the point incorrect, in fact if you put the microphone at a point of constructive interference, the dB meter will rise. Surely for such a car review company, they would have conducted this experiment better.

  16. I'm going to take a shot at the decibels reading lower together than alone. My guess is that the some of those noise vibrations cancel each other out when side by side?

  17. For the db impaired folks out there, every 3 decibels represents a doubling in acoustic energy, while 10 decibels represents double the perceived volume. This doesn't include cabin gain, or resonant frequencies.

  18. Sound waves interfere causing destructive and constructive interferes. Your standing at a point of destructive interference so it sounds quieter. If you moved over a little you would find a point of constructive interference where it would be louder. Where is my cookie?

  19. "Can we borrow some Aventadors for a few tests?"
    -"What kind of tests?"
    "We're going to see which one can jump farther."

  20. This video should receive way more dislikes because they used an app on a phone to measure the sound and not a real instrument.

  21. please try to avoid using iPhone decibel meters they are incredibly inaccurate and it makes you look so silly and unprofessional. Everything is else is very nicely done, but you can't afford (at most) 200 euros for a professional loudness meter? Weird.

  22. Ok let me explain you something everyone…
    If you got 2 source of noise for exemple at 100 dB each and you put a Sound Meter, You'll not get 200dB or 180 dB, but just a gain of 3 dB max, and also that depend of some conditions. In this case the problem is the Iphone but even if you had a 200 Dollar microphone, you should have the same result, but also because of the distance between the cars' Exhausts.

  23. A Harley Davidson Motorcycle with the illegal modification of straight pipes will produce around 100 dB and (over time) cause hearing damage to the rider.
    You're claiming 108 dB from a street legal car?

  24. 1:42 Same frequencies could double eachother which means (with a more accurate microphone to test it) 3 dB louder. But they also could mute eachother till total silence. Go grab 2 speakers, let each speaker play the same frequency and walk around in your room with one ear open and one closed. At some moments, you will hear the normal volume of the speakers. At some moments you will hear double (+3 dB) as loud as you heard first. But at some moments, you will hear nothing of the frequency but just a silence.

  25. Leaving out the fact that you really shouldnt measure with a fucking app!!!
    the reason for both of ‘em together being less noisy could be interference!

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