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How Automobiles Work

Bobby the Bus is visiting us today, so we
can learn what makes him special. Hello Bobby, great to see you! Shall we go inside and put Bobby on the turntable,
so we can take a closer look at him? Let’s all see what we can learn, as we make
Bobby turn Bobby’s Wheels! He wouldn’t take his passengers very far without
these! They go round and round – just like in the
Wheels on the Bus song! Bobby’s Sign! Bobby has a sign that can change to tell passengers
where he is going. It helps passengers catch the right bus. Bobby’s Wipers. These keep his windscreen clear of rain and
dirt and bugs, so his driver can see where they are going Bobby’s Headlights. Bobby needs powerful lights for driving at
night time, they help him see the road and help other vehicles to see him. Bobby’s Horn. Bobby horn is very loud. He can sound his horn in an emergency to make
sure other vehicles know he is there Bobby’s Doors. Bobby has a special set of doors for his passengers
so that they can get on and off the bus easily. Bobby’s Engine Buses are heavy and need a powerful engine to turn the wheels Bobby’s Rear Lights Bobby has red lights at the back, so that
other vehicles can see him in the dark, and And also to let them know when he’s slowing down to stop Thanks to Bobby for helping us today. We’ll see you again soon. Byeee!

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