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CHILDREN GIGGLE KIDS: Let’s Go Walking! CYRANI: School Bus Safety! SYDNEI: Every bus rider is a pedestrian SYDNEI: before getting on the bus SYDNEI: and after getting off the bus. SYDNEI: That’s why smart pedestrians SYDNEI: know the rules of school bus safety. SYDNEI: What’s the first thing you need to know SYDNEI: about school bus safety? SEAN: Stay out of the Danger Zone. SEAN: The bus driver can’t see me here. SEAN: If I can touch the bus, I’m too close. SEAN: So I have to take 5 big steps this way SEAN: on all sides. SEAN: And make sure the bus driver can see me. TY: Good. TY: So do you know how to be a smart pedestrian TY: when you’re around a school bus? KIDS: Yes! SYDNEI: Okay, let’s see. SYDNEI: When do you need to be careful SYDNEI: and cautious around a school bus? CYRANI: Waiting at the bus stop! SOPHIA: Crossing the street to get to the bus! NOELIA: Getting on the bus! BRANDON: Riding the bus! SEAN: Getting off the bus! TY: Great! Let’s start with TY: Waiting at the bus stop. CYRANI: Waiting at the bus stop! TY: What can you do to be safe TY: when you wait for the bus? CYRANI: I get to the bus stop five minutes early CYRANI: so I don’t have to hurry. CYRANI: I don’t wander around. CYRANI: I stay at the bus stop. CYRANI: I stand or sit away from the road. CYRANI: I don’t run or play around. CYRANI: I never talk to strangers at the bus stop CYRANI: or get into a car with a stranger. SYDNEI: Good! SOPHIA: Crossing the street to get to the bus! SYDNEI: Can you tell me what the safe steps are SYDNEI: to cross the street when a bus arrives? SOPHIA: I wait for the bus to stop. SOPHIA: I wait for the stop arm on bus to come out. SOPHIA: I look left, right and left again SOPHIA: for any traffic. SOPHIA: I wait for all traffic to stop. SOPHIA: I cross quickly, but I don’t run! NOELIA: Getting on the bus! TY: So how do you get on the school bus safely? NOELIA: I wait in a single file line. NOELIA: I let younger kids go first. NOELIA: I am patient. NOELIA: I stand away from the door when it opens. NOELIA: I wait for the bus driver to let me know NOELIA: it’s okay to get on the bus. NOELIA: I use the handrail to climb the steps. NOELIA: I go straight to my seat. BRANDON: Riding the bus! SYDNEI: How do you ride safely SYDNEI: once you’re on the bus? BRANDON: I do what the driver tells me. BUS DRIVER: Students, I need you to keep the noise down. BUS DRIVER: Thank you very much. BRANDON: I stay in my seat. BRANDON: I talk quietly and I am polite BRANDON: to my neighbors on the bus. BRANDON: I keep the aisle clear. BRANDON: I do not bother the bus driver. BUS DRIVER: Attention students, BUS DRIVER: we’re having a little mechanical problem. BRANDON: If there is an emergency, BRANDON: I am quiet and calm BRANDON: and I listen to the bus driver. SEAN: Getting off the bus! TY: Now it’s time to get off the school bus. TY: How do you do get off the bus safely? SEAN: I stay in my seat until the bus stops SEAN: and the door opens. SEAN: I walk calmly to the front of the bus. SEAN: I don’t push or shove. SEAN: I use the handrail to climb down the stairs. SEAN: I go straight to school or home. SEAN: I remember the Danger Zone! SEAN: I take 5 big steps away from the bus. SEAN: I stay where the driver can see me. SEAN: I stop at the edge SEAN: so I can look both ways for traffic. SEAN: I do not go back to the bus SEAN: if I forget something on the bus. SEAN: I tell the bus driver SEAN: If I drop something near the bus, SEAN: or get another adult to help me SEAN: after the bus leaves. SYDNEI: Now you’re a smart pedestrian SYDNEI: who knows how to wait for, get on, SYDNEI: ride and get off the school bus safely. TY: Have fun, SYDNEI: be safe, and… KIDS: Let’s Go Walking! CHILDREN GIGGLE

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  1. My bus has a lot of people from my neighborhood and my neighborhood is mentioned for craziness and just a lot of things bad so my bus does NON OF THIS STUFF it's so bad that our bus driver took off the rules that were written on the bus😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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