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the invention of the coffee machine
expressed number 5 – the difference between espresso and old coffee not everyone knows the difference but the coffee we know today is espresso which has different characteristics than the coffee that was produced before
his birth in 1901 to drink a thick coffee we also had to wait 10 – 15 minutes the espresso instead allowed to speed up the coffee extraction process quickly making it creamy starting from the raw material and available to anyone who wants to drink it in a very short time number 4 – the ancient steam technology before reaching the evolution of
coffee machine as we know it today until 1938 it was possible to do
coffee using steam technology consisted of raising water heated by a stove through a tube inside the quality though it was always the same inconsistent coffee very bitter and characterized by burnt taste one of these machines was for example the steam fountain the cylindrical body of the machine made of brass or copper and divided into two by the inner part The kettle and the outer part where
coffee infusion was collected coffee was poured into the cup through a special spout number 3 – the invention of espresso coffee the invention arose from the need to
satisfy the customers of the premises quickly the espresso machine was perfected and invented making technical improvements from existing technologies in 1901 from Milan Luigi Bezzera consisted of making coffee for one cup making little liquid come out about 15 – 20 ml in a very short time number 2 – the express name the name is due from speed by the fact that it was possible to prepare a very strong and dense drink obtained from an infusion under pressure as happens today with the moka in a fast way and quick number 1 – the new technology of the
pressure to complete and improve the quality of espresso coffee on the inventions of Achille Gaggia in 1938 setting aside the very used steam technology and introducing the pressure technology a system of pistons that pushed the water high
temperature through the coffee powder this new technology allowed to make espresso no longer bitter dense and devoid of the burnt taste

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