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Oh yes, it’s Grand Theft Auto 5 for the PC.
People have been waiting for this one for more than a year! This game has everything!
A gigantic world to explore and fool around with, so many vehicles and guns and people
and some MONSTER pc requirements! No, seriously, look at this thing. It takes
65 GB just to install the game, there is not a single element here that is not alarming.
I can hear my computer crying just looking at this. But hey, when has that stopped us? This is
the LowSpecGamer, where Grand Theft Auto 5 looks like Grand Theft Auto 3 and everything
over 20 is considered a playable framerate. So forget about population density and glass
reflections, because we are going to make this game run. Ok, I wanted to show you this ominous message
I am shown when I try to start the game. Oooh yes, this is going to be fun. This is the default configuration the game
opened up with. Now this is the game’s default minimum preset with two very important things
that I have changed. The first one is the resolution. Originally
the game launched in the smallest resolution possible 800×600 pixels. I took it up to 720
since my external game capture was not playing well with the resolution, but you can use
the smallest one if you like to increase your performance, there is no shame in playing
on low resolutions. Not here. The other one is that Vertical Sync was originally
in half mode and I turned it off. There is a very good reason for this and I will explain
later in the video so stick with me. Now, let’s see how this plays. There is an entire world out there to **** with.
Let’s go! This truck is not the best for the city. Luckily
for me, I like that car over there. Congratulations, this car is now mine. This is car is really fast, my computer is
not. 15 frames per second is too slow to play, even for me. Time to reduce the settings. First, set DirectX to 10. I have run benchmarks
for the three possible options and so far DirectX 10 seems to come out on top. The difference
between 10 and 10.1 seems to be very very small, but I am going to go for 10 just to
be safe. For most options the lowest you can go is
“normal”, which a very interesting way of avoiding the word “low” and the only other
things we can tone down is reflections to… em… “normal”. Let’s see if there is any difference. Time to go! Off the start we are seeing 45
frames per second, the most I saw last time was 30 something, so there is definitively
an improvement. This feels better, but I want to take this
run to the north of Los Santos where things usually slow down. Stop, there is the car I like again. I am
taking it. What is wrong with this guy? Stop it, you
are slowing my computer down. Oh, clearly that action got my performance
down. And now that I am being chased the game sinks
to a new lower framerate. I do not like my chances. Time for my first tweak. First thing we are going to do is to turn
off auto-scan for music in your audio menu. Seems like something very simple, but the
auto-scan function is searching for music in the background as you drive, and my CPU
is very slow as it is. Now there is a couple of settings on the game
that we can disable using the settings file. This file is located in your document folder,
rockstar game, GTA5. Open this file with notepad. This is what we are going to do. Set Shadow
Quality to 0. This will disable most of the game’s shadow all together. Then, just to
be sure I, I am going to disable shadows in particles. Then disable blur in reflections
and fog volumes. Now we have truly disabled all effects and shadows. Be sure to save your file before you leave. Now you realize just how many shadows this
game has. This looks odd now. Well, time to hit the street. ops. I intended to do that. The performance is better. Disabling reflections
has some really odd effects on water, check out how strange this looks. Well, it’s playable. 50 something frames is not bad, that is a
new high. Game has not slowed down so far. Let’s look for those slow areas. Out of my way people, I am looking for things
to make my computer slow. Wow, ok… it’s not 12. Still playable, but
there are definitively heavier areas. Not bad tough. Let’s make our own road and piss everyone
off. This is not bad. It keeps itself over 20.
But this game is the ultimate mess with everything sandbox, and I want to steal a plane a fly
around. What a great opportunity to show you my last tweak. Search for notepad and click to open, because
we are going to write a little script. You are going to write or copy this. I am
going to leave this text in the description. So what does this do? Well, if you have been a low spec gamer for
some time you have probably come across process priorities and probably have experimented
with them. They are a common source of speculation when trying to push the boundaries of CPU
usage. This script launches GTA5 from steam using
the ID and then proceeds to set the GTA5 process to the highest priority and the processes
associated with the launcher to idle in order for them not to take any more CPU time. The logic is that high priority processes
get more CPU time and therefore run faster. In most games the effect is usually underwhelming
but this time I was caught a little off guard of how well this works and I suspect it has
more to do with how much CPU the launcher is actually using. Anyway, save this, NOT as a text file, to
your desktop as launchGTA.bat or some name you may remember. It has to be a .bat file
tough. And now, every time you want to play all you
need to do is click this script. Wait! I want that bike! Woooo! We are going to airport at outstanding
almost 55 frames per second! Yeah! Almost there! Wait… the airport is down there. I need
to go down. Problem solved! Now I need to find something to enter the
airport in… Clear a path, I am ramming my way in! Or not….
thank you gate. Now, where can I get a small plane? There’s
one! Out of the way! I am trying to get this plane
to work! Turn damn it, turn! Haha! Catch me now! Yep. Right, second attempt. Look! There is a plane right there this time.
Time to fly! So long fools! Catch me now! Well, the plane is doing fine. But before
I go I want to share one last tidbit. If I get close to the ground you will notice
how the framerate drops. As it is right now the framerate dances between 20 and 60 depending on what you are doing. If you go into options and change your vertical sync to half something
really interesting happens. The game will cap your framerate to half of your monitor’s
sync rate. I have a 60 Hz monitor, which means my framerate gets capped at 30. Now, this can be very good if you are getting
an unstable framerate. You will not get the amazing numbers we have seen in certain areas
but the drops will not be quite as dramatic so it even out. If you are experiencing dramatic
drops from time to time, give it a go. I am going to try and push things a little
bit and show you how the framerate remains stable. Let’s get the world spinning a little
bit. Ok, too low. Oh shit the tree, tree, tree. That was close! Ups I wonder if I can land in some random place? HA! Nailed it! Oh well…

100 thoughts on “LowSpecGamer: how to run Grand Theft Auto 5 under the minimum requirements

  1. i got a question. When i open the game it crashes in intro while showing 2 stars and the rockstar logo . i Think due to 100%cpu usage that i see in task manager. Game cant even run in fullscreen

    intel core i7 7500u
    6gb of ram
    intergrated intel hd and dedicated AMD Radeon 530 with 4 gb vram.

    i'd be very happy if you answered

    Edit:is it possible to be a software problem??

  2. Me: Wow! His pc is just a lil better than mine. I'll try this.
    Me: remembers I don't have any steam balance
    Me: searches how to get free steam balance

  3. Bruh its better to go work and earn for a new rig then to complain and waste time on trying to get games running your pc. I know some of you arent capable of working casue you are to young or are very bussy with school etc, but those who are just lazy dont have the right to complain

  4. I had to turn shadows off and set every other graphical setting to low just to get GTA IV to run smoothly on this PC… I'm currently downloading this game too but I very much doubt it'll work at all (I'm on a secondary PC, GTA V works reasonably well on my beefier gaming laptop at normal-high settings)

  5. Will GTA5 work?

    AMD A6-7310 2.00 Ghz APU with AMD Radeon R4 Graphics

    Ram 4 GB
    SSD 512gb

    Edit: 512mb vram integrated gpu

  6. I dont understand this , rtx 2060 super 8gb , i7-7700 , 16gb ram 1200mhz and about 45 fps when driving in max settings .
    By the way my ram is single channel .
    Who's also thinking its a ram problem when yes like?

  7. I wonder if that launcher idea still works with the new rockstar game launcher? All this DRM definitely hurts game performance.

  8. I’m just here because I’m gonna afk farm online with my laptop and I don’t wanna run my pc the whole night :/

  9. My PC makes the game look like a glob and then when it wants to load in my game freezes for a few seconds and it just keeps doing that

  10. Best way to fix lag is uninstall gta 5 and downlod gta san andreas or watch on it youtube with 1080p60fps now its done

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