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Welcome to the Wisconsin Motorcycle Safety Program video,
brought to you by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. In this short program,
we’ll share important information on rider education and training opportunities in Wisconsin.
Anyone who has done it knows that riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience,
but it also requires training, skill and knowledge that may make a difference between years of
riding enjoyment and a lifetime of tragedy for you or your loved one. And it isn’t just
beginning riders that need training. It makes good sense for even the most seasoned riders
to refresh their skills, update their techniques and become lifelong learners. Successful completion
of the Basic Rider Course for Motorcycles qualifies students for their Wisconsin Class M Motorcycle
License without additional skill testing. Advanced training improves rider skills and
keeps them sharp. Courses are provided throughout Wisconsin during the riding season, and most
importantly, these courses help save lives and prevent serious injury. The Basic Rider Course and the Scooter Basic
Rider Course are the best places for new motorcycle or scooter riders to start once they’ve made
the decision to ride. Those students must pass a knowledge and skill test for successful
completion which may lead to a discount on motorcycle or scooter insurance. In Wisconsin,
successful completion also means the motorcycle in traffic test requirement will be waived
and up to 3 demerit points may be taken off your driving record in the event you violated
traffic laws while operating your motorcycle or scooter during the previous year. The courses
include approximately 6 hours of classroom, and 10 hours of motorcycle or scooter riding
exercises. The Advanced Rider Course is for experienced
or seasoned riders who wish to enhance their personal risk management, improve perception
and hazard awareness and refresh their cornering, breaking and crash avoidance skills. The course
is comprised of approximately 3+ hours of fast paced classroom activities and 5+ hours
of on cycle riding that emphasizes cornering finesse, body positioning and breaking in
a controlled riding environment. Even the most seasoned rider will be challenged by
the activities offered in this course.

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