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– Hey guys, this is Alex
C. with TFB TV, and what we have at the range today is possibly my favorite M16 variant of all time. That’s just gonna be the classic A1. I’m a simple man, and this
is pretty much the first really fieldable M16 that we had. There were some early,
experimental versions to get thrown out there, but this
was the one issued en masse. This is the on that’s iconic,
with that nice triangular hand guard, and this is
just a pleasure to shoot. Even Nathaniel F., our
resident AR-15 aficionado, says this is the most
fun one he’s ever shot. So without much further
ado, let’s give it a go. (rapid-fire shots) Ah, that’s so controllable. I mean these guns are just so endearing. I know that the three-round
burst guns are fun, as well. But, there’s just something
a little more alluring about having full-auto versus burst. – Alright, so now I’ve got an opportunity to get behind the M16 A1. Like Alex, this is my
favorite M16 variant. Or really, my favorite
machine gun to shoot. I love this thing. It’s really controllable,
really light, and it reminds me, a lot, of my time
with the A2 in the army. I’m gonna take a couple shots on the semi and shoot our TV down there. (two shots) Feels like just about any AR-15 out there. So now full-auto. (rapid-fire shots) That is super controllable. It just kind of sits on target as long as you’ve got your body
in the right position. I love it. If you haven’t had the
chance to shoot one, please find somebody that has one. (rapid-fire shots) – Oooh That’s what you get for not
leaning all the way forward. I forgot that these
kick, but not very much. (rapid-fire shots) – God, that’s fun. (rapid-fire shots) – Alright guys, normally
this is where we’d tell you something about the
intricacies of this gun. But realistically it’s just like your AR-15 you have at home. – Yeah – It’s got a selector
switch on it that makes it fire more than one round per trigger pull and some retro furniture. Other than that, the
operating method is the exact same, it’s direct impingement. This is just an AR-15 at its core. They were termed AR-15s before the military designated them the M16. I would normally take it apart and show you some things, but I don’t really… – You guys can do that. – Yeah, you guys could probably do it faster and better than
we can, realistically. – But a couple notes
about the A1 designation. They changed birdcage flash hider and a couple of other things. But the difference between this gun and what you have at home, is we don’t have a brass deflector, the forward assist is
a little bit different. – It’s called a teardrop forward assist. – Yes, you can see that right here. – The A1 stock is a little shorter. – It is. – Versus the A2. It’s got different pistol grip, as well. – I’ve heard some people
remark that they like this better for shooting
with body armor on, some military guys. Obviously you’ve got your triangular hand guard, it gets pretty warm. You can see where we’re in
our matte operator gloves. Also, the webbing underneath the front takedown pin is not there. There were some issue, I
believe, with them breaking. – Also, it’s worth noting, this
is a later full fence lower. Some of them had slab side,
some of them had half fences. This is in the nine million
and up serial number range. So it’s a high serial number gun. – Yep – So yeah, we’re gonna
keep on shooting it, there’s no reason not to. (rapid-fire shots) – There’s a reason I like shooting this gun more than the AK-47 on full auto. I was able to go ahead and hold it on-target without any issue at all. I could see what was going on. If I wanted to transition
between targets while firing, it’s something I can do. Whereas the AK-47 really
kind of knocks me around and everything kind of goes blurry. A lot like when I shot the AR-10. But, like you can see,
it is super controllable, very handy, very good rifle. – Alright guys, our range day has actually been interrupted. It looks like a lot of Viet Cong have actually showed up down
range for some reason. So I’m gonna see if I
can use a traditional C-clamp grip and sweep the targets. (rapid-fire shots) That was more satisfying
than it should have been, because every round was
perfectly horizontal and basically if I
would’ve had enough rounds I could have cut all the boards in half. So, it was fun and I learned something. – Alright, some of our viewers are gonna say this probably isn’t the most tactical AR-15 in the world. Doesn’t have any cool
rails or glass-breaking things or anything like
that, but let’s see how tactical I can be with it. (rapid-fire shots) Eat your heart out, Chris Costa. – Normally in the video this is where we do an accuracy test. However, it is an AR-15 M16. This one does, however,
have a 1 in 12 twist barrel. I can attest to the fact
that I’ve shot, we’ve shot this a gazillion times. – Yeah – We’ve taken it to the
range so many times. It typically groups
about 1 1/2 to 2 inches at a hundred yards with
decent M193 Ball ammo. It would take a long time to prove that, but I guess you’ll have
to take our word for it. – Yeah, I mean… – It’s an AR-15
– It’s an AR-15 – It’s as capable as you are. They are phenomenal, I think I can say without much dispute the iron sights are better for long-range shooting than AK-47 iron sights. – Yeah – The AK operators union might disagree, I don’t know, but for us personally this
is kind of where it’s at. We really like the… – Yeah, I like the
Americanized peep sights a lot. – So, yeah. – The last time we took
this one out to the range I think you spent
about an hour in semi-auto pointing at a, what was it, a 6 inch plate at two hundred yards, something like that? – Yeah – There was rarely a miss. – We take it to semi-auto only ranges and we just enjoy plinking steel. – Yeah, I mean I like that gun so much that I went out and I
bought one of the kits that were on the market recently. And I’m waiting on my
lower from noh-decks . – So there you go, there’s
your accuracy test guys. I can post a picture of a group I’ve shot with it right here. Patrick can cut that in, I guess. – I’m gonna put it over there. – Oh, ok. This right here is the
accuracy test that… – Maybe I’ll put it over here. – Oh, ok. Anyways, that’ll do. (Patrick laughs) (rapid-fire shots) I think with enough of these you could free the hell out of
just about any nation. Well… – Alright guys, so we just
got back from the range. It was pretty hot out there,
so we figured we’d close the video out inside, where
there’s air conditioning. So, what did you think of the M16 A1? I know I like it. – You know, we take it out every time we go shooting almost. Today we put three hundred rounds through it, it ran great. Like it always does. A properly maintained M16,
AR-15 will run forever. Especially a nice, factory-built one. The M16 A1 is no exception. It’s accurate, it’s reliable, it’s fun. And there’s not much negative
I could say about it. – No, it’s awesome and I
think last time you took this out we were out at my gun club. You spent a couple
hours plinking away at a little steel target and rarely missed. The sights on it are
good, it’s accurate… – Downright just fun gun to shoot. – Yeah, we even take this
thing out and shoot it at semi-auto only ranges
because it’s that much fun. – Yeah, all in all I think
hopefully you enjoyed our M16 A1 video and
we’d like to thank our ammunition sponsor, Ventura Munitions. – And I’d like to go ahead and thank Grizzly Targets for providing
the support for our channel. – If you like what you saw
today, like and subscribe. We’d really appreciate your subscription. This is Alex C. with TFB
TV, thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “M16A1 Full Auto Fun

  1. I still remember firing a CQBR variant at the Caliber's in Albuquerque. Best $400 in ammo I ever spent. That "fun" switch is definitely addicting!!

  2. Can someone explain to me how its legal to have a fully automatic gun like this if theres a law banning them. I always see videos like this with full auto rifles and i never understand how they get these guns, i tried to look into it but of course all the results were some dumb liberals saying stupid shit so im really confused. My dream is to own a m16a1 but i also know for a fact in New York State it would be easier to buy a truck load of cocaine than a rifle.

  3. How do you guys have access to a full auto M16, I thought people could only have semi auto? Can one buy a full auto M16 to keep at home or is that only available at gun ranges?

  4. Something about the simplicity of guns like the M16A1 makes them better versus some of the more modern weapons we have

  5. M16 is so much better than the AK47 honestly so much easier to control faster fire rate and better range (accuracy)

  6. It makes me laugh when people say ak is better than AR I do love and have both but if I could only have one rifle it's hands down going to be the AR

  7. The fact that there have been reliability issues with these during the cold war can not make this gun my favourite gun . I’ll take an m16A3 or A2 instead of this , design more reliable

  8. everyone is saying the M16 is bad because it jams allot but the M16 just needs to be taken care of that means cleaningbrass cased ammo and other

  9. I say lay-in-wait until someone walks by and if he spots you or he and his pals walk by you with their backs turned…light em up.

  10. I'd love to own one, fucking process is INSANE though, that and it'd cost me a good 30 fucking racks in the end. I've heard an M16a1 would go for a good 1.0-1.3k back in the day before the 1986 regulations against fully automatic weapons were passed.

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