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100 thoughts on “Man catches truck barreling down highway, fiery crash on live stream

  1. People burned alive but yet this bastard walks away ! STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR THIS MORON! He use his truck to kill no other reason behind it !

  2. The thing I wonder about is I saw him up on the hill when he passed the runaway ramp and his brakes weren't smoking if you heat your brakes up to that degree there is going to be a great deal of smoke coming out of them so what gives?

  3. Plenty of space on the right side of the highway to put that truck and scrub speed or even put it on its side…but I wasn't there just speculating

  4. Idk something about this guy live streaming in his car when he should be paying attention to driving as well as running up to film people burning to death like a spectacle leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  5. doing a youtube blog while driving and answering questions was on my mind..
    thoughts to all others involved not a nice sight at all.

  6. Many years ago we were taught to turn the wheel. To save lives. Now send them to school taught by some one with no experience. 3 wks later their a trainer. Never been in the mountains. Never been in snow. But let's send them anyway. And stare straight ahead. Dont even glance in your mirrors to see if your smoking breaks. And most are to busy. On phone. Or watching TV going down the road. Or eating. Take all electronics out of trucks. GPs. Laptops. Set their phones to not text while moving. And no cruise control. 90% of drivers wouldn't be able to get off the parking lot. And start wrighting tickets for there feet on the dash. Your driving a truck. Look around you. Pay attention to cars and other trucks. Your not out here alone.

  7. He can't read or speak English how in God's name did he get a CDL? investigations need to be done people need to be arrested lawsuits need to be levied

  8. Cuban 23 green card…time to arrest these Dems allowing 3rd world trash into America.

    Can't Read English!
    Cant Speak English!
    No CDL!
    Hang this coward Rogan the Cuban!!!!

  9. Typical American male anymore. Can't stop to help people out but is fast with the camera for YT ratings

  10. People talking about the oh my god comments. Trust me if you were there i guarantee you would have done the same thing. I would have said way way worse

  11. I'm going to hell . I know it's not funny but I've watched his reaction like 100 times and its funnier every time . I'm sorry.

  12. I would of gotten and ran towards not sit and film. Being selfish about views then doing the right thing!

  13. That's so sad my name is John Greenwood I've been driving trucks 30 years as of August of this year I have never seen so many foreigners in my life driving truck carrying United States they can't speak English they don't even really live here driving trucks I think the government are the band truck driving schools and the other make it very fucking hard for trucking companies to hire foreigners driving through United States they can't speak or read English Corp of America near greed want to get cheap labor with foreigners and studying pain American people with their worth this is what you get right here I've decided to retire after this year due to the fact of interstates are major danger with the lack experience of truck drivers I see it every day in truck stops rest areas on the interstates foreigners driving these big trucks they can't speak a lick of English running throughout United States I blame our government for it 😉😉🚛🚛🙏🙏

  14. Did anyone notice that the truck driver wasn't even using his jake brakes?
    Truckers chime in, was there any excuse for him not to have his jake brakes on?
    Jake's always have that loud rumble that wasn't heard on video.

  15. The politicians who gave in to political correctness and issued a drivers license to someone who cannot read English should be charged right alongside him. Our road signs are in English! Including the runaway truck ramp signs! The sad part is that someone is going to construe my comment to be racist, when race has nothing to do with it! Common sense ( which isn’t common anymore) says that if you drive in a country, you should know enough of that country’s language to read the road signs!

  16. That trucker did this on purpose….and is trying to say it was a mistake ….watch out for more terrorist acts like this

  17. 0:52 can we take a second the salute the guy who got out of his car and ran into the fire to save lives?

  18. This video proves it's the same truck that passed up two runaway trucker's ramps just 3 miles before this accident. Another person has a video of that same truck swirving and passing up the two opportunities to be safe for other motorists.

  19. I've driven that road before in a tractor/trailer weighing almost 80,000 lbs and I never came close to losing my brakes.
    I doubt very much this was an issue with brakes and more of an issue with stupidity.

  20. They was not that close as they said they was. More click bait. Appears like long time after. I hate people who lye for money. But video might help poor people who lost there life over this idiot. Plus trucking company put him in a 20+ ton killing machine. What a Bozo who passed a escape ramp to kill innocent people.

  21. The truck driver claimed his breaks went out and he was doing 85 mph before he struck. I don't buy it. I think he either fell asleep or was not paying attention.

  22. the driver was 23, and they have the nerve to contemplate lowering the age limit for semi drivers to age 18. imagine that! i think this guy was reckless and didnt take his job seriously enough, these trucks are not toys, I learned a long time ago to always be in control of my truck🚛🚛🚛

  23. Mortal of the story : do not hire someone who doesn't know English and give them a CDL 🤦‍♂️🏻

  24. U really did almost die and u didn't even realize it! Rip to the four that passed. So careless and avoidable

  25. I hope they nail his nutts to the wall AND shut down the "driving school" that he went to. So many chances to hit runaway ramps, or hundreds of chances to put that truck in the ditch and on it's side but bypassed because nobody taught this moron to drive properly and protect the public at all cost if something goes wrong. the only person that should have been injured or died in this is the driver of the truck.

  26. Such an effeminate little fuck. Heroes like the homeless man run towards the accident to help. This little pussy drives away.

  27. This is why trucks are speed limited in Europe to 56mph, big trucks shouldn’t go as fast as cars because this happens

  28. He posted bail and will be on his way back to CUBA! https://kdvr.com/2019/05/18/trucker-accused-in-deadly-i-70-crash-in-lakewood-posts-bail/

  29. this video proves the fuck head is not innocent as he claims he made no attempt to slow down

  30. It looks like to me he on flat ground, no hills.. how would they be runaway truck ramps in down town,.. and he was going like 100mph..

  31. Had this accident taken place in India, it would have claimed at least 40 lives. Indians are the world's worst drivers. They don't care two hoots about anyone other than themselves. Anyway, may God grant peace to the victims families…

  32. Truck schools are getting people killed and profiting from getting to be the test givers. Local state scams. Love my oregon democratic legislative twat knuckles on duty cunts.

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