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2 thoughts on “Matthew Daus on the For-Hire Transportation Battle | Bob Herbert’s Op-Ed.TV

  1. Cuomo interfered with the City Council vote to cap Uber three years ago, now he wants to steal $2.50 from every yellow cab ride. On top of the .50 they already hand the MTA. 2000 Medallions are sitting on the shelf, while Uber added 130,000+ cars. And siphoned away Billions from the MTA, with their artificially low priced subsidized rides. That's 11,000 cabs vs 130,000+ Ubers.

    The idea that Yellow cabs should be taxed for creating 'congestion' is literally insane.

  2. Cab drivers were raped by the Taxi Limousine Commission (headed by Matthew Daus), bank lenders, and brokers (who often acted as lenders) way before app-based services ever entered the picture. It was no different than the predatory lending practices that created the housing bubble and collapse.

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