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We’re here today at Cadwell Park looking at
cheap, fast, fun. And to help us we brought along this Mazda MX-5 and this Ford Focus
ST. Now this ST has the new Mountune package, which brings extra power and performance which
should be enough to see off the MX-5 around Cadwell. Let’s find out.
Now that’s not just any Mazda MX-5, there is a catch. That is the work of turbocharged
MX-5 specialist BBR based in Brackley. And it’s they’ve turned the wick up on it. It’s a 275bhp,
which matches the power of this Focus with the Focus being 200, 300 kilos heavier, it’s
just getting away on the straights as you can see. And we can’t quite live with him
yet. Let’s put some heat on the tyres and hopefully we can catch up again.
BBR has been trying for a long while to do a turbocharged version of the 3rd generation
Mazda MX-5. It’s only made supercharged ones to date but they finally found a way of bending the manifold and putting the turbo in there and that’s just the stage 1. There’s a stage
2 version coming with 320bhp. You see it bouncing around, I’m hoping there’s
been any suspension changes to the BBR MX-5. He’s oversteering there whereas I’m understeering.
I think he’s just getting more, he can get the power down quicker out of the corners.
It should be a bit sideways here, trying to catch that, and just slide it in, we gotta
have a bit more finesse with this big, brutish Focus ST. He can carry a lot more cornering
speed as well. By all accounts, that MX-5 is now a bit lively.
But he still has to brake for Coppice, the first left, whereas in the Focus you can just lift off
and turn it in at about 110 at the apex speed. But you can catch him generally through the
corners, he’s just coming out. He can just get his power down so much quicker. Again
catching him through the corners. He has to, I can steer it a bit more on the throttle than him. It’s quite lively and we’ve caught up with
him again. He’s just understeering and he can just away so much quicker. You can see
there. And with more slow corners to come. That’s not just any Mazda MX-5. Over the hill, that,
get the traction there. It wouldn’t stand a prayer against that 320bhp stage 2 version
when it comes. That one will set you back about £30,000, the Stage 1.
If I could just catch him here, way more cornering speed, you see that. And then here, even more.
He has to be much firmer on the brakes so I’m right over him now. But then down here
sideways, he’s just way faster. He’s just showing off now. He’s won the race. Well there
you have it, Mazda MX-5 beats Focus ST. Not just any Mazda MX-5.

67 thoughts on “Mazda MX-5 TURBO vs Ford Focus ST: can BBR’s Mazda put Ford’s all-conquering hot hatch to the sword?

  1. Think that´s the firsr time I´ve Heard the Focus being called big and brutish, Everything is relative I guess. P,S, I do hope that there´s a Harry tribute coming soon!

  2. Or buy a GTI Stage 2, and you got it all for the price!

    -But for the funn PART, well buy a Toyota/Subra BRZ/GT86….

  3. Buy a calculator, if you're going to talk numbers on horsepower and weight, make sure you spit out the same facts as what is shown on screen five seconds later! Ow yeah, and who would have guessed, being down 14 bhp and dragging along an extra 175 kg … the Ford would still be better through the corners 😀 I wouldn't call that 'being beat' …

  4. I wouldn't mind the version with the metal roof and i'm a man, though i'd get an RX8 before one anyway, if i could afford a second car 🙂 .

  5. Megane RS with a chip.would give the mazda mx5 a proper run. infact it,ll beat it for less money thn the mazda and the ford.

  6. Only "men" who need to act and look tough and drive a piece of shit pick-up to hide the fact they are insecure little boys on the inside.

  7. For £30k I can think of a few things I would rather have. Look at a 135i and for similar money you get a lot more car. It would also make it look silly on track as it's been tested against the ST a few times and walks away. It's also brand new, has a warranty and some safety. The Mazda is expensive, old, will crumble in a crash, will drink fuel, is noisy and not even all that nice to drive. You would have to be a complete fool to buy the Mazda.

  8. Unfair comparo. Miata weigh much less and is rear wheel drive with a turbo vs focus that is fwd and much heavier. Mountune doesn't really increase too much HP/tq. It's a very mild tune that's warranted via ford.

  9. i´d definately go for the ford if given the choice. MX5 looks like a womans car in my humble opinion.
    btw that focus driver is wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt, but wearing fire repellant headgear under his helmet xD

  10. That's funny, i noticed the same thing, but clearly there is no making sense of this kind of garbage. There must be some wacked out producer at Autocar who insists on doing these completely irrelevant comparisons. refer back to the GTR vs M5 and then 911 GT3 RS vs the McLaren MP4-12C…

  11. What the fuck ? Mazda MX5 Turbo, didn't know that existed…but I know that this car is modified, but what are you trying to say ? that an MX5 turbo can be faster than a Stock Focus ST ?

  12. …this is much more enjoyable than watching some wankers reflection as he walks around the car with his smartphone…well done fellas…

  13. It doesnt even look like the guy in the Focus is even trying to catch the MX.
    I have an ST, so i know how much it screams around corners, not to mention the MX driver cant seem to get a good line and stick to it.
    This video saddens me about both cars.. and the fact it seems like a lengthy ad for BBR's turbo kit.

  14. Stats on the ST is actually incorrect. It has 252hp and 270tq. in US spec, British version is even less. And a tuned car vs. a stock car is hardly a "comparison". A tuned Stage 3 Focus would smokes that Miata

  15. front mid mounted rear wheel drive with lsd , close ratio gearbox & power to weight ratio = bye bye Mountune Focus ! CASE CLOSED

  16. Dude!!! Is that the 2.0L miata?! I've been looking for a turbo manifolds for months and haven't seen one! Can you maybe send me a link or help me contact these guys!!!?

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