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After a long break. We are coming back with a review of one interesting car, and that is…. Mazda MX5 2017 Ok George, let us give some comments about Mazda MX5 This is not Miata anymore Although many people are still calling it Miata, I also didn’t know that Weren’t the Americans the ones that were calling it Miata? No, until the 3rd generation It was called Miata and it had the handwritten style logo “Miata” Now, this is purely MX-5 The fist generation is NA NB , NC and now this is ND This is the 4th generation Same like the paragliders, they are EN-A, EN-B…. But I am flying EN-B and this car is N-D It is a bit higher for me… You learned a lot about this car I was watching videos, otherwise, i am total layman This car has automatic gears This is a big mistake. A total mistake. I wonder why they produce automatic gearbox for the MX5? They even say that you do not have to pay extra for it The price is the same manual or automatic I think they should give you money for getting the automatic gearbox Even the old ladies in the US are driving it with manual The grannies there drive with the trunk forward Drift grannies Overall the car is super impractical Nothing is practical here The glove box is here And here this is the cupholder and you take it like this How you can grab your coffee? There is an easier way. I am demonstrating. You take out this And you place it here near the legs of the lady passenger In our case, the lady has a bit bigger leg So the driver Can use the cupholder near the passenger’s knee and touch it occasionally Otherwise There is no space for anything in this car. Can you place the cup on this side? No. This will impediment your driving and your setup. It is not very fast 0-100kmh for 7 seconds The trunk is really small The seats are quite comfortable though I feel comfy in them In the beginning, I felt strange. The seats are good. It is good for sport driving Although… if you drive for a longer period Because the leather is not perforated, because if you forget your roof open on a rainy day your interior will be a goner It makes sweaty your noble back prolongation I thought you were going to say “ass”. Ups… I said it. The back…the back is getting sweaty But if you open your window the advantage is that your left armpit will be dry if you get your arm out Everything else is super little. This is the GT model the difference with the others is It has several extras on top Line assistant which I have disabled permanently and blind-spot detection And that’s it, there are no other extras The start-stop is also disabled It has a “Sport” button This is the biggest extra. It’s positive all other things are negatives Why do you have a small sword in the car? Because it didn’t fit in the trunk What? Why I don’t have sunglasses? Ah, for cabrio sunglasses are compulsory. Then I leave. Leave! Come back! The interior I am back! Really ugly Chinese display we got here… The infotainment system also sucks But it has android auto – Mazda Bulgaria have installed it But the f**** display…aaa ugly display is lame When you use android auto should you be plugged? Always, there is no other option for now. There is for the Pixel phones and some models of cars OK Is there a place to put your phone? Here it is – fits only phone There is joystick for the infotainment The infotainment really sucks The AC has an automatic function And the control buttons are pretty nice And The standard Mazda dashboard It has a retro feel about this car with the bumps on the hood in front What’s the distance you can cover? It depends on how you drive it. For now Igot 6.5l as average city drive 7 – 7,5l outside it gets around 6,5l Which is quite good for 2.0L atmospheric engine This car is made only for driving everything else is a minus I’ve been listening so much about Miata and MX-5 Almost I feel like I’ve been driving it, but I never did. It’s about time for you to drive it It is stable on the turns If you want to drift it you can do it It has the rear-wheel-drive It has a good grip on the road You sense it power on the curves I think it has the best performance in the turns compared to all cars I’ve driven On the straights, she is not fast You are sitting quite low and especially when the roof is down you don’t get the urge to speed the noise from the wind…she is not so much for fast driving Yeah I agree, but when you hit the turns then it swims in its own territory a very good performance there First time for me in this automobile I’ve been listening a lot about this car This MX-5 Like the first model But it has an automatic gearbox. Shall I get out? The modern cars show you a picture of what’s happening As if you are an idiot and can’t see that the roof is closing A very good feature of the car which I noticed When you close the doors They bang properly and have a hollow sound This is a return to the retro feel Retro all the way But it is automatic. Shall I get off? Go! Because automatic really sucks! I don’t know why anybody should buy it This is absurd. How they even produced one? Did the first Miata had an automatic gearbox? I am not sure which year was the first Because automatic gearbox was invented in the 50s I think it didn’t have (it had!):) When the sports mode is off the engine is dead yeah and it has this left and right pitch I think the suspension is softer than it should be And the breaks don’t speak very well to the driver It still has a hard drive hard but fair! The swift that you reviewed with Diana I consider it to be harder than this You should know the difference I don’t think it is harder It almost rides like mine Swift Swift Sport The old one not the new. The new one has a soft ride. It also has this… “karting” feel riding this car It is small, not so long The other cars are much higher than you And their lights are shining from above You are sitting on the ground The visibility in the mirrors is poor this is not very pleasant But this is maybe because we are in the RF version Maybe the softop is better? The interior is the same The frame around the front shield is the same What about the back brackets? The difference is that the softop lacks the plastic part and has a metal grille and you extract to roof manually you push and pull Manual effort This is automatic and it takes 10s for the whole process But it is limited to 10 kmh This is impractical. 10 kmh is not a movement it is like being in a traffic jam You can do it on a red light 10s is ok if being on a red light to close the roof Or in the traffic jam after work you can do it over 25 times

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