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How Automobiles Work

do you own a car or truck that’s no
longer covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty did you know
that 98 out of a hundred vehicles suffer breakdown after the warranty has expired
repairs can be expensive when your vehicle breaks down on average it can
cost $2,000 for the air-conditioning system
$1,000 for an alternator how about $7000 for transmission let’s face it we’re
going to have to fix something on a used car overtime parts will wear around road
conditions and weather will cause damage now you can pay these repairs as they
arise a better way though might be to plan and budget for these events with a
mechanical breakdown insurance the best mechanical breakdown policy in the
business is offered by mercury insurance and it costs less than what most dealers
can offer you why mercury mechanical breakdown mercury
offers fully insured mechanical protection from an a-rated
billion-dollar insurance company there’s no limit on the number of claims up to
the maximum liability mercury pays the mechanic directly and your out-of-pocket
is limited to your deductible mercury pays for fluids filters taxes and
diagnostic fees for covered repairs all claims are handled by mercury not a
third party Mercury’s policies are cancelable and
prorated based on whichever is greater time or miles if you own a used car or
truck you’re eventually going to make repairs plan for it by buying the best
mechanical protection in the business hey guys thanks for watching if you
enjoyed this video you can find more on facebook youtube and cronininsurance.com if you have any insurance questions leave them in the comments down below
and we might make a video answering your question low rates choice of companies
and personal advice from local agents cronin insurance the wise choice

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